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flaunyssagh 1 beatific, blissful, celestial, divine, heavenly, paradisiac, Utopian: cur-my-ner eddin my Ayr flaunyssagh Bible; 2 pl. flaunyssee inhabitant of heaven a: shoh ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee gra, Vel creenaght arragh ayns Teman? Bible

Inexact matches:

Sheshaght chaggee flaunyssagh (f.) Sabaoth

beatific (adj.) flaunyssagh; noo

blissful (adj.) flaunyssagh, sheeanagh, sonnyssagh

celestial (adj.) flaunyssagh, niauagh, niauoilagh

heavenly (adj.) flaunyssagh; niauagh; niauoil

inhabitant of heaven (n.) flaunyssagh

paradisiac (adj.) flaunyssagh, pargysoil

Sabaoth (n.) Sheshaght chaggee flaunyssagh

Utopian (n., adj.) flaunyssagh

divine (adj.) agglishagh, flaunyssagh, jeeoilagh, niauagh; jeeoil, niauoil; mie er bashtal; (v.) jannoo faaishnys, jannoo magh

heavenly host (n.) sheshaght-flaunys: And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, - As ayns y tullogh va marish yn ainle ymmodee jeh'n cheshaght flaunyssagh cur moylley da Jee, as gra. Bible

watcher (n.) arreyder: a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven - haink arreyder, as fer flaunyssagh neose veih niau Bible

carallyn carols: goaill arrane dy voylley ard, carallyn eunyssagh, as psalmyn millish, kiaull ving flaunyssagh hood's Ooilley-niartal PC

cheet neose1 come down, descend, descending: fer flaunyssagh cheet neose veih niau Bible; descent

cheet neose veih coming down from: As son wheesh as dy vaik y ree arreyder, as fer flaunyssagh cheet neose veih niau Bible

cliwe lommyrtagh drawn sword: Eisht Beelzebub, va foast prince flaunyssagh, - ayns e laue yesh lhian cliwe lommyrtagh PC; sabre rattler

Cur-jee my-ner (impv) Behold: Cur-jee my-ner eeanlee yn aer: son cha vel ad cuirr ny buinn, ny chymsaghey stiagh ayns soaltyn; foast ta nyn Ayr flaunyssagh dyn meaghey ad. Bible

fuill ooasle (f.) blue blood, noble blood: YEE Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr flaunyssagh, t'er chionnaghey dhyt hene Agglish harrish y slane seihll, lesh fuill ooasle dty Vac deyr PB1765

iurinagh devil, inhabitant of hell; hellish: Myr shoh laue'n eaghtyr yiow graih flaunyssagh as shen ver mow dagh goanlys iurinagh Bible

leihys forgive, pardon, remission: Son my leihys shiuish da deiney nyn loghtyn, leihee nyn Ayr flaunyssagh myrgeddin diuish. Bible

against: Liorish smooinaght, raa, as jannoo, noi dty Ard-ooashley's flaunyssagh, Brasnaghey dy feer cairagh dty chorree as dty yymmoose nyn . PB1765

psalmyn psalms: dy voylley ard, carallyn eunyssagh, as psalmyn millish, kiaull ving flaunyssagh hood's PC

s'cooidsave lesh deign: Son scooidsave lesh yn Ayr, dy jinnagh slane towse y dooghys flaunyssagh cummal aynsyn Bible

rooted up reuyrit; astyrit ass: and Ekron shall be rooted up - as bee Ekron astyrit ass ny fraueyn Bible; astyrt ass: Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up - Bee dy chooilley villey, nagh vel my Ayr flaunyssagh er hoiaghey, er ny astyrt ass ny fraueyn Bible


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