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flaaoil 1 See flaoill articulate, circumfluent, eloquent, fluent, fluid a: Shegin daue goaill toshiaght ec mysh kiare ny shey jeig bleeaney d'eash dy beagh ad flaaoil ec hoght bleeaney jeig. Carn; 2 (of speech) flowing

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glare flaaoil (f.) fluent language

fluent (adj.) flaaoil: He is a fluent speaker of Manx - Ta Gaelg flaaoil echey. DF idiom; glib

circumfluent (adj.) flaaoil

flowing3 (adj.) (of speech) flaaoil

fluent language (n.) glare flaaoil

eloquent1 (adj.) flaoill, flaaoil, floaoil, flaoill; jeih-ocklagh, jesh-focklagh

fluid flaaoil; neuveayn; seyr; sheeltagh; ushlaght

articulate flaaoil; fockley; glick; gra; jesh-loayrtagh; oltagh; (v.) fockley magh

floaoil See flaaoil 1 eloquent a: loayr eh roo ayns glare mooar floaoil. Bible; b: haink Hew dy row gys Ephesus va enmyssit Appollos, ruggyr ec Alexandria, dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible

shareaghey getting better, improvement: Bishaghey yn earroo dy leih aasit ta cheet dy ve flaaoil liorish shareaghey yn aght ta Gaelg goll er ynsaghey Dhoor

shey jeig sixteen: Shegin daue goaill toshiaght ec mysh kiare ny shey jeig bleeaney d'eash dy beagh ad flaaoil ec hoght bleeaney jeig. Carn

ymmydagh useful: Va'n kione ny shiaghtin Gaelgagh feer ymmydagh son ny studeyryn as ny Gaelgeyryn flaaoil neesht. Carn

troggal (=Ir. tógáil) arise, boost, building, elaborate, exalt, gather up, getting up, harvest, hoist, input, invoke, lift, lifting, pick off, pick up, pull in, raise, raise up, rally, rig up, set in rows, sing up, take, winch, wind; (f.) upbringing, uplift; (tax) charging; (as disease) contract; (of wind) freshen; (as shoulders) heave; (as child) bringing up, nurture, rear, train: Shegin da ve feer chronnal nish nagh vodmayd goaill yn nah chesmad er ash (troggal sheeloghe noa voish y chlean) ayns Mannin derrey ta mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ayn mysh yn eash hoght bleeaney jeig as Gaelg flaaoil oc. Carn; development, edifice, structure: cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil fir-ynsee noa. Carn; breed, breeding, rearing: she eshyn van chenn-ayr ocsyn ta beaghey ayns cabbaneyn, as ta troggal ollagh. Bible; build, construct, elevate, put up: scuirr ad veih troggal yn ard-valley Bible; absorption, elaboration; hoist up


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