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fillym film: T'ee cheet magh dy mie er fillym. DF

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Academee-fillym Oarpagh European Film Academy

ben-chloieder fillym (f.) film actress

cloieder fillym film actor

feish fillym (f.) film festival

fillym aitt comedy film

fillym atchim horror film

fillym bioyrit animated film

fillym contortys adventure film

fillym cronneyder detective film

fillym feanishagh documentary

fillym graih love film

fillym jantys action film

fillym kimmeeys crime film

fillym lhiantagh cling film

fillym tostagh silent film

jeadys-fillym Vannin Isle of Man film industry

possan fillym film club

roltag fillym (f.) film star

cochianglaghyn fillym as chellveeish film and TV tie-ins

cur chengey er fillym dub

cur kiaull er fillym dub

fillym far-skeeal sheanse science fiction film

jannoo fillym jeh film

Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh Island Film Studios

film1 (n.) brat, fillym; (v.) goaill caslys jeh, jannoo fillym jeh

dub (v.) cur chengey er fillym; cur kiaull er fillym; reejerey y yannoo jeh; (n.) dubbey

action film (n.) fillym jantys

adventure film (n.) fillym contortys

animated film (n.) fillym bioyrit

cling film (n.) fillym lhiantagh

comedy film (n.) fillym aitt

crime film fillym kimmeeys

detective film (n.) fillym cronneyder

film actor (n.) cloieder fillym

film actress (n.) ben-chloieder fillym

film club (n.) possan fillym

film festival (n.) feish fillym

film star (n.) roltag fillym

horror film (n.) fillym atchim

love film (n.) fillym graih

silent film (n.) fillym tostagh

feature film (n.) ard-fillym

film rights (n.) cairys-fillym

filmstrip (n.) meer-fillym

film studio (n.) seyrlan-fillym

ard-fillym feature film

cairys-fillym film rights

fillym-fysseree documentary

meer-fillym filmstrip

seyrlan-fillym film studio: Ta'n Ard-Hirveishagh gra dy vel eh shickyr dy ren rheynnyn-reiltys gobbraghey ry cheilley bentyn rish cur er bun seyrlan-fillym ayns twoaie yn Ellan. BS

thie-fillym cinema

documentary docmadagh; fillym feanishagh, fillym-fysseree; scannane feanishagh; scruit

European Film Academy (n.) Academee-fillym Oarpagh

film and TV tie-ins (npl.) cochianglaghyn fillym as chellveeish

Island Film Studios (npl.) Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh

science fiction film (n.) fillym far-skeeal sheanse

Isle of Man film industry (n.) jeadys-fillym Vannin

etlan cassee helicopter: V'ad jannoo y fillym voish etlan cassee. GK

cooyl-reayrtagh retrospective: Va ny Barrantee er nyannoo plaiynt noi kied-plannal va currit dy cooyl-reayrtagh da Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh ayns Rhumsaa. BS

er feie ny cruinney pandemic, universally, worldwide: Mleeaney, ren yn fillym feanishagh, You've Been Trumped, cosney ram aundeyryn ec feaillaghyn er feie ny cruinney. NNS

studioghyn studios: Va ny Barrantee er nyannoo plaiynt noi kied-plannal va currit dy cooyl-reayrtagh da Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh ayns Rhumsaa. BS

cinema (n.) kinemey, scannaneaght; thie jalloo: Line up for the cinema - Famman y yannoo cheu mooie jeh'n thie jalloo. DF idiom; thie scannane; thie-fillym


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