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flatness (n.) dreeys, folmid, glennid, injillid, kiunid, lhaggid, lheanid, meayllid, merruid, reaid; liabagid, carrooid, rea, laare, strah, çheer rea, shanglanid

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carrooid flatness

meayllid baldness, bareness, flatness

merruid flatness

shanglanid starvation; flatness

lhaggid dimness, feebleness, flatness, slack

liabagid flatness, flat, broad, splay-footed

dreeys boredom, flatness, vapidity: Ta dreeys orrym. DF

cheer rea (f.) plain: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; flatness

lheanid extensiveness, extent: Skelloo tree trieyn er lheanid. DF; flatness

folmid bareness, blank, blankness, emptiness, flatness, hollowness, inanity, shallowness, vacancy, vacuity, vacuum; (f.) (useless) void; chasm; nothing: t'eh cummal seose yn seihll er y folmid Bible

glennid (=Ir. glaine) chastity, clarity, cleanliness, cleanness, fineness, flatness, hygiene, incorruption, innocency, pureness, purity, sharpness, thoroughness: Eshyn by-haittin lesh glennid cree Bible

injillid abasement, commonness, condescension, flatness, humility, inferiority, lowness, lowliness, meekness, subjection; humiliation: Kyndagh rish e injillid va e vriwnys er ny chassey Bible; littleness

kiunid calmness, flatness, placid, placidity, quiescence, quietude, serenity, stillness: ghow yn aarkey kiunid veih freaney. Bible; assuagement

laare (=Ir. lár) (f.) pl. laareyn 1 flat, level, set, sill a: hie ee sheese gys y laare Bible; 2 centre; 3 bottom; 4 deck, floor, storey; 5 flatness

rea (=Ir. réidh) (adj.) 1 even, facile, flat, horizontal, level, plain, plane, sleek, smooth, steady a: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; 2 (as water) clear; 3 (of manner) easy; 4 (adv.) continuously, regularly; 5 (n.) pl. reaghyn male sheep, ram, tup: rea three bleeaney dy eash Bible; 6 flatness [O.Ir. réid]

reaid gaiety, glee, mirth, playfulness: nee shoh eisht traa son reaïd? Bible; evenness, flatness, plainness, smoothness; amorousness, lechery, lewdness; jollity

strah (f.) pl. strahghyn level valley, plain, strath: As veih'n strah gys faarkey Cinneroth cheu-har Bible; flatness


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