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flicker chentyn; craa; falleaysagh; lossag; meekey; shliee

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lossag (f.) flare, fleck of light, flicker, small flame, salamander

chentyn break, flash, flashing, flicker; flashes: gow 'n taarnagh agglagh as ny chentyn bieau, my ghahghyn aileagh, as my chorree lhieu PC

falleaysagh flashing, flicker, gleam, gleaming: fainee yn Ree gleashaghey dy bieau, dy tappee tessyn ny mullee, 'naght va brattaghyn as culleeyn ny deiney-shee jeh e heshaght 'getlagh nyn gooyl dy falleaysagh. Coraa

meekey blink, blinking; wink, flick of eye: T'eh meekey lesh e hooillyn Bible; flashing, flicker, twinkle; peep

shliee See sliee flicker, lapping, lick, licking, slick; (in number) more: aydsyn ta duoi ack orryms gyn oyr t'ayd nasly na raenagyn my ghinn Psalm1610

craa brandish, dither, dodder, flicker, flutter, jog, jolt, judder, quake, quaver, rustle, shake, shiver, shock, tremble, vibrate; (shake) jar; (of head) toss; (of hand) wave; (as singer) trill, wobble; rent: ren yn ard-valley craa lesh y feiyr oc Bible; sprinkle; ring; warble; wag: dagh fer hed shaghey thassane ayns craid, as craa e laue urree Bible; trembling


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