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feagh at rest, calm, composed, docile, patient, restful, still: Bee-jee feagh eisht Bible; piano, quiet; sedate

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Boayl Feagh Quiet Place

Crink Feagh Quiet Hills

dy feagh silently: Lhig da'n ven gynsaghey dy feagh lesh slane biallys. Bible; on the q.t

feer feagh pianissimo, very quiet: Va'n chooish er ny freayll feer feagh, as va yn ven voght er ny coyrt ersooyl ayns y thie-baanrit. Dhoor

imbagh feagh slack season

jannoo feagh quiet: liorish sho ta fyss ain gy vell shuin d'yn iyrriny: as gy vod meid nan griaghyn y ianu faeagh kiangoyrt rish-syn. PB1610

lieh feagh mezzo-piano, mezzo piano

slane feagh quietly

gearey dy feagh chuckle

quiet beg, fast, fastagh, fea, feaee, meen; feagh: Be quiet - Bee feagh. JJK idiom; feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, tostaghey, coyrt dy fea, jannoo feagh; (intj) ass dty aash

quietly (adv.) dy kiune; ass dty aash; slane feagh: Go in quite quietly - Immee stiagh slane feagh. JJK idiom

chuckle gearey dy feagh

composed feagh; kiune; sheeoil

docile (adj.) biallagh, feagh

mezzo piano (adj., adv.) lieh feagh

mezzo-piano lieh feagh

Quiet Hills (npl.) Crink Feagh

Quiet Place (n.) Boayl Feagh

restful (adj.) feagh; lane fea

slack season (n.) imbagh feagh

very quiet feer feagh

on the q.t dy feagh

pianissimo feer feagh; feer vog

sedate (v.) kiunaghey; (adj.) staydoil; soccaragh, meeley, meein, kiune, feagh, meiygh

silently (adv.) dy feagh, dy kiunagh, dy tost, dy tostagh; gyn fockle y ghra

at rest (adj.) feagh; ec fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; scuirrit: The boat is at rest - Ta'n baatey scuirrit. DF idiom

calm feagh; kiune, kuine: Let us be calm - Lhig dooin ve kiune. JJK idiom; (v.) kiunaghey, kiuney

honesty (n.) jeerid, onnerid; lus luna; ynrickys: a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty - bea feagh as sheeoil ayns dy chooilley chraueeaght as ynrickys Bible

patient fuillaghtagh, fullynagh; meen, feagh; surransagh: If you will only be patient - My vees oo agh surransagh. DF idiom The patient is sinking - Ta'n surransagh goll sheese y lhargagh. DF idiom

piano (adj.) feagh; (n.) pianney: The piano is out of tune - Ta'n pianney ass chioon. DF idiom; piano: I'll practise on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom

still1 choud's shoh; foastagh, kinjagh; feagh, kiune, neuvio; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; goni; (v.) cur fea er; foast: I am still to the fore - Ta mee er mayrn foast. DF idiom

chombaase compassed: As chombaase ad eh stiagh, as lhie ad farkiagh dy feagh er e hon fud-ny-hoie ec giat yn ard-valley Bible

fasteeyn resting places: As nee my phobble cummal ayns ynnyd sheeoil, as ayns cummallyn sauchey, as ayns fasteeyn feagh Bible

Irree Seose Reesht (f.) Resurrection: Freill mee veih pooar as goanlys y Drogh-spyrryd, giall dou cadley feagh, baase bannee as irree seose reesht gerjoilagh, son graih Yeesey Creest. CS

son graih Yeesey Creest for Jesus Christ's love: Freill mee veih pooar as goanlys y Drogh-spyrryd, giall dou cadley feagh, baase bannee as irree seose reesht gerjoilagh, son graih Yeesey Creest. CS

subjection (n.) deyrsnys; injillaght; injilley; injillid; fo bondiaght: and brought them into subjection for servants - as dy gholl fo bondiaght son sharvaantyn Bible; biallys: Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection - Lhig dan ven gynsaghey dy feagh lesh slane biallys Bible; smaght: having his children in subjection with all gravity - as e chloan fo smaght lesh slane sheeltys Bible


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