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fill (v.) bolgey; jannoo; lhieeney: Why don't you fill the tumblers? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu lhieeney ny glessyn? JJK idiom; lughtaghey; pronney; saie; lhieen: There are the tumblers, fill them - Er hen ny glessyn, lhieen ad. JJK idiom; lhieen-jee

Inexact matches:

fill in (v.) lhieeney; cur stiagh

fill out (v.) lhieeney; roauyraghey; sheidey

shall fill lhieenee: And they shall fill thy houses - As lhieenee ad ny thieyn ayds Bible

would fill lhieenagh

we shall fill lhieenee mayd: we shall fill our houses with spoil - lhieenee mayd nyn dhieyn lesh spooilley Bible

lhieeney (=Ir. líonadh) fill, fill in, fill out: Ad shoh t'eh er lhieeney lesh creenaght chree Bible; billow, blow up, puff up; (n.) pl. lhieenaghyn flood tide; (as battery) charge, fuel, load; (of tide) make, flow, flowing, rise, saturate: Lhieeney yn roayrt. DF; (as cushion) pad; (as moon) wax; filling; cover in; cram; fulfilling; spasm

fold (n.) bwoaillee: It's the worst sheep in the fold - T'ish y cheyrrey smessey 'sy woaillee. DF idiom; craplag, filley, lhagg; tuck; (v.) fill: Fold your hands - Fill dty laueyn. DF idiom

muinneelyn (f.) sleeves: Fill seose ny muinneelyn ayd. MasJ

drank diu: I drank my fill - Diu mee my haie. DF idiom

bolgey abdominal, balloon, dilate, dilation, enlarge, fill, inflate, inflation, swell [O.Ir. bolgaid]

lhieenee shall fill: lhieenee ad yn cheer lesh ny merriu. Bible

tuck tuck: Fill stiagh 'sy lhiabbee eh. DF; fold

arguments (npl.) arganeyn; resoonyn fondagh: I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments - Yinnin my chooish y hoiaghey magh kiongoyrt rish, as lhieeney my veeal lesh resoonyn fondagh Bible

cup1 (n.) cappan: Let him fill her cup - Lhig da lhieeney e cappan. JJK idiom

date (n.) date: Three months after date - Ec kione tree meeghyn veih'n date shoh. DF idiom; dait: Fill in the date - Cur y dait stiagh. DF idiom

lhieen (=Irlíon) 1 flax, flaxen; 2 filled a: lhieen ad y daa lhong Bible; 3 fishing net; 4 quotient; 5 toils; 6 fill; 7 complete

lhieenagh abounding, exuberant, pervasive; would fill: verragh ad daa vhurlin er-mooin y chabbil as lhieenagh ad ad lesh moain as harragh ad dy valley er cassan elley Dhoor

lhieenee mayd we shall fill: Yiow mayd dy chooilley cheint dy chooid chostal, lhieenee mayd nyn dhieyn lesh spooilley. Bible

lughtaghey1 freight, stowage; charging, filling, lading, loading, fill, stow: Ta'n lhong lughtaghey. DF; write down

roauyraghey1 fatten, fattening, fill out, thickening, gain weight: Chum ny Myrmidonianee Matthias, ghilb ersooyl ad ny sooillyn echey, as hug ad ayns prysoon eh e chorp y roauyraghey. Dhoor; (as wool) thicken

saie1 fill, replete, satiety, satisfaction, satiated: nagh jinnagh ad geid derrey veagh nyn saie oc? Bible

sheidey breeze, distension, gust, honk, puff, sound, spell of wind, spout; breathe, fill out; (of wind) blast: Tra tan gheay sheidey tan muir raisey EF; (of whale) blow; (on horn) toot; blowing: te laa diu son sheidey ny trumpetyn Bible

cur stiagh bring home, buy in, drop, embody, embrace, enclose, harvest, house, input, install, interject, lay up, pass, return; insert, put in: gys ny laueyn oc ta Jee cur stiagh dy palchey Bible; submit; insertion, installation, interruption, intervention; get in; enter; fill in

jannoo1 (=Ir. déanamh) See yannoo1 accomplish, act, build, cast, coalesce, commit, compose, construct, deal, deed, do, doing, effect, execute, create, fabricate, fashion, fill, follow out, keep, keeping, making, manufacture, perform, perpetrate, practise, produce, render, structure, style, transact; make: jannoo ooilley ny ta'n Chiarn er harey Bible; accomplishment, committal, conferment, conformation, construction, formation, goings on, performance, perpetration, production, pursuance, transaction, transactions

pronney cram, fill, press, ram home, stuff: Glen, screeb as niee yn eeast; jean pronney marish y chooid elley jeh ny reddyn er- lhimmey jeh'n eeym, as cur shoh stiagh 'syn eeast as whaal seose eh. Dhoor; eating greedily, filling, overcrowding, stuffing; gorge


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