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feerid authenticity, axiom, perfection, reality, simplicity, truth, veracity: jik mi dau ny rydyn nagh gou mi riu : iih saun duich my iirid gyn loght, as gha vel m’ ‘oilchyn falliit voidj. Psalm1610; veraciousness

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jeih-aigney feerid bona fides, honest intentions

axiom (n.) baghtaght, feerid, jarroo-raa

bona fides (n.) jeih-aigney feerid

honest intentions (npl.) jeih-aigney feerid

reality (n.) feerid, rieughid, rieught

veraciousness (n.) firrinys, feerid, firriney

veracity (n.) feerid, firriney, firrinys

authenticity (n.) barrantoilid; feerid; firrinys; rieughid

perfection (n.) feerid, slaneid, slanejeantys; foays

simplicity (n.) aashaght, feerid, lag-hushtey, macainys, meecheeayl, meecheeayll, meehushtey, neuchialgys, onid, ônid, thootid, mee-hushtey

truth (n.) feerid, firrin, jerriuid, ynrickys; feer; firrinys: Truth is great and will prevail - Ta firrinys mooar as gowee eh niart. JJK idiom; firriney; irriney: Are you telling me the truth? - Vel shiuish g'insh dou yn irriney? JJK idiom


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