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feyshtey ask, asking, catechise, examine, question: ta'n Ghoal er ghra nagh jean ee ymmyd jeh ny "saaseyn feyshtey" (she shen, torchagh) shoh maghey shoh. Carn; (n.) examination

Inexact matches:

cowrey feyshtey query

feyshtey mooiney urinalysis

feyshtey tessen cross-examination, interrogate, interrogation

pabyr feyshtey examination paper

asking fenaght; feyshtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee feyshtey. DF idiom; keishtey: I am asking a question - Ta mee keishtey. DF idiom

catechise (v.) feyshtey

cross-examination (n.) feyshnagh, feyshtey tessen

examination (n.) feyshtey: To go up for an examination - Dy gholl stiagh son feyshtey. DF idiom; scrutaght: Entrance examination - Scrutaght entreilys. DF idiom

urinalysis (n.) feayl-scoltey, feyshtey mooiney

cross-question (v.) crosh-cheishtey, crosh-feyshtey; (n.) crosh-cheist

interrogation (n.) feyshtaghey, feyshtey tessen, keishtey

crosh-feyshtey cross-question

examination paper (n.) pabyr feyshtey, pabyr scrutagh

interrogate (v.) cur feyshtyn er; feyshtey tessen; keishtey

ask1 (v.) fenaght, fenaghtyn, feyshtey, keishtey; fenee, fênee; ênys; shirrey; jannoo aghin; (impv) shirr

closely (adv.) dy glooie: Closely woven - Feeit dy glooie. DF idiom; dy geyre: He questioned him closely - Ren eh feyshtey eh dy geyre. DF idiom

examine (v.) feyshtey, feysht; ronsaghey: Let us examine the question - Lhig dooin ronsaghey y chooish. DF idiom; scrutaghey; scrutee: Examine it for yourself - Scrutee eh oo hene. DF idiom

query cowrey feyshtey; fenaght; fenaghtyn; feysht: He looked a query at me - Yeeagh eh orrym as feysht ayns ny sooillyn echey. DF idiom

question fenaght, keisht; feysht: There are two sides to every question - Ta daa lhiattee er dagh feysht. JJK idiom; fenaghtyn; question; (v.) feyshtey, keishtey

brialtagh enquirer, examiner, searcher: Coardail rish skeeal ayns Brialtagh Ellan Vannin y çhiaghtin shoh, hie Patricia Kneen er feyshtey lurg jee v'er jebbal da'n phabyr-naight screeuyn mychione laghyn s'jerree e dooinney. BS; catechist

cuirreyder entertainer; host: Bee cummaltee abyl feyshtey oltey ynnydagh y Chiare as Feed, David Cannan, vees cuirreyder y çhaglym, voish lieh-oor lurg shiaght noght ayns halley yn scoill. BS

dendeysagh delicate: As hug eh raaue noi tooilley feyshtey mychione 'ny cooishyn dendeysagh shoh', myr v'eh gra roo. BS

ommidanyn fools: Vel shiu lheid ny ommidanyn, shiuish vee Israel, dy vel shiu fegooish feyshtey ny toiggal jeh'n irriney, er gheyrey inneen jeh Israel? Apoc


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