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firryn he, mannish, male, masculine: T'eh nane ass kiare deiney jeig as scollag firryn as kuse dy chassidyn jeant orroo, goaill stiagh costreeu as soie er sleih, as meshtallys as neureajid. BS; virile

Inexact matches:

ard-firryn bane white deadnettle

ard-firryn breck spotted dead-nettle

ard-firryn jiarg red dead-nettle

ard-losserey firryn (f.) archangel, yellow archangel

boandyrey firryn male nurse

conning firryn buck rabbit

doltey firryn adopted son

dooghys firryn masculine gender

eayn firryn he-lamb, ram-lamb, tup-lamb

fam firryn sea tangle

feeaih firryn buck deer, hart, stag

filliu firryn dog-wolf

gimmagh firryn cock lobster, male lobster

goayr firryn billy-goat

inneen firryn (f.) tomboy

jallyn firryn cock sparrow

kayt firryn tomcat

keintys firryn male sex

lheiy firryn bull-calf

raun firryn bull seal

shawk firryn tercel

shellan firryn drone

shynnagh firryn dog-fox

feeaih firryn daa vlein pricket

moddey oaldey firryn dog-wolf

dog-wolf (n.) filliu firryn, moddey oaldey firryn

adopted son (n.) doltey firryn

buck deer (n.) feeaih firryn

bull-calf (n.) lheiy firryn

bull seal (n.) raun firryn

cock lobster (n.) gimmagh firryn

cock sparrow (n.) jallyn firryn

dog-fox (n.) shynnagh firryn

he-lamb (n.) eayn firryn

male lobster (n.) gimmagh firryn

male sex (n.) keintys firryn

mannish (adj.) feroil, firryn

masculine firryn; firrynagh

masculine gender (n.) dooghys firryn

ram-lamb (n.) eayn firryn

tercel (n.) shawk firryn

tup-lamb eayn firryn

virile (adj.) feroil; firryn

billy-goat (n.) bock goayr; goayr firryn

hart (n.) dow, feeaih; feeaih firryn

male nurse (n.) boandyrey; boandyrey firryn

red dead-nettle (n.) ard-firryn jiarg

spotted dead-nettle (n.) ard-firryn breck

tomcat (n.) collagh kayt, kayt firryn

white deadnettle (n.) ard-firryn bane

buck rabbit (n.) conning firryn, conning 'irryn

pricket (n.) feeaih firryn daa vlein; pinney cainlereagh

sea tangle (n.) fam firryn; slat varrey

tomboy (n.) caillin ayns breetchyn, inneen firryn

yellow archangel (n.) ard-losserey firryn, chengey veein

drone (n.) cronnane, doss, drollane, litcher, shellan firryn, shellan litcheragh; (v.) cronnaney

archangel (n.) ard-ainle: with the voice of the archangel - lesh coraa yn ard-ainle; ard-losserey firryn; chengey veen

scholars (npl.) schoillaryn: Your scholars are not attentive - Cha nel ny schoillaryn eu arreydagh. JJK idiom; scoillaryn: Male scholars - Scoillaryn firryn. DF idiom

stag (n.) charroo; dow: Stag of red deer - Dow jiarg. DF idiom; feeaih firryn; tarroo-feeaih

costreeu feud: T'eh nane ass kiare deiney jeig as scollag firryn as kuse dy chassidyn jeant orroo, goaill stiagh costreeu as soie er sleih, as meshtallys as neureajid. BS

he bock; collagh; eh: He hasn't been there yet - Cha nel eh er ve ayns shen foast. JJK idiom; eh-shen; (emph.) eshyn: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself - Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene. JJK idiom; firryn; firrynagh


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