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feaynid (f.) abyss, desert, empty place, expanse, expansiveness, extent, space, vagueness, wild: T'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar, as t'eh cummal seose yn seihll er y folmid Bible

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feaynid mooar cosmos, outer space

feaynid vooar (f.) empty place: t'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

empty place (n.) feaynid; feaynid vooar: He stretcheth out the north over the empty place - Teh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

cosmos (n.) dowan, feaynid mooar

expanse (n.) feaynid; feaynys

outer space (n.) feaynid mooar

space1 (n.) barney, space, tammylt, thammylt; (v.) scarrey veih my cheilley; spoar; feaynid: Intergalactic space - Yn feaynid mooar. DF idiom; reamys: We haven't much space - Cha nel monney reaymys ain. DF idiom

abyss (n.) charvaal; diunid gyn-grunt; feaynid

expansiveness (n.) feaynid; feaynys; focklaght; lheead

vagueness (n.) feaynid, feaynys, neuchronnalys, neuvaghtallys

extent (n.) feaynid; feaynys; lheanid; mooarid; rheamyssaght; roshtynys

desert1 (n.) caitnys; eaynagh; faasagh: and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer - as ren eh bagheysyn aasagh, as haink eh dy ve ny hideyr Bible; feaynid; fadaneys; ynnyd faase; toilchinys, toilchin; (v.) treigeil; (v.) neuhaaghey; (adj.) eaynnee; faasoil; toilliu

wild1 faasagh; fadane: though man be born like a wild ass's colt - ga dy vel eh er ny ruggey myr lhiy yn assyl fadane Bible; feaynid; jeh chash; reeastane; feie; feïee: And he will be a wild man - Bee eh ny ghooinney feïee Bible; feïe: I will also send wild beasts among you - Neem marish shoh cur beishtyn feïe ny-vud eu Bible


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