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feddan jaagh flue, flue pipe

feddan (=Ir. feadán) 1 aqueduct, channel, duct, pipe, sleeve, sleeving, tube, tubing, vessel; 2 pl. feddanyn chanter, fife, flute, whistle a: Cur-jee moylley da er ny greïnyn strengit as y feddan Bible; 3 (of gun) barrel

Inexact matches:

ayns feddan sleeved

feddan aer air-passage

feddan ardjey pitch pipe

feddan argid delivery tube

feddan bingys pitch pipe

feddan caabyl hawser pipe

feddan carbreydeyr choke tube

feddan coirrey boil tube

feddan doo ink-feed

feddan folley blood vessel

feddan follym hollow tube

feddan fuygh wooden whistle

feddan gear sharp whistle

feddan geayee air-duct

feddan geayil coal shoot

feddan glonney bugles

feddan kiaull music pipe

feddan kiaullee tin whistle

feddan lhoobagh coil, coiled tube

feddan loayrtys speaking tube

feddan meainey ore shoot

feddan millish fipple flute: Kiaull y chassey ass y feddan millish. DF; (musical instr.) recorder

feddan ooh oviduct

feddan organe organ pipe

feddan sheelee drainage tube

feddan shuinagh rush pipe

feddan sigar cigar-holder

feddan stainnagh tin whistle

feddan stainney flageolet

feddan stiagh lead in tube

feddan tombaacey twist of tobacco

feddan torpaid torpedo tube

feddan tudjeen cigarette holder

giarrey feddan vasectomy

cloie er feddan pipe

coirrey feddan jeeragh direct tube boiler

cur feddan ayn tube

feddan millish bass bass recorder

feddan millish soprano soprano recorder

feddan millish tenor tenor recorder

pitch pipe (n.) feddan ardjey, feddan bingys

tin whistle (n.) feddan kiaullee; feddan stainnagh

tube (n.) choob, feddan, pioban; (v.) cur feddan ayn; (n.) raad yiarn fo-halloo, traen fo-halloo

air-duct (n.) feddan geayee

barrel4 (n.) (of gun) feddan

boil tube (n.) feddan coirrey

chanter (n.) caayneyder, feddan

choke tube (n.) feddan carbreydeyr

cigarette holder (n.) feddan tudjeen

cigar-holder (n.) feddan sigar

coal shoot (n.) feddan geayil

coiled tube (n.) feddan lhoobagh

delivery tube (n.) feddan argid

drainage tube (n.) feddan sheelee

duct (n.) duct, feddan, pioban

fife (n.) feddan

fipple flute (n.) feddan millish

flageolet (n.) feddan stainney

flue pipe (n.) feddan jaagh

hawser pipe (n.) feddan caabyl

hollow tube (n.) feddan follym

ink-feed (n.) feddan doo

music pipe (n.) feddan kiaull

ore shoot (n.) feddan meainey

organ pipe (n.) feddan organe

oviduct (n.) feddan ooh

pipe1 (n.) cuishley, feddan, pioban; piob: I am lighting my pipe - Ta mee jiargaghey my phiob. DF idiom; (v.) cloie er feddan

recorder2 (n.) (musical instrument) feddan millish

rush pipe (n.) feddan shuinagh

sharp whistle (n.) feddan gear

sleeve (n.) feddan; muinneel

sleeved (adj.) ayns feddan; muinneelit

sleeving (n.) feddan; muinneel

speaking tube (n.) feddan loayrtys

torpedo tube (n.) feddan torpaid

tubing (n.) feddan; (npl.) feddanyn

vessel (n.) feddan; lhong, saagh

whistle (n.) feddan; (v.) feddanagh

wooden whistle (n.) feddan fuygh

gyn vioys lifeless: As eer reddyn gyn vioys ta jannoo feiyr, edyr ad ve feddan ny claasagh, mannagh bee caghlaa ayns y vingys, quoi oddys toiggal cre ta cloie er y feddan ny'n chlaasagh? Bible

air-passage (n.) feddan aer; turrys aer

bass recorder (n.) feddan millish bass

bugles (npl.) feddanyn glonney, feddan glonney

lead in tube (n.) feddan stiagh

soprano recorder (n.) feddan millish soprano

tenor recorder (n.) feddan millish tenor

twist of tobacco (n.) feddan tombaacey

willow whistle (n.) feddan-foiee

feddan-foiee willow whistle

aqueduct (n.) ammyr ushtey, droghad ushtey, feddan

blood vessel (n.) cuisle, feddan folley, fuilleydane

direct tube boiler (n.) coirrey feddan jeeragh

flue (n.) beeal, feddan jaagh, towl jaagh

Manx Music for Whistle (n.) Kiaull Vannin son Feddan

vasectomy (n.) giarrey cuishley-sheel, giarrey feddan, sheel-yiarrey

flute1 (v.) cur cuishlaghyn ayn, cur maireenyn ayn; (n.) feddan, maireen

channel (n.) ammyr: It was a Manxman who discovered the channel to Liverpool - She Manninagh ren feddyn magh yn ammyr gys Lerphul. DF idiom; barrey; bollagh; clash; clasheen; feddan; keyllys; piob; (v.) giarrey clasheen; giarrey saaue

coil beishteig; caslag: Inductance coil - Caslag indughtysh. DF idiom; caslagh: Ignition coil - Caslagh lossee. DF idiom; feddan lhoobagh; lhoob; lhoobey

cronnaneagh babbling, buzzing: Ta un feddan rooyrtyssagh jeant oc hannah oddagh fer cloie fegooish yn volg as y phiob cronnaneagh. Carn; voiced

dulcimer dulcimer: trumpet, feddan, claasagh, sackbut, psalteree, dulcimer, as dy chooilley cheint dy chiaulleeaght Bible

funnyl funnel: lurg tammylt choud's lhie mee my chadley cheayll mee ec mean oie screeaghyn giarey cheet veih'n feddan bree er y funnyl. Dhoor

lunjeaney sway, swaying, swing, swinging, wobble, wobbling: Veih'n thie stiuree dys y funnyl lunjeaney choud's v'eh goll, as feddan sheeaney lesh gagh lunjean. Dhoor

phiob (yn); (the) pipe: Ta un feddan rooyrtyssagh jeant oc hannah oddagh fer cloie fegooish yn volg as y phiob cronnaneagh. Carn

psalteree (pl -yn) psaltery: traa erbee dy glinnys shiu feiyr y trumpet, feddan, claasagh, sackbut, psalteree, dulcimer Bible

rooyrtyssagh practice: Ta un feddan rooyrtyssagh jeant oc hannah oddagh fer cloie fegooish yn volg as y phiob cronnaneagh. Carn

sackbut sackbut: traa erbee dy glinnys shiu feiyr y trumpet, feddan, claasagh, sackbut, psalteree, dulcimer Bible

traastit pressed, squeezed: Wahl, va'n stoo traastit ayns feddan mooar, aghterbee as reagh ad shoh y lhiggey ayns magher va rish Bircham Avenue ayns Rhumsaa. DF

viol (=Ir. fidil) (yn); (the) viol, violin: As tan chlaasagh as y viol, yn tabret as y feddan, as feeyn, ayns nyn guirraghyn Bible

perform (v.) cloie: To perform on a flute - Dy chloie er feddan-kiaullee. DF idiom; jannoo; cooilleeney: That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform - Shen ny ter ngholl magh ass dty veillyn nee oo freayll as cooilleeney Bible


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