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fit brash; builley; coamrey; fhyt: She fell into a fit - Haink fhyt urree. DF idiom; teaym: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; yn-

Inexact matches:

fit in (v.) cur ayns

fit on (v.) cur seose, prowal, tastal

fit out (v.) festal, shiaullaghey

fit of nerves (n.) lheenree

fit of passion fergey, finnue, thollane

fit of rage teaym eulys

fit to eat follan; yn-ee

keep fit classes (npl.) brastyllyn lheiltyssagh

fergey fit of passion

lheenree fit of nerves

yn- (pref.) fit; (suf.) -able

brastyllyn lheiltyssagh keep fit classes

teaym eulys (f.) fit of rage

tastal attend, fit on, heed, notice, observe

yn-ee consumable, edible, fit to eat

coughing cassaghtee: Fit of coughing - Teaym chassaghtee. DF idiom; mughaney

finnue fit of passion: Er shoh va'n ree jiarg-chorree, as eer er-finnue Bible

thollane (f.) blockhead, giddy person; fancy, fit of passion, impulse

blues (n.) groamid: He had a fit of the blues - Haink yn groamid er. DF idiom

plans (npl.) plannyn; cummaghyn: It doesn't fit in with our plans - Cha nel eh freggyrt rish ny cummaghyn ain. DF idiom

rage1 (n.) eulys: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; jymmoose; keoieid; keoiys; ouyl; finu; keoie; (v.) er finnue, er rouyl; freaney; jiarg chorree: He broke forth into rage - Haink jiarg chorree er. DF idiom

cur ayns fit in: Cha noddym cur ayns shoh agh coontey giare jeh'n lioar scanshoil shoh er y fa dy nee lioar mooar t'ayn. Carn

festal adhere, fit out, fix, mount, put up, set out, stickiness, stick on: Festal fograghyn er ny boallaghyn. DF

fhyt fit: Tra cheayll e ven y naight  shoh, haink fhyt urree as ren ee tuittym sheese shiartanse dy ghreeishyn. Dhoor; short time

follan bracing, edible, fit to eat, genial, healthy, hearty, incorrupt, orthodox, solvent, sound, untainted, whole, wholesome: Cha vel eh follan dy ee rouyr mill Bible

shiaullaghey fit out, prepare, ready, rig, tune up, tuning: Nish, nee'm shiaullaghey y keeaght choud's t'ou glenney as kerey ny cabbil. Dhoor; (as boat) equip; (as engine) tune

builley bash, bump, cast, clap, hit, impact, knock, pulsate, punch, slam, slap, strike, stripe, stroke, sweep, thump, whack: 2 ¦ Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; (as pulse) beat, pulsation; (of voice) cadence; (on horn) toot; choosing; fervour, fit, frenzy, madness

coamrey pl. coamraghyn (n.) apparel, clothe, clothes, clothing, costume, drape, dress, dressing, fit, garment, habit, raiment, vesture: dynsee yn Chiarn Jee dy yannoo coamrey dy chraitnyn dy choodaghey ad hene. Bible; (v.) cover up, dress up, endue, succour; repair: As ren ny Nethinimee va cummal ayns Aphel, coamrey gys yn ynnyd va jeeragh er y giat-ushtey lesh y shiar, as y toor cheumooie jeh. Bible; attire

cur seose carry forward, disclaim, drop off, extradite, flush, increase, move, postulate, relinquish, represent; pitch; fit on, fix: cur seose coamraghyn myr y chray Bible; retire, surrender: Cur seose, as rish y jiass Bible; set on fire; hang; put up, mount: Cur seose claghyn soit Bible; abdication; extradition; give up

prowal (=Ir. promhadh) assay, demonstrate, demonstration, depose, deposition, discern, establishment, experience, fit on, proof, prove, proving, test, trial, try, try on, try out: Tra nee oo prowal, ennee oo dy negin dhyt ymmodee reddyn y chredjal nagh jean y resoon broghe ayd hene dy harryltagh cordail rish CS

teaym (f.) attack, bout, fit, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, swoon: Teaym noa dy hingys. DF; caprice, fad, mood, notion, vagary, whim: va fys mie aym dy row Thom ny ghooinney breagagh, as v'eh meshtalagh neesht, as ny "lhiam-lhiat" myr ta sleih ennagh tra ta teaym ocsyn er red erbee JC


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