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fieau 1 rest, wait, waiting: hig ny moidynyn ta fieau urree ayns dty enish. Bible a: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible; b: As va'n pobble fieau son Zacharias, as yindys orroo dy row eh cumrail choud ayns y chiamble. Bible

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fieau er await: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible

fieau er caa wait for an opportunity: va jees jeh shamyrderyn y ree, Bigthan as Teresh jeusyn va freayll yn dorrys, lhieent lesh farg, as fieau er caa dy stroie ree Ahasuerus Bible

waiting fieau; tendeil; waiteil

rest aash: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; aashagh: It's at rest now - T'eh aashagh nish. DF idiom; cagh elley; (yn) chooid elley; cur aash da; fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; fieau: Let's rest here a while - Lhig dooin fieau ayns shoh rish tammylt. DF idiom; goaill fea, jannoo fea; scuirr: The waves never rest - Cha nel ny tonnyn rieau scuirr. DF idiom; taggey; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn

await (v.) fieau er, fuirraghtyn rish; farkiaght

wait for an opportunity fieau er caa

caa (f.) pl. caaghyn chance, croaking, occasion, opportunity: As v'eh fieau er caa dy vrah eh. Bible

cosney er ash (money) win back; gain back: By haittin lhiam cosney er ash da'n vaatey son dy ymmyrt seose y phurt hene gys Thie Liauyr ny Loghlinee as ny mraane as paitchyn ain fieau orrin aynshid. GK

dooinney poosee bridegroom: Choud as vad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley Bible

wait1 farkaghey, fark; farkaght; farkiaght; feiyal; fieau; fuirraghtyn: Let us wait till he comes down - Lhig dooin fuirraght (yn) dys hig eh neose. JJK idiom; tannaght; fuirree; farkee; farkiagh; (impv) Fuirree ort, Fuirree: Wait till I come down - Fuirree dys higym neose. JJK idiom


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