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fliaghey (=Ir. fleachadh) precipitation, rain, rainfall, wet: hug y Chiarn taarnagh as fliaghey yn laa shen Bible [O.Ir. flechud]

Inexact matches:

bayrn fliaghey southwester

ceau fliaghey rain: T'eh ceau fliaghey dy kiart nish. DF

deayrtyey fliaghey pelting with rain

fliaghey fliugh drenching rain

sheer fliaghey persistent rain

towsheyder fliaghey udometer

jeen noi fliaghey rainproof

rain (v.) ceau, ceau fliaghey; (n.) fliaghey: I believe we shall have rain before long - Ta mee credjal dy bee fliaghey ain roish foddey. JJK idiom; jeein

persistent rain (n.) sheer fliaghey

precipitation (n.) co-ghlooaghey, fliaghey, frassaghey

rainproof (adj.) jeen noi fliaghey

southwester bayrn fliaghey

udometer (n.) towsheyder fliaghey

drenching rain (n.) fliaghey fliugh; fliugh-liaghee

pelting with rain (v.) deayrtyey fliaghey

rainfall (n.) fliaghee; fliaghey; fliughey; fluighey; frass

wet1 fliaghagh; fliaghey; fliugh, fluigh; fliughey; fliughys; ushlagh

pelting greddey: It's pelting rain - Ta'n fliaghey greddey roish. DF idiom

persistent (adj.) kinjagh; kione-lajeragh; shassooagh; sheer-: Persistent rain - Sheer fliaghey. DF idiom

bwoalley er pound: Fliaghey bwoalley er yn uinnag. DF

chirmid aridity, drought, dryness: Lurg fliaghey hig çhirmid. EF

jannoo foays da benefit, improve: Nee'n fliaghey jannoo foays da'n gharey. DF

lhagragh depression: Hug y lhagragh fliaghey as geay lesh gys Mannin. DF

lossreeyn herbs: myr y fliaghey meein er lossreeyn oor Bible; vegetables; plants; herbage

pooder (=Ir. puder) powder: Nee'n Chiarn jannoo fliaghey dty halloo pooder as joan Bible

slashal lash: Ren y fliaghey slashal yn uinnag. DF; whip; splice

air1 (n.) cheerey, loayrt mychione; aer: The rain has cooled the air - Ta'n fliaghey er veayraghey yn aer. JJK idiom; (v.) aeral, cur 'sy gheay; chirmee: Air the sheets - Chirmee ny brelleeinyn. JJK idiom

blew (v.) heab, heeb; heid, heïd: The wind blew the rain against the window - Heid y gheay y fliaghey noi'n uinnag. DF idiom

blowing (v.) geayraghey, lheie, sheebey, sheidee; sheidey: It's blowing up for rain - T'eh sheidey seose fliaghey. DF idiom

depression (n.) cor, injillaghey, lhag-chreeys, lhaggagh, lhaggan, merginaght, merginys, neugherjagh; lhagragh: The depression brought rain and wind to Mann - Hug y lhagragh fliaghey as geay lesh gys Mannin. DF idiom

driving deiyragh; immanagh: Driving licence - Kiedoonys immanagh. DF idiom; sheebane; greddey: It's driving rain - Ta'n fliaghey greddey roish. DF idiom

dust (v.) gamylt 'sy joan, glenney, joaney, poodyral; (n.) ooir, stoor, brinneen; joan: The rain has laid the dust - Ta'n fliaghey er chur sheese yn joan. JJK idiom

earnest (adj.) dy kiart: It is raining in real earnest now - T'eh ceau fliaghey dy kiart nish. DF idiom; jeean, ynrick; jeeaney; (n.) eearlys, gioal; jeidagh: He is in dead earnest - T'eh slane jeidagh. DF idiom

plants (npl.) plantyn; lossreeyn: The rain has revived all the plants - Ta'n fliaghey er n'aavioghey ny lossreeyn ooilley. DF idiom

bineyn drops: Vel ayr ec y fliaghey? ny quoi hooar bineyn y druight Bible

daeed (=Ir. daichead) forty: gheayrt y fliaghey er y thalloo daeed laa as da-eed oie Bible

deayrtey neose pour down: Son t'eh jannoo myn ny bineyn ushtey: t'ad deayrtey neose fliaghey rere bree yn chay t'er hroggal Bible; blaze down

gaagey chap, chapping, chapt: Er-yn-oyr dy vel y thalloo gaagey, gyn fliaghey er yn ooir Bible

gollrhyt-hene like you: she Breeshey ta cheet, agh t'ee shooyl ny raaidyn gollrhyt-hene as bee oo kiart dy liooar lhie er y lhiabbee derrey vees yn fliaghey ersooyl. Coraa

greddey broil, broiling, grill, grilling, heat, parch, roast, toast, toasting; driving, pelting: Ta'n fliaghey greddey roish. DF; spanking

lhiggey jeh acquit, acquittal; blow off, shoot off, work off: Ren y fliaghey lhiggey jeh. DF; loosen

lhiggey magh (work) allocation; assignation, discharge, emit, leak, leakage, let out, pay out, rap out, utterance, veer, vent, venting: t'eh lhiggey magh ny tendreilyn lesh y fliaghey Bible

loamrey (=Ir. leomradh, leomar) (f.) pl. loamraghyn fleece; (on sheep) wool: Hig eh neose myr y fliaghey ayns loamrey olley Bible; fell; shear; shearing

lossaghyn flames: Hug eh daue claghyn-sniaghtee ayns ynnyd fliaghey: as lossaghyn aile ayns y cheer oc Bible

lossaghyn aile flames of fire: Hug eh daue claghyn-sniaghtee ayns ynnyd fliaghey: as lossaghyn aile ayns y cheer oc. Bible

meeney finer: t'eh er chur diu fliaghey cooie yn imbagh, ayns frassyn meeney Bible

ooraghey freshen, purify, refresh, refreshing, relieve, sweeten, sweetening: ny heer dy chroink as coanyn, er ny ooraghey lesh fliaghey yn aer. Bible; recreation, refection

Purtree (f.) Portree: Va'n emshir feer fliugh ayns Purtree myr t'ee dy mennick as va shin bunnys baiht ec y fiiaghey, agh foast er y cheiy va ram sleih fuirraghtyn rooin, fliaghey ny dyn. GK

shill shed: ver-yms ny bodjallyn myrgeddin fo harey, nagh shill ad fliaghey er Bible

souree (f.) aestival, fairweather; (gen.) of summer: ta'n foayr echey myr bodjal y fliaghey souree Bible

teaumey (as small boat) bail; bale, baling, decant, decantation, drain, pouring, pour out, run off; teeming: T'eh teaumey fliaghey. DF; (of liquid) empty, draining, drawing off, draw off, pump empty, pump out: Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF; (as strength) tax; (as lorry) tip

toshiaght as jerrey start and finish: Lhig dooin nish aggle y ghoaill roish y Chiarn nyn Yee, ta cur dooin fliaghey cooie ny imbaghyn, chammah toshiaght as jerrey ny bleeaney Bible; first and last; former and latter

harm (n.) assee: Some rain will do no harm - Cha jean fliaghey assee erbee. JJK idiom; skielley: He who hatches harm catches harm - Eshyn ghuirrys skielley hayrys skielley. JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo assee da; jannoo skielley; jannoo skielley da: I mean him no harm - Cha nel mee geearree assee y yannoo da. DF idiom

teeming1 er croo lesh: The bed is teeming with fleas - Ta'n lhiabbee er croo lesh jarganyn. DF idiom; plooghit: The river is teeming with fish - Ta'n awin plooghit lesh eeast. DF idiom; teaumey: We were teeming the well - Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF idiom; deayrtey: It is teeming rain - T'eh deayrtyey fliaghey. DF idiom

vapour (n.) gaal; gall: It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time - Te dy jarroo myr gall ta ryakin Bible; jannoo gaal; kay: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof - tad deayrtey neose fliaghey rere bree yn chay ter hroggal Bible; keay; (yn) lhieeney dhoo

want dulley; feme: We're in great want of rain - Ta shin ayns feme mooar jeh fliaghey. JJK idiom; laccal: Give me my book, I want it - Cur dou my lioar, ta mee laccal ee. JJK idiom; raghtanys; ymmyrch; boghtynid

cur magh (v.) board out, bring forth, deal, delegate, dispatch, dispense, displace, eject, emit, evacuate, exude, give out, issue, lay out, publish, put forth, put out, send out, yield: t'eh cur magh tendreilyn lesh fliaghey Bible; utterance; edition, publication; delegation, dispensation, ejection, emission, evacuation


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