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feiyral clamour, clatter, honk, noise, rowdy, sound, tinkle, vociferous: va sheean y trumpet foddey feiyral Bible

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mynlagh feiyral vocal minority

scaanjoon feiyral poltergeist

Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral The Speaker demands order

clamour sheean; feiyral, sheeanal

honk (n.) feiyr; (v.) feiyral, sheidey

poltergeist (n.) scaanjoon feiyral

rowdy (adj.) feiyral

vocal minority (n.) mynlagh feiyral

clatter feiyr; feiyral; jannoo feiyr

noise about (v.) cur magh er ard; (y) feiyral mygeayrt

noise abroad (v.) cur magh er ard; feiyral mygeayrt

tinkle (n.) claggyraght, clinck, gligginaght, claggeraght; (v.) clinckal, clinkeragh, feiyral

vociferous (adj.) ard-choraagh, boiragh, feiyral, kiaullaneagh, sheeanagh

bolg-side (=Ir. bolgan-saghaid) quiver: Tan bolg-side feiyral n, yn shleiy sollys as yn eilley-caggee Bible

feddanyn 1 tubing; 2 pipes: a: Shen-y-fa nee my chree feiyral myr feddanyn son Moab Bible

noise feiyr: Please don't make so much noise - Ny jean wheesh feiyr, my sailt. JJK idiom; sheean; sheeaney; imraa; kiaull; feiyral, sheeanal; durd

The Speaker demands order Ta'n Loayreyder cur y whaiyl fo harey nagh jean peiagh erbee feiyral

claasagh (=Ir. clairseach) pl. claasee harp, lute: nee my veeghyn feiyral myr claasagh son Moab Bible

cymbal cymbal: ta mee dy jarroo myr prash ta feiyral, ny kiaull cymbal Bible

sound cayrnal; eaishtagh rish; feeam; feiyr; feiyral; follan: He is as sound as a bell - T'eh cha follan as breck. DF idiom; hellym: The sound of the trumpet - Hellym y chayrn. DF idiom; keyllys: They used to swim the cattle across the Sound - Boallagh ad cur er yn ollagh dy naue harrish y Cheyllys. DF idiom; lajer; lane; sheean: Empty vessels make the most sound - Siyn folmey smoo sheean nee. JJK idiom; sheeanal; sheeaney; sheidey; slayntoil; sunt; suntal; sunteil; sonn; (adj.) keyn; breeoil

seiy seose push up; divideth: Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn gra, ta coyrt yn ghrian son soilshey 'sy laa, as oardaghyn yn eayst as ny rollageyn son soilshey 'syn oie, ta seiy seose yn aarkey tra ta ny tonnyn eck feiyral Bible


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