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ferrish pl. ferrishyn elf, fairy: "Jee bannee mee," dooyrt eh, "she ny ferrishyn va mooie riyr as she ferrish mie va my yeih." GB; naughty child; hand-steel

Inexact matches:

bee ferrish navelwort

biol ferrish (f.) dogfish eggcases

bluckan ferrish fuzzball

cappan ferrish acorn cup

Chibbyr Ferrish Fairy's Well

Close Ferrish Fairy's Enclosure

costrayl ferrish (f.) bottle wrack

costraylyn ferrish nodule of bladder wrack

jeelt ferrish (f.) Dryad's saddle

mairane ferrish harebell

shalmane ferrish blewit

acorn cup (n.) cappan ferrish

blewit (n.) shalmane ferrish

dogfish eggcases (npl.) biol ferrish

Fairy's Enclosure (n.) Close Ferrish

Fairy's Well (n.) Chibbyr Ferrish

fuzzball (n.) bluckan ferrish

hand-steel (n.) ferrish

harebell (n.) mairane ferrish

naughty child (n.) ferrish

elf (n.) crivassan, ferrish, imshee, trollag

bottle wrack (n.) costrayl ferrish; famlagh bolgagh

Dryad's saddle (n.) jeelt ferrish, jeelt ny ferrishyn

navelwort (n.) bee ferrish, lus y daa phing, wooishlagh

nodule of bladder wrack (n.) costraylyn ferrish

fairy (n.) ferrish; shee: Fairy footsteps - Kesmadyn shee. DF idiom


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