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father (n.) ayr: Don't marry an heiress unless her father has been hanged - Ny poose eirey-inneen ny slooid ny ta'n ayr eck er ve croghit. JJK idiom; dada, da; jishig; shennayr; (v.) croo, gientyn lhiannoo, kiaddey

Inexact matches:

Father Christmas (n.) Jishag y Nollick

Father everlasting (n.) Ayr dy bragh farraghtyn

father figure (n.) ayr

God the Father (n.) Jee yn Ayr

of a father (gen.) ayrey

our heavenly Father (n.) nyn Ayr t'ayns Niau

ayr (=O.Ir. athir, Ir., Sc.G. athair) (n.) pl. ayraghyn 1 father, father figure, generator a: bee uss ayr ymmodee ashoonyn Bible; 2 padre; 3 mover, creeper a See aernieu [L. pater]

Lord God2 (n.) (The); (Yn) Chiarn Jee: the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David - ver y Chiarn Jee dasyn stoyl-reeoil throne of his father David Bible

gientyn lhiannoo (v.) father

ease aash: And among these nations shalt thou find no ease - As mastey ny ashoonyn shoh, cha vow veg yn aash Bible; soccar, soccoilid; (v.) boggaghey, cur aash er, eddrymaghey, feaysley er, jannoo aashagh, seyrey; lhaggee: Ease somewhat the yoke that thy father did put upon us? - Lhaggee yn whing hug dty ayr orrin? Bible; lhaggaghey: ease thou somewhat the grievous servitude of thy father - jean uss red ennagh y lhaggaghey jeh bondiaght dewil dtayrey Bible

father-figure (n.) far-ayr

father-in-law (n.) ayr 'sy leigh

foster-father (n.) ayr doltee; gedjey

ayr doltee foster-father

far-ayr father-figure

Jishag y Nollick Father Christmas

ayrey (gen.) of a father: dy arkiaght son gialdyn yn Ayrey Bible

gedjey pl. gedjaghyn foster-father, godfather, godparent, guardian, sponsor

affected foalsey; neufirrinagh; neuynrick; gleashit: My father was deeply affected - Va m'ayr gleashit dy-dowin. JJK idiom

deeply (adv.) dowin; dy dowin: My father was deeply affected - Va m'ayr gleashit dy-dowin. JJK idiom; dy trome: My mother was deeply affected by it - Va my voir gleashit dy trome liorish. DF idiom

done away (v.) callit: Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family - Cren faveagh ennym yn ayr ain callit mastey e chynney Bible; lheie ersooyl; coyrt naardey

for evermore son dy bragh: The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is blessed for evermore - Ec Jee as Ayr nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, ta bannit son dy bragh Bible; son dy bragh as dy bragh

fortnight (n.) kegeesh: I shall hear from my father in a fortnight or so - Cluinnym voish m'ayr cheusthie jeh kegeesh ny myr shen. JJK idiom

grown aasit; er n'aase: Your father has grown very thin - Ta'n ayr eu er n'aase feer shang. JJK idiom

hanged (v.) croghit: Don't marry an heiress unless her father has been hanged - Ny poose eirey-inneen ny slooid ny ta'n ayr eck er ve croghit. JJK idiom; chrogh; hrogh

household (n.) chaaghlagh, mooinjer thielagh, thieys; lught thie: And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father's household - As ren Joseph magh e ayr, as e vraaraghyn, as ooilley lught-thie e ayrey Bible

I love shynney lhiam: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom; Ta mee graihagh er: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom

I will commune loayr-ym: I will commune with my father of thee - loayr-ym rish mayr my-dty-chione Bible

Jewry (n.) (Ny) Hewnyn; Jewry: whom the king my father brought out of Jewry - hug y ree my ayr lesh veih Jewry Bible

sad (adj.) anghennal, neuvaynrey, seiyjagh; trimshagh: My father is sad - Ta m'ayr trimshagh. JJK idiom

sitting1 (ny) hoie, soie: Your father was sitting before his house when I saw him - Va dt'ayr ny hoie kiongoyrt rish e hie tra honnick mee eh. JJK idiom; nyn soie

stand beside shassoo lesh: And I will go out and stand beside my father - As hems magh as shassym liorish my ayr Bible; shassoo ry-lhiattee

thin5 (adj.) (in build) feiosagh; shang: Your father has grown very thin - Ta'n ayr eu er n'aase feer shang. JJK idiom; thanney

too old ro henn: Your father is too old for so great an undertaking - Ta'n ayr eu ro henn dy ghoaill er lheid y ventyr mooar. JJK idiom

undertaking1 (n.) ventyr: Your father is too old for so great an undertaking - Ta'n ayr eu ro henn dy ghoaill er lheid y ventyr mooar. JJK idiom

watch1 arrey, coadey; dooshtey; freayll arrey; freayll arrey er; gardey; jeeaghyn; lught farrar; ooreyder: His father is going to give him a gold watch - Ver e ayr da ooreyder airhey. JJK idiom; peeikearagh; shassoo arrey; sheygin; watch

Ayr dy bragh farraghtyn Father everlasting: Ta ooilley yn seihll cur ooashley dhyts; yn Ayr dy bragh farraghtyn. PB1765

ayr 'sy leigh father-in-law: haink Jethro, ayr 'sy leigh Voses Bible

croo 1 (n.) pl. crooghyn form, format, shape; 2 (n.) (of moon) phase; 3 (v.) build, coining, create, father, invent a: Croo aynym cree glen, O Yee: Bible; 4 (n.) appearance; 5 coinage; 6 creation

dada father: Aghterbee, ta leshtal mie aym nish dy chur fys hiu dy vel Dada nish Daa, as Mama nish Maa, my Haney as my Warree myr jir Juan dy gerrid. Dhoor

Jee yn Ayr God the Father: Grayse, myghin, as shee veih Jee yn Ayr Bible

jishig father, pappa: ren yn jishig echey as jishig e charrey Chris reaghey ceau fastyr Jedoonee ennagh syn Niarbyl, as v'ad ooilley son goll ayns gleashtan mooar jishig Chris. GB

kiaddey 1 design, fashion, father, formation, model, shape, structure; 2 (v.) form, coining, designing, modelling a: kiaddey spyrryd dooinney cheu-sthie jeh Bible; 3 coinage

nyn Ayr t'ayns Niau our heavenly Father: Dy vod shiu ve cloan nyn Ayr tayns niau, son teshyn cur er e ghrian girree er mie as sie Bible

shennayr pl. shennayryn, shennayraghyn ancestor, ascendant, father, forebear, forefather, grandfather, grandparent, progenitor: da hug yn shenn-ayr Abraham hene yn jaghee jeh'n spooilley Bible

arise (v.) troggal: If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams - My nee phadeyr [foalsey] ny branlaader ashlishyn troggal ny mast' eu Bible; irrys: when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? - cuin irrys, oo ass dty chadley? Bible; girree: Let my father arise - Lhig da mayr girree Bible; (impv) trog ort: Arise, walk through the land - Trog ort, shooyll trooid y cheer Bible; trog-jee: arise, go again unto the man -trog-jee erriu, gow-jee reesht gys y dooinney Bible; irree: Arise, be gone - Irree, as immee royd Bible

bring down cur lesh sheese: thy servants shall bring down the gray hairs of thy servant - ver dty harvaantyn lhieu sheese kione lheeah dty harvaant Bible; cur lesh neose: and ye shall haste and bring down my father hither - as ver shiu lhieu neose my ayr gys shoh Bible

cannot cha nod: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; cha vod: He who doesn't respect his father cannot be a good man - Eshyn nagh vel cur arrym da e ayr, cha vod eh ve ny ghooinney mie. JJK idiom

duty1 (n.) cair, curmal, jiootee, keesh, obbyr, tailley, feeaghyn; currym: She'll be happy, as long as she does her duty - Bee ee maynrey, choud's t'ee jannoo e currym. JJK idiom; curryms: It's my duty to show that to your father - She my churryms eh jeeaghyn shen da dt'ayr. JJK idiom

even so (adv.) myr shen hene; eer myr shen: Even so would he have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place - Eer myr shen veagh eh er scughey uss: ass y chennid gys reamys Bible; eer myr shoh: and do even so to Mordecai the Jew - as jean eer myr shoh rish Mordecai yn Ew Bible; er yn aght cheddin: Even so it is not the will of your Father - Er yn aght cheddin, cha nee aigney nyn Ayr Bible

Get thee to (impv) Fow royd: get thee to the prophets of thy father - fow royd gys phadeyryn dtayrey Bible; Cosne uss: Get thee to Anathoth - Cosne uss gys Anathoth Bible; Immee royd: get thee to thine own house - immee royd gys dty hie hene Bible; Gow royd: get thee to them of the captivity - gow royd hucsyn jehn chappeeys Bible

his (pron) da; echey, echeysyn: His father was a nobleman - She dooinney-ooasle va'n ayr echey. JJK idiom; e: His house is very fine inside - Ta e hie feer stoamey cheusthie. JJK idiom; lesh: It's mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs - T'ee lhiams, lhiats, leshyn, lheeish, lhienyn, lhiuish, lhieusyn. JJK idiom

husbandman (n.) jiulean, labree thallooin; eirinnagh: I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman - Mish y billey-feeyney firrinagh, as my Ayr yn eirinnagh Bible; eirrinagh; eirrinnagh: I am no prophet, I am an husbandman - Cha nee phadeyr mee, she eirrinagh mee Bible; tannys

I will pray goyms padjer: I will pray for you unto the Lord - goyms padjer er nyn son gys y Chiarn Bible; guee-yms: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter - As guee-yms gys yn Ayr, as ver eh hiu Fer-gerjagh elley Bible; guee-ym

love1 (v.) cur graih da, graihaghey; ennoilid, ennoilys; goall, kynn; shynney: Whom do you love most? - Quoi smoo shynney lhiat? JJK idiom; graihagh: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom; graih: My love to your children - My ghraih da ny lhiennoo eu. JJK idiom; shynney lesh: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom

more honourable (comp./sup.) s'ooasley; (ny) s'ooasle: and he was more honourable than all the house of his father - as veh ny sooasle na ooilley thie e ayrey Bible; (ny) sonnoroil: he was more honourable than the two - Veh ny sonnoroil nan jees Bible

of the family jeh'n cheel; jeh sluight: And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of he Danites - As va dooinney dy row ayns Zorah jeh sluight ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh kynney: And there went from thence of the family of the Danites - As hie magh veih shen, ass Zorah as Eshtaol, jeh kynney ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh lught-thie: their inheritance remained in the tribe of the family of their father. - ren yn eiraght tannaghtyn ayns tribe lught-thie nyn ayrey Bible

preserve coadey: Mercy and truth preserve the king - Ta myghin as firrinys coadey yn ree Bible; cosney, freayll, freaylley, lhiassaghey; jannoo soo jeh; freill: preserve my life from fear of the enemy - freill my vioys veih aggle y noid Bible; sauail: for God did send me before you to preserve life - son Jee hug mish reue, dy hauail bioys Bible; (n.) soo; cummal seose: that we may preserve seed of our father - dy vod mayd cummal seose sluight nyn ayrey Bible; (n.) thalloo er lheh

redeemer (n.) feaysleyder; fer kionnee: As for our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his name - Er son y Fer-kionnee ain, tan ennym echey Chiarn ny flaunyssee Bible; saualtagh: O Lord, art our father, our redeemer - O Hiarn, nyn Ayr, nyn Saualtagh Bible

rooted up reuyrit; astyrit ass: and Ekron shall be rooted up - as bee Ekron astyrit ass ny fraueyn Bible; astyrt ass: Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up - Bee dy chooilley villey, nagh vel my Ayr flaunyssagh er hoiaghey, er ny astyrt ass ny fraueyn Bible

da (=Ir. ) 1 for, to a: hug ee keeagh da e mac, derrey v'eh charbaït Bible; 2 his, to him, to it: t'eh geiyrt orroo lesh e ghoan, agh cha vel geill oo da. Bible; 3 father: Aghterbee, ta leshtal mie aym nish dy chur fys hiu dy vel Dada nish Daa, as Mama nish Maa, my Haney as my Warree myr jir Juan dy gerrid.

obbree pl. obbreeyn agent, artisan, employee, factory hand, proletarian; labourer: for the labourer is worthy of his hire - son tan labree toilliu e aill Bible; worker: and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass - va e ayr dooinney jeh Tyre, ny obbree ayns prash Bible; workman, working man: the workman made it - yn obbree ren eh, Bible; performer; potter: ta shinyn y chray, as uss yn obbree Bible; (adj.) practical; (v.) working; worked: as obbree ad seose nyn gliwenyn gys yiarnyn-shesheree, as nyn shleiyghyn gys yiarnyn-foldyragh Bible


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