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feeackle (=Ir., Sc.G. fiacail) (f.) See feeackyl pl. feeacklyn 1 cog, dovetail, ivory, jag, sprocket, tine, tooth, tusk a: Brishey son brishey, sooill son sooill, feeackle son feeackle Bible; 2 (of anchor) fluke [O.Ir. fĂ­acail]

Inexact matches:

askaid feeackle (f.) gumboil

bossan feeackle dog violet, violet

feeackle chab (f.) foretooth

feeackle cheeilley (f.) cheektooth, jawtooth

feeackle dhone (f.) rest harrow

feeackle foalsey (f.) false tooth

feeackle hoshee (f.) foretooth

feeackle saaue (f.) sawtooth

feeackle yiole (f.) milk tooth

glass feeackle lockjaw

glenneyder feeackle dentifrice

gyn feeackle anodont, toothless

loauid feeackle dental caries

poodyr feeackle tooth powder

skeaban feeackle toothbrush

sooslagh feeackle toothpaste

cur feeackle er joggle

feeackle cheu chooylloo (f.) molar, molar tooth

feeackle cheu veealloo (f.) front tooth, incisor

feeackle daa vaare (f.) bicuspid

foretooth (n.) feeackle chab, feeackle hoshee

cog (v.) chionney; jannoo maclioar follit; (n.) feeackle: It slipped a cog - Ren eh skyrraghtyn harrish feeackle. DF idiom

tooth (n.) feeackle, feeackyl: I had a tooth out - Va feeackle tayrnit assym. DF idiom; (v.) cur kere er, greimmey

kass foot: Sooill son sooill, feeackle son feeackle, laue son laue, kass son kass Bible

anodont gyn feeackle; neueeacklagh

bicuspid (n.) feeackle daa vaare

cheektooth (n.) feeackle cheeilley

dental caries (npl.) loauid feeackle

dentifrice (n.) glenneyder feeackle

dog violet (n.) bossan feeackle

false tooth (n.) feeackle foalsey

fluke2 (n.) (of anchor) feeackle, frook

jawtooth (n.) feeackle cheeilley

lockjaw (n.) glass feeackle

milk tooth (n.) feeackle yiole

sawtooth (n.) feeackle saaue

sprocket (n.) feeackle; queeyl eeacklagh

tine (n.) feeackle

toothbrush (n.) skeaban feeackle

toothless (adj.) gyn feeackle

toothpaste (n.) sooslagh feeackle

tooth powder (n.) poodyr feeackle

tusk (n.) feeackle, tusk

dovetail (n.) feeackle; (n.) jeddylt; (v.) lhie ry-cheilley

front tooth (n.) feeackle cheu veealloo

gumboil (n.) askaid druntagh, askaid feeackle

incisor (n.) claare-eeackle, feeackle cheu veealloo

jag (v.) cur agg ayn; (n.) feeackle

molar tooth (n.) feeackle cheu chooylloo

rest harrow (n.) camraasagh, feeackle dhone

ivory (n.) feeackle, iuaagagh, ogher pianney, ivory

joggle (v.) cur feeackle er, cur sonk beg da

molar bleihder; bleihderagh; feeackle cheu chooylloo

violet (n.) blaa villish, bossan feeackle, lus y chree

sooslagh batter; soup; paste: Sooslagh-feeackle MasJ

assym out of me: Va feeackle tayrnit assym. DF

ass ynnyd misplaced, out of place, out of joint: Dy hreishteil ayns dooinney neufirrinagh dy heaghyn, te myr feeackle brisht, as cass ass ynnyd. Bible

heaghyn (dy) of trouble: Dy hreishteil ayns dooinney neu-firrinagh ayns earish dy heaghyn, te myr feeackle brisht, as cass ass ynnyd. Bible

hreishteil (dy); (to) trust: Dy hreishteil ayns dooinney neu-firrinagh ayns earish dy heaghyn, te myr feeackle brisht, as cass ass ynnyd. Bible

neufirrinagh affected, fictitious, insincere, perfidious, unfaithful, untrue, untruthful: Dy hreishteil ayns dooinney ta neu-firrinagh ayns earish dy heaghyn, te myr feeackle brisht as cass ass ynnyd. EF


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