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fellow (n.) co-oltey, cumraag, dooinney, e cheilley, mooidjeen, sheshey; fer: The silly fellow has fallen down - Ta'n fer tootagh er duittym sheese. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

big fellow (n.) fer mooar

fellow citizens (npl.) co-heyraanee; sheshey-cummaltee

fellow member (n.) sheshey-oltey

fellow rider (n.) covarkiagh

fellow traveller (n.) co-hroailtagh

fellow worker (n.) sheshey obbree

lame fellow (n.) fer croobagh, martar

Research Fellow (n.) Sheshey Ronsee

work fellow (n.) co-labree

co-heyraanee fellow citizens

co-oltey confederate, fellow

covarkiagh fellow rider

fer croobagh lame fellow

sheshey obbree (=Ir. seisoibre) fellow worker

sheshey-oltey fellow member

Sheshey Ronsee Research Fellow

co-hroailtagh fellow traveller, travelling companion

martar pl. martaryn cripple, lame fellow

Christ (n.) Creest: I am your fellow servant in Jesus Christ - Ta mish dty heshey harvaant ayns Yeesey Creest. DF idiom

clumsy (adj.) doss, maaigagh, maaigerey, neuyesh, ordaagagh; staghylagh: He's a clumsy fellow - She fer staghylagh eh. DF idiom

silly (adj.) bolvaneagh, meecheeayllagh, sou-, eddrym; ommidjagh; thootagh, tootagh: The silly fellow has fallen down - Ta'n fer tootagh er duittym sheese. JJK idiom

colabree work fellow, companion in labour: ghow mee eh dy ve ymmyrchagh dy chur hiuish Epaphroditus, my vraar as colabree Bible

cumraag (n., f.) pl. cumraagyn ally, companion, comrade, fellow, mate, pal: Scruit ec Juan y Geill Cumraag Penn Dhoor; (to a lady) escort

dooinney (=Ir. duine) pl. deiney fellow, human, husband, man: cha ren dooinney jeu scapail Bible [O.Ir. duine]

e cheilley fellow: Va dagh derrey feysht echey orrym er dreeym e cheilley. DF

fer (=Ir. fear) pl. fir bloke, chap, fellow, gentleman, individual, male, man, one: dagh fer y dooinney syrjey jeh kynney e ayraghyn Bible [O.Ir. fer]

fer mooar whopper, big one; big fellow, big man: Er leshyn dy re fer mooar eh. DF

mooidjeen blackguard, fellow, outcast, outlaw, rascal, scoundrel, villain, wretch; vile person: Cha bee yn mooidjeen ny smoo enmyssit feoilt Bible

sheshey (=Ir. seise) pl. sheshaghyn consort, fellow, husband, match, mate, partner, spouse; companion: Ta mee my vraar da dragonyn, as sheshey da hulladyn. Bible; cohort; colleague; goodman

sheshey-cummaltee fellow citizens: Cha vel shin nish er-y-fa shen ny sodjey nyn yoarreeyn as jeh cheer whaagh, agh sheshey-cummaltee marish ny nooghyn, as jeh lught-thie Yee Bible


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