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Sheshaght Fir-Oik y Reiltys Government Officers' Association

Shirveishee, Olteynyn as Fir-oik Ministers, Members and Officers

draghtey draft, draw up: T'ee gra dy vel fir-oik Vannin er ve loayrt rish fir-oik sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as y sarey treealit goll er draghtey. BS

Government Officers' Association (n.) Sheshaght Fir-Oik y Reiltys

Ministers, Members and Officers (npl.) Shirveishee, Olteynyn as Fir-oik

victual (v.) cur bee da, geddyn bee, stoyral bee ayn; (n.) beaghey: And those officers provided victual for king Solomon - As chiare ny fir-oik shoh beaghey cour ree Solomon Bible

butleryn cupbearers: as myr va ny fir-oik echey nyn soie, as stayd e hirveishee, as nyn goamrey, as ny butleryn, as ny greeshyn, orroo hie eh seose gys thie'n Chiarn

feer voiragh harrowing, nerve-racking: Dooyrt ad dy vel briwnys yn imraa soilshaghey 'stayd feer voiragh' bentyn rish yn aght va rheynnyn-reiltys, politickeyryn as fir-oik dellal rish y lhiasaghey. BS

foutagh faulty: Fir-oik ec Rheynn y chymmyltaght, t'ad gra dy row yn loght er caag foutagh eddyr y daa choarys. BS; infectious; honeycombed

geayil coals; (gen.) of coal: As va ny sharvaantyn as ny fir-oik nyn shassoo ayns shen, ec aile geayil v'ad er n'yannoo (son ve feayr) as v'ad dyn jiow ad-hene. Bible

kionfenee general: 'Sy voghrey va mooarane preays orrin dy chur gy-kione chaglym cour curmyn kionfenee as reih ny Fir-oik Ashoonagh. Coraa

preays (f.) press, pressure, stress, urgency: 'Sy voghrey va mooarane preays orrin dy chur gy-kione chaglym cour curmyn kionfenee as reih ny Fir-oik Ashoonagh. Coraa

sollaghey laue bribe, bribing, buy over: Hoshiaght, cha vod fer erbee credjal dy ren sollaghey-laue Lunnin as fir-oik Whitehall stroie dy chooilley hro ec ny Celtiee 'moyrnagh' Carn

symney bann, citation, summons; (v.) convene, summon, cite, publish: ren eh symney cooidjagh ooilley e fir-oik Bible

ughtarys authorization, authorship, sanction: Ta ny treealtyssyn noa kiarail cur tooilley pooar da lughtyn-reill ynnydagh liorish fo-leighaghyn oc hene, as bree currit daue liorish fir-oik as ughtarys oc. BS


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