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feoh y voddee aconite, wolf's bane

Feoh (intj) (disgust) Phew, Ugh, Yah

feoh abhorrence, antipathy, aversion, disgust, hatred, loathing, phobia: ta feoh aym er Bible; feud

Inexact matches:

feoh bee loathing of food

feoh ben misogyny

feoh chionney claustrophobia

feoh gorrym bitter-sweet

feoh Hostyn Anglophobia

feoh nieu bane

feoh poosee hatred of marriage, misogamy

as feoh er sheelnaue misanthropic, misanthropical

cur feoh da abhor, loathe, sicken: Son ta dy chooilley unnane ta jannoo dy holk, cur feoh da'n toilshey Bible

cur feoh er disgust, sicken

feoh currit da detested: Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK

feoh er sheelnaue misanthropy

feoh ny Frank francophobia

lane feoh chionney claustrophobic

disgust cur feoh er; feoh, taaraght; scoigh, skaugh; eajeeys; graan

sicken (v.) aase ching, cur chingys er, cur feoh da, cur feoh er

abhor (v.) cur feoh da, feohdaghey: I abhor it - T'eh cur feoh orrym. DF idiom I abhor it - S'grayn lhiam eh. DF idiom; jiooldey

aconite (n.) feoh y voddee

antipathy (n.) feoh, scoigh

bane (n.) feoh nieu; sheer-voireyder

claustrophobia (n.) feoh chionney

claustrophobic (adj.) lane feoh chionney

detested (v.) feoh currit da: This man is detested on account of his perfidy - Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK idiom

francophobia (n.) feoh ny Frank

hatred (n.) dwoaie, feoh, myskid

loathe (v.) feodaghey; jiooldey; cur feoh da: I loathe doing it - T'eh cur feoh orrym jannoo eh. DF idiom; cur tah er: I loathe it - T'eh cur tah orrym. DF idiom

misanthropy (n.) feoh er sheelnaue

misogamy (n.) feoh poosee

misogyny (n.) feoh ben

Phew2 (intj) (disgust) Feoh

phobia (n.) feoh

Ugh2 (intj) (disgust) Feoh

Yah1 (intj) Feoh, Hey

Yah2 (intj) (disgust) Feoh

Anglophobia (n.) aggle Hostyn, feoh Hostyn

aversion (n.) feohderaght, feoh, feohderys, neuaggindys

hatred of marriage (n.) feoh poosee

loathing (n.) dwoaie; feoh; grayn; tah

loathing of food feoh bee

misanthropic (adj.) as feoh er sheelnaue

misanthropical (adj.) as feoh er sheelnaue

wolf's bane (n.) feoh y voddee

ard-feoh anathema

anathema ard-feoh; mollaght ny hagglish

feud feoh; noidys; costreeu; tuittym-magh; caggey; stroialtys

t'ad they are: T'ad cur feoh dasyn Bible

bitter-sweet croanreisht; feoh gorrym; lus ny hoie; sharroo as millish

abhorrence (n.) feoh; grayn: Oh abhorrence and dread! - O ghrayn as atchim! DF idiom

on account of ass-lieh; er coontey; er son; kindagh rish: This man is detested on account of his perfidy - Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK idiom

presumption (n.) barel, kione-ardys, sheiltynys; daanys vooaralagh: the presumption of them that hate thee - tan daanys vooaralagh ocsyn ta feoh oc ort Bible

craplaghey cockle, contract, corrugate, crinkle, purse, wrinkle: dooyrt ee, craplaghey e stroin veg, as feoh dowin ayns e coraa. JC; stunt

daanys vooaralagh presumption: Ny jarrood coraa dty noidyn: ta'n daanys vooaralagh ocsyn ta feoh oc ort, gaase dy kinjagh ny smoo as ny smoo. Bible

er son COMPARE son as for, for, for the sake of, on account of: Er son breagyn, ta feoh as dwoaie aym orroo Bible

gannidagh 1 affronting, bantering, derisive, ludicrous, mocking, ridiculous; 2 (n.) pl. gannidee derider, mocker, scorner a: Ny coyrlee yn ghannidagh, er-aggle dy der eh feoh dhyt Bible

keintyn classes: 2Ta three keintyn dy leih, as feoh ec my annym orroo: Dooinney boght as eh moyrnagh, dooinney berchagh ta ny vreagerey, as shenn vaarderagh, ta coayl e chooinaghtyn Apoc

perkin (f.) busybody, impertinent person, loquacious person, pragmatic, pragmatist, prater, saucy person, talkative person: Ver sleih feoh dan perkin: as bee dwoaie oc ersyn ta goaill rouyr taggloo er. Apoc; dolphin

sharaghey (record) beat; improve: Smooinee Nóirín nagh ghiarr Lunnin yn argid kyndagh rish feoh noi'n chengey agh er y fa dy row Glór na nGael ro speeideilagh as ad sharaghey arrym-hene mastey sleih boght. Carn

Sostnee English: as foastagh ta'n chragh shen greeasaghey feoh as noidys eddyr Yernee, Celtiee elley, as Sostnee. Carn

vrishey See brishey (dy); (to) break: chamoo ver-ym feoh daue, dy stroie ad dy bollagh, dy vrishey my chonaant roo Bible

covetous (adj.) sayntagh, sayntoil, sondagh; sayntoilagh: and speaketh good of the covetous - as loayrt dy mie jehn er sayntoilagh ta feoh ec Jee er Bible; (npl.) sayntoilee: or with the covetous, or extortioners - ny rish ny sayntoilee, ny ny tranlaasee Bible

coyrlee 1 (v.) advocate, exhort, urge: Coyrlee ny deiney aegey myrgeddin dy ve sheelt-aignagh. Bible; 2 reprove a: Ny coyrlee yn ghannidagh, er-aggle dy der eh feoh dhyt Bible; 3 rebuke a: coyrlee yn dooinney creeney, as bee eh ayns aigney-mie rhyt Bible; 4 advisory, advising, counselling, consultant, consulting a: As hug Absalom fys son Ahitophel yn Gilonite, fer-coyrlee Ghavid, veih e ard-valley Bible; 5 (npl.) advisers; 6 persuade

jeh elley (yn); (the) other one: Cha vod sharvaant erbee daa vainshter y hirveish: son eddyr ver eh feoh da'n derrey yeh as graih da'n jeh elley; er nonney cummee eh gys y derrey yeh, as soie-ee eh beg jeh'n jeh elley. Bible


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