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fell (n.) ard, slieau; (v.) lhieggal, lhieggey, loamrey; chroym; huit, huitt: He fell down from the roof of the house - Huitt eh sheese veih mullagh y thie. JJK idiom

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fell dyke (n.) boalley cloaie, bun-chleighan

Axen Fell Ash Mountain [Scand; GB]

Hross Fell Horse Mountain [Scand]

Roze Fell Ruddy Mountain

Sart Fell Black Mountain [Scand]

Snae Fell See Sniaul Snow Mountain [Scand]

Ward Fell Watch Mountain [Scand]

Ward Fell Glen (n.) Glion Varrool

Ash Mountain (n.) Axen Fell

Horse Mountain (n.) Hross Fell

Ruddy Mountain (n.) Roze Fell

Snow Mountain (n.) Snae Fell

Watch Mountain (n.) Ward Fell

wool-fell (n.) crackan keyrragh

bun-chleighan fell dyke, stone hedge

Glion Varrool Ward Fell Glen

Black Mountain (n.) Slieau Doo, Slieau Dhoo; Sart Fell

boalley cloaie fell dyke, stone wall

chroym fell, bowed, stooped: chroym eh eh-hene kiongoyrt rish y ree Bible; inclined

huit fell: huit ad sheese 'syn enish echey Bible

huitt fell: huitt ad er nyn eddin gys y thalloo. Bible; dropped

before her roee: He fell down before her - Ren eh sleaghtey roee. DF idiom; roiee; rhymbee

feet (npl.) cassyn: She fell down at his feet - Huitt ee sheese ec ny cassyn echey. JJK idiom; trieyn: He is six feet tall - T'eh shey trieyn er lhiurid. JJK idiom; trieghyn

fit brash; builley; coamrey; fhyt: She fell into a fit - Haink fhyt urree. DF idiom; teaym: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; yn-

knees (npl.) glioonyn: He fell on his knees - Huitt eh er ny glioonyn echey. DF idiom

over me harrym: It fell over me - Huitt eh harrym. DF idiom; orrym: You have an advantage over me - Ta vondeish ayd orrym. DF idiom

reproaches (npl.) oltooanyn: The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me - Ta ny oltooanyn ocsyn ren dty oltooaney, er duittym orryms Bible

shoulders (npl.) geayltyn: His hair fell over his shoulders - Va'n folt echey tuittym neose harrish e gheayltyn. DF idiom

splash (n.) skeoll: He fell into the water with a splash - Huitt eh 'syn ushtey lesh skeoll. DF idiom; (v.) skeolley; spreih

thick1 chiu, choo: The ink is too thick - Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK idiom; er cheeid, mea, neuhoiggaltagh, vooar rish y cheilley; roauyr: The snow fell thick - Huitt y sniaghtey roauyr. DF idiom

walnut tree (n.) billey galchro: Yesterday evening this large walnut tree fell down - Huitt yn billey-galchro mooar shoh sheese fastyr jea. - Huitt yn billey-galchro mooar shoh sheese fastyr jea. JJK idiom

lhieggal abate, bowl over, cast down, chop down, dismount, destroy, fall, fell, fetch down, get down, knock over, lay low, level, lower, pull down, pull over, raze, run down, topple, tumble, unship, upset; (price) beat down; dissolve; overthrow

lhieggey bowl over, demolish, demolition, downfall, drop, fall, fall down, fell, hew, overbalance, pull down, spill, strike, striking, throw, topple, tumble, upset: Ta'n thalloo craa ec feiyr yn lhieggey oc Bible; (windows) collapse; overflow, run over; cataract; fire

loamrey (=Ir. leomradh, leomar) (f.) pl. loamraghyn fleece; (on sheep) wool: Hig eh neose myr y fliaghey ayns loamrey olley Bible; fell; shear; shearing

slieau (=O.Ir. slíab. Ir., Sc.G. sliabh) pl. sleityn berg, fell, hillside, moor, mountain: scugh eh veih shen gys slieau Bible; mount [L. clivus]

of the y: He fell down from the roof of the house - Huitt eh sheese veih mullagh y thie. JJK idiom; ny: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom; yn: Learning is the stately clothing of the rich man and the riches of the poor man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh as berchys yn boght. JJK idiom

roof (n.) clea, farvoalley, kione thie; mullagh thie, mullagh y thie: He fell down from the roof of the house - Huitt eh sheese veih mullagh y thie. JJK idiom; (v.) coodaghey, cur clea er, cur kione er, cur mullagh er, jeenaghey, sclatal

smack1 baa; bassag: Smack in the face - Bassag 'syn eddin. DF idiom; frap: He fell smack on the floor - Huitt eh frap er y laare. DF idiom; scoadey; (v.) cur bassag da; frappal: Smack went the whip - Ren y kipp frappal. DF idiom

word (n.) fockle: In this sentence there isn't a word too much - Ayns y raa shoh cha nel fockle rouyr. JJK idiom; goo: the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. - huitt y Spyrryd Noo orroosyn ooilley va clashtyn y goo. Bible

ard (=Ir. ard) (adj.) big, height, high; mighty: lesh ard phooar, as lesh laue niartal Bible; loud: dyllee mee lesh coraa ard. Bible; tall, towering: niartaghey lesh voallaghyn ard Bible; (n.) pl. ardjyn compass point, direction, pole; fell, high place, incline: er ny sleityn ard Bible; district, region, area: 'syn ard sodjey magh. Bible [L. arduus]

crackan keyrragh sheepskin, wool-fell: Neayr's va mee ayn va'n crackan keyrragh v'ec Juan dy chur mygeayrt y chiarkyl freayllt ayns ushtey as eayl ayns poagey plastagh sy chamyr echey as v'eh freayllt aynshen rish queig laghyn. GB


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