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fea (=Ir. fèath) quiet; rest: as ghow eh fea er y chiaghtoo laa veih ooilley e obbyr v'eh er chroo. Bible; quietness, stillness

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Boayl Fea Place of Rest

ec fea resting: Shohn raad veem ec fea, son dy bragh Bible; at rest

fea drommey bedrest

fea fastagh quiet and easy

goaill fea quiet, quieten, rest, take it easy: Ta my hooill shilley gyn scuirr, ny goaill fea Bible

gow fea take rest: Gow fea, O gheay-jiass, agh dooisht, O gheay-twoaie Bible

goym fea I will cease: Ga dy vel shiu er n'yannoo shoh, ny-yeih bee cooilleeney aym's erriu, as eisht goym fea. Bible

gyn fea unrelaxing

jannoo fea rest: as gha ren ayd fee y goyl la na yi, gra, kasserick, kasserick, kasserick, hiarn jih ully gniartuoil, va, as ta, as ta ra hiit. PB1610

lane fea restful: Cur-jee my-ner lesh nyn sooillyn, kys nagh vel mee er ghoaill mooarane deinys, as ta mee er gheddyn dou hene lane fea. Apoc

ynnyd fea resting place: nee yn phynodderee gyllagh da e heshey; nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen, as ynnyd fea y gheddyn er e son hene. Bible

coyrt dy fea quiet: gy vod e leidg y ghoyrliy, imbi as gyrjaghy anmy y goyl, as gy bii ghunscians er na hoyrt gy fee riist, as gy vod e liorish shyrvees gu iih gyrjaghy y goyl PB1610

cur fea er settle, still

fea ny merriu requiem

Lhig fea dou (intj) Leave me alone: scuirr eisht voym, as lhig fea dou dy voddym tammylt dy gherjagh y gheddin Bible

rest aash: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; aashagh: It's at rest now - T'eh aashagh nish. DF idiom; cagh elley; (yn) chooid elley; cur aash da; fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; fieau: Let's rest here a while - Lhig dooin fieau ayns shoh rish tammylt. DF idiom; goaill fea, jannoo fea; scuirr: The waves never rest - Cha nel ny tonnyn rieau scuirr. DF idiom; taggey; (to); (dy) hannaghtyn

quiet beg, fast, fastagh, fea, feaee, meen; feagh: Be quiet - Bee feagh. JJK idiom; feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, tostaghey, coyrt dy fea, jannoo feagh; (intj) ass dty aash

repose fea: In order to procure repose for others, he sacrificed his own - Dy voddagh eh geddyn fea da feallagh elley, ren eh cur seose yn fea echey hene. JJK idiom; gow saveenys; lhie; saveenys; soiaghey; soit er

at rest (adj.) feagh; ec fea: She is at rest now - T'ee ec fea nish. DF idiom; scuirrit: The boat is at rest - Ta'n baatey scuirrit. DF idiom

bedrest (n.) fea drommey

in order to dys; gys; dy voddagh: In order to procure repose for others, he sacrificed his own - Dy voddagh eh geddyn fea da feallagh elley, ren eh cur seose yn fea echey hene. JJK idiom

I will cease goym fea: yet will I be avenged of you, and after that I will cease - ny-yeih bee cooilleeney ayms erriu, as eisht goym fea Bible

quietness (n.) aashaght, fea, tostid

requiem (n.) fea ny merriu

restful (adj.) feagh; lane fea

stillness (n.) fea, kiuney, kiunid

take rest (v.) gow fea

Place of Rest (n.) Boayl Fea

quiet and easy fea fastagh

resting place (n.) soie, ynnyd fea

take it easy (v.) goaill fea

kiune (=Ir. ciúin) See kuine calm, composed, flat, pacific, quiescent, sedate, serene, still, tranquil, unruffled: As dirree eh, as smaghtee eh yn gheay, as dooyrt eh rish y faarkey, Gow fea, bee kiune: as ghow yn gheay fea, as va kiuney vooar ayn. Bible; Halcyon days

resting (v.) ec fea; goaill aash; scuirrit

quieten (v.) cur aash er, cur ny host, feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, kuinaghey, tostaghey

unrelaxing gyn aash; gyn fea; gyn lhaggaghey; gyn scuirr

disquiet anaashagh; anvea: that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon - son fea y choyrt dan cheer, agh anvea da Bible; imnea; neuaash

Leave me alone (intj) Lhig lhiam, Lhig fea dou, Faag void mee, Ny cur eie orrym

still1 choud's shoh; foastagh, kinjagh; feagh, kiune, neuvio; (ny) yei shen as ooilley; goni; (v.) cur fea er; foast: I am still to the fore - Ta mee er mayrn foast. DF idiom

aash (=Ir. fois) (f.) break, easement, rest; ease: bee eh ec aash as ec fea Bible; assuagement

amneenyn souls: son ta mee meen as imlee ayns cree: as yiow shiu fea da nyn amneenyn Bible

anmagh belated, late, overdue, tardy, unpunctual: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea Bible

couyr (f.) pl. couyryn assistance, cure, help, relief, remedy: myr shen va Saul er ny ooraghey, as hooar eh couyr, as va fea echey Bible; redress, resort, resource

cuishlinyn temples: Cha der-ym cadley da my hooillyn, ny saveenagh da ferrooghyn my hooill: ny cuishlinyn my ching dy ghoaill veg y fea Bible

doayrn fist: Ny share ta lane doayrn lesh fea, na daa lane doayrn lesh tooilleil as seaghney cree. Bible

eiystyr (=Ir. adhastar) halter, horse collar, lunge, tether, tie for animal: ''Ghonnag," y veeataig dyn nearey myr t'ou, gow stiagh dys dty eiystyr, as gow fea. Coraa

er e cheeayll sane; on his mind: Jymmoose as troo, seaghyn as anvea, aggle y vaaish, as corree, as streeu, as ayns traa ny fea er e lhiabbee, ta e chadley-oie cur shaghrynys er e cheeayll. Apoc

etlin I would fly: As dooyrt mee, O dy beagh aym skianyn myr t'ec calmane: son eisht etlin ersooyl, as veïgn ec fea. Bible

fast quiet: Son tra va dy chooilley nhee ayns fea as fast Apoc; silence

gyn scuirr ceaseless, continuous, endless, everlasting, everlastingly, non-stop, perpetual, uninterrupted, unrelaxing, unremitting, untiring, unwearying: Ta my hooill shilley gyn scuirr, ny goaill fea Bible

gyn treisht forlorn: dy roostey jeh dagh fea ny h-eebyrtee 's dy reayll ad ayns anvea, torchagh as pian, gyn gerjagh laa ny oie, as gyn treishteil livrey y gheddyn choiee. PC

kiuney (f.) calm, calmness, hush, lull, quietude, serenity, stillness: ghow ad fea, as va kiuney ayn. Bible

kiuney vooar (f.) dead calm: ghow yn gheay fea, as va kiuney vooar ayn. Bible

kuine calm: 9 T'eh cur er y sterrym dy ve kuine: myr shen dy vel ny tonnyn goaill fea. Bible

lane thie houseful, house full: Ny share ta greme chirrym (dy arran) as fea lesh, na lane thie dy yien mie, lesh anvea. Bible

lhiggey rish disclose, discover: Chroym eh gys ainle jeu va mygeayrt-y-mysh as ren eh 'roon myr shoh y lhiggey rish: "O vraar gloyroil, kys oddys uss v'ec fea fo errey'n leigh dewil chie er cur dooin jea? PC

ooridagh refreshment: Va ooridagh as caa dy hoie sheese as cur fea da cassyn skee ny gerjagh yindyssagh ! Coraa

raahoil flourishing: Va mish Nebuchadnezzar ec fea ayns my hie, as raahoil ayns my phlaase Bible; auspicious wind

rouail mygeayrt (dy); (to) moon about, wander: Shoh myr bynney lhieu dy rouail mygeayrt, cha gow ny cassyn oc fea Bible

Shoh slaynt (intj) Cheers; Here's health: Shoh slaynt as shee: dy bishee Jee E vannaghtyn dagh laa, As cur diu fea ayns eash dy vea, Lesh maynrys son dy bra'. Coraa

sonnish (f.) whisper; susurrate; inkling; still: Sonnish veign my lhie ec my aash; dy kuine veign my chadley ayns shee as ec fea, 4 Marish reeaghyn as mooaralee yn thallooin, hrog lhiaghtyn daue hene ayns y Bible

tutler chatterbox, chatterer, gossip, talebearer, tattler: myr shen raad nagh vel tutler, ta streeu goaill fea Bible; prattler

veïgn I would be: O dy beagh aym skianyn myr tec calmane: son eisht etlin ersooyl, as veïgn ec fea. Bible

settle cur fea er; kiartaghey; lhie; soiaghey: But I will settle him in mine house - Agh neems eshyn y hoiaghey ayns my hie Bible; soie sheese; gow toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl, goaill toshiaght dy chummal ayns boayl; jean ynnyd-vaghee, jannoo ynnyd-vaghee; cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee, cur er bun ynnyd-vaghee; (impv) kiare-jee: Settle it therefore in your hearts - Kiare-jee eh er-y-fa shen ayns nyn gree Bible

lhiaghtyn beds: Hed eshyn roish ayns shee: bee ad ec fea ayns nyn lhiaghtyn Bible; couches; rests: son cheu-mooie ayns voalleyn thie ren eh lhiaghtyn coon ooilley mygeayrt Bible; sepulchres: d'oanluck ad eh ayns ard-valley Ghavid: agh cha nee ayns ny lhiaghtyn reeoil. Bible

shen myr t'eh it is so, that's how it is: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea, as gee yn arran dy imnea: son shen myr t'eh coyrt cadley dauesyn shinney lesh. Bible


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