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flame (n.) lossan; floggan; flozan; (v.) lossey; lossyr

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everlasting flame (n.) lostey beayn

flame up (v.) farbaghey; lossey

old flame (n.) shenn vyrneen

small flame (n.) lossag

floggan blaze, flame

flozan blaze, flame

lossey1 See lossyr pl. lossaghyn pl. lossyryn ablaze, afire, aflame, blaze, blush, burn, burning, flame, flame up, flare, ignition, kindle, light: cre'n lossey mooar ta drillin dy aile foaddey Bible; (in fever) flush; blushing

flame-red jiarg-lossanagh

jiarg-lossanagh flame-red

farbaghey corrosion, flame up, fret, inflame, irritate

shenn vyrneen (f.) old flame, old love

lossag (f.) flare, fleck of light, flicker, small flame, salamander

lossan (f.) aurora, light, phosphorescence; pl. lossanyn blaze, flame, flare: V'ad soie ny brasnagyn er aght crossag as va fer jeh ny deiney goaill daa vrasnag jeh darragh as ren eh rubbey ad dy gheddyn lossan. Dhoor

lossyr (f.) pl. lossyryn blaze, flame: va'n aigney jouyllagh greinnagh skianyn bieau, cur er y lossyr lhoobey roish e chleeau; PC; (of torches) fire

lostey beayn everlasting flame: Ny strooyn cursit ta roie sheese 'sy cheayn dy vrimstone lheit, as jannoo'n lostey beayn PC


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