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female1 (pref.) ben-, kiark; (adj.) bwoirrin, bwoirryn: Female child - Lhiannoo bwoirrin. DF idiom; bwoirrinagh: One female - Un' woirrinagh. DF idiom; woirrin: The female side - Yn rheynn woirryn. DF idiom

female2 (n.) (of birds) kiark

Inexact matches:

domestic female (n.) caillin thie

female bison (n.) booa oaldey

female dancer (n.) ben-daunsin

female donkey (n.) laair assyl

female goat (n.) goayr woirryn

female lobster (n.) gimmagh bwoirrin

female servant (n.) meyl

female sheep (n.) oasht

female singer (n.) ben-chiaullee

female teacher (n.) ben ynsee

old female (n.) gueshag

female any age (n.) bwoirrinagh

female working clothes (npl.) laplinyn

two year female goat (n.) minjagh

Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act (n.) Slattys Meelowal Lhottey Comyssagh Bwoirrin

bwoirrinagh (f.) female, female any age, girl, lass, wench: Fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh chroo eh ad Bible; crumpet; cow, doe; feminine

ben- (pref., f.) female

ben-chiaullee (f.) female singer

ben-daunsin (f.) female dancer

goayr woirryn female goat

laplinyn female working clothes

meyl female servant

booa oaldey (f.) buffalo; female bison

caillin thie domestic female, housemaid

gueshag (f.) old female, sorceress; charm

bwoirryn female: feed assyl bwoirryn, as jeih sharree

gimmagh bwoirrin female lobster, hen lobster

laair assyl (f.) female donkey, jenny-ass, she-ass

minjagh nanny goat, two year female goat

oasht (f.) ewe, female sheep: Ta'n oasht trome eayin. DF; (sheep) yearling

Slattys Meelowal Lhottey Comyssagh Bwoirrin Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act

ben ynsee (f.) female teacher, governess, tutoress: va'n chaglym shoh ry hoi feddyn magh ny saaseyn ynsee as ymmyd jeant jeu ec Nóirín Nuadháin, ben-ynsee Yernish voish Nerin. Carn

bwoirrin effeminate, female, feminine, feministic, ladylike, petticoat: Daa cheead goair woirryn, as feed goair fyrryn Bible

kiark (=SG., Ir. cearc) (f.) pl. kiarkyn (of birds) female; fowl, hen, hen bird: myr ta kiark goaill stiagh e hein Bible

woirrin See bwoirrin female: Er- lheh raad va sleih Catoleagh ayns ny hInshyn Goal v'ad geddyn bunney- phlaggad, coamrey ee ayns cullee woirrin, cur ee ayns bascaid as lorg lioree as v'ad g'emnys shen 'lhiabbee Vreeshey'. Dhoor


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