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flag1 (n.) brattagh: Don't you see the Danish flag? - Nagh vel shiu fakin yn brattagh Danagh? JJK idiom; cullee; mergey; (v.) lhaggaghey

flag2 (n.) (of dog) famman skeabanagh

Inexact matches:

corn flag (n.) cliogagh frangagh

flag day (n.) laa brattagh

flag lieutenant (n.) leftenant brattagh

house flag (n.) brattagh colught

Manx flag (n.) brattagh Manninagh

signal flag (n.) brattagh cowree

sweet flag (n.) cliogagh millish

yellow flag (n.) cleeshag, cliogagh

brattagh colught house flag

brattagh cowree signal flag

cleeshag (f.) yellow flag

cliogagh frangagh corn flag

cliogagh millish sweet flag

famman skeabanagh (of dog) flag

laa brattagh flag day

leftenant brattagh flag lieutenant

flag-bearer (n.) fer brattagh

fer brattagh flag-bearer

cliogagh fleur-de-lys, iris, wild iris, yellow flag; sedge

brattagh pl. bratteeyn banner, colour, ensign, flag: Ta'n brattagh bennalt 'sy gheay. DF

dip2 (v.) (of flag) bannaght injillaghey: Dip the flag to him - Injillee y brattagh da. DF idiom

fly1 (v.) bennalt, etlagh, ettlagh, ettyl, getlagh; croghey: Fly a flag - Brattagh y chroghey. DF idiom; (n.) carchuillag, quaillag, quill, cor-whuaillag; (adj.) kialgagh, kioot

brattagh Manninagh Manx flag: Ta Neil Hodgson gra dy vel eh jerkal craa yn brattagh Manninagh, Tree Cassyn Vannin, y nah cheayrt vees eh cosney yn varriaght ayns ratçh Ard-Roar-Vree yn Teihll. BS

cullee (f.) pl. culleeyn 1 apparatus, equipment, kit, materials, outfit, suit; 2 flag, insignia a: Bee cullee champ Dan my-hwoaie Bible; 3 (of sky) aspect a: yn soilshey gial ren cullee ghoo y cheau, as undin niau, myr agglit, va er-creau. PC; 4 kept woman

lhaggaghey (=Ir. lagú) (v.) 1 abate, bate, depress, dim, drop away, ease, ease off, fade, fade out, flag, flagging, mitigate, reduce, relax, write down a: cha jean oo lhaggaghey dty chenjallys gys my hie Bible; 2 abatement, mitigation, reduction, relaxation

mergey pl. mergaghyn banner, flag, standard: Soie-jee seose mergey ayns y cheer, sheid-jee trumpet trumpet mastey ny ashoonyn Bible; rust: Tan airh as argid eu mergit; as been mergey oc feanish nyn eu Bible


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