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feysht (=Ir. ceist) (f.) problem, query, confession; (v.) question, examine, try: As nee ny briwnyn feysht dy kiaralagh Bible; (v.) acknowledge, confess

Inexact matches:

cowrey feysht question mark

feysht 'amman tag question

feysht creoi poser, sticker, tickler

feysht kialgagh thorny question

feysht leeideilagh leading question

feysht ouryssagh (coin) toss up

follaghtyn feysht burke

gyn feysht unquestionable: heeagh shin feeuid e obbyr hene gyn feysht fergagh nyn aigney my's foalsey, my's mooidjeenagh yn dooinney eh. Coraa

cur feysht er quiz, without question

cur feysht fud y cheilley talk over

burke (v.) follaghtyn feysht

leading question (n.) feysht leeideilagh

poser (n.) feysht creoi

problem (n.) crampys; cront; doilleeid: The housing problem - Doilleeid y thieys. DF idiom; feysht: The problem is ever so difficult - Ta'n feysht cha doillee as vaik oo rieau. DF idiom; keisht

query cowrey feyshtey; fenaght; fenaghtyn; feysht: He looked a query at me - Yeeagh eh orrym as feysht ayns ny sooillyn echey. DF idiom

question fenaght, keisht; feysht: There are two sides to every question - Ta daa lhiattee er dagh feysht. JJK idiom; fenaghtyn; question; (v.) feyshtey, keishtey

question mark (n.) cowrey feysht

tag question (n.) feysht 'amman

thorny question (n.) feysht kialgagh

tickler1 (n.) feysht creoi, greeseyder

politickeyryn politicians: Shen crout cadjin ec politickeyryn jeh gagh sorch: ny jean cur freggyrt da'n feysht ta currit dyt, agh cur freggyrt da feysht elley. Carn

question paper (n.) pabyr-feysht

question time (n.) traa-feysht

toss up (n.) (coin) feysht ouryssagh; (v.) tilgey

feysht-ghorraghey puzzle

pabyr-feysht question paper

traa-feysht question time: Ta shiaght feyshtyn ayns feme jeh freggyrtyn loayrit ec traa-feysht sy Chiare as Feed jiu. BS

quiz (v.) cur feysht er; (n.) fer aitt; keishtaghan

sticker (n.) festeyder, feysht creoi, greimmeyder, seiyder

unquestionable (adj.) gyn feysht, gyn keisht, gyn ourys, shickyr

without question cur feysht er; gyn ourys

grammar (n.) grammar; grammeydys: Point of grammar - Feysht ghrammeydys. DF idiom; lioar ghrammeydys

puzzle (v.) cur fud y cheilley; (n.) feyshtyn, keisht, feysht-ghorraghey

gyn freggyrt (letter) unacknowledge: Daag eh y feysht gyn freggyrt. DF

loayrt runt mygeayrt talking round: Loayrt runt mygeayrt feysht. DF

acknowledge (v.) cur bwooise er son, feysht; freggyr rish; goaill rish: For I acknowledge my faults - Son ta mee goaill-rish moiljyn Bible

chairman (n.) ard-hoieder; caairliagh: Mr Chairman, I have a question for you - Vnr Chaairliagh, ta feysht aym erriu. DF idiom

confess (v.) goaill rish: I confess to you that I suspect you a little - Ta mee goaill-rish dy row ourys beg aym erriu. JJK idiom; feysht; eaishtagh

confession (n.) feyshtyn, feysht: To go to confession - Dy gholl gys feyshtyn. DF idiom; goaill rish

examine (v.) feyshtey, feysht; ronsaghey: Let us examine the question - Lhig dooin ronsaghey y chooish. DF idiom; scrutaghey; scrutee: Examine it for yourself - Scrutee eh oo hene. DF idiom

stand over (v.) cur ergooyl: Let the question stand over - Yn feysht y chur ergooyl. DF idiom

talk over (v.) cur arraghey aigney er, cur feysht fud y cheilley, loayr mychione echey

e cheilley fellow: Va dagh derrey feysht echey orrym er dreeym e cheilley. DF

mooidjeenagh badly behaved, despicable, mean, rascally, villainous: heeagh shin feeuid e obbyr hene gyn feysht fergagh nyn aigney my's foalsey, my's mooidjeenagh yn dooinney eh. Coraa; debase

reaghys (f.) arbitration, arrangement, clearing, conciliation, set, settlement, tryst, understanding: Nod oo cur reaghys er y feysht shoh? DF

try eab, feysht; eabbey: Thank you, I'll try to learn it in less time - Gura mie eu, eabym dy ynsagh eh ayns ny sloo dy hraa. JJK idiom; fidraghtyn; tryal; shirrey; (impv) prow: Try them, if you please - Prow ad, my sailliu. JJK idiom; prowal: Will you allow me to try it? - Jean shiu lhiggey dou prowal eh? JJK idiom

freggyrtyn loayrit oral answers: Ta shiaght feyshtyn ayns feme jeh freggyrtyn loayrit ec traa-feysht sy Chiare as Feed jiu. BS


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