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fastee pl. fasteeyn cover, covert, harbourage, protection, sanctuary, screen, shelter, succour: ta accrys as feayraght cur er ny beiyn hene shirrey hiu son fastee CS; (place) retreat; tent: As currym mec Ghershon, ayns cabbane y cheshaght, vees y chabbane, as y fastee, yn coodagh echey Bible

Inexact matches:

boayl fastee sheltering place

boayrd fastee shelter deck

cooat fastee top coat

goaill fastee shelter: Shey siyn as feed goaill fastee ayns Baie Ghoolish. DF

gyn fastee exposed, unscreened, unsheltered: Nagh nee dy rheynn dty arran er ny accryssee, as dy der oo lhiat ny ymmyrchee ta gyn fastee gys dty hie? Bible

lhoob fastee casemate

towl fastee dug-out

boayrd cheu fastee leeboard, lee-board

cur fastee da shelter

shelter (v.) aaghtaghey, cur fastee da, goaill fastee, keiltyn; (n.) bwaane; fastee: The boats were anchored in the shelter of Ramsey Bay - Va ny baatyn raadey ayns fastee Vaie Rhumsaa. DF idiom

casemate (n.) lhoob fastee

dug-out (n.) towl fastee

exposed anchoodit; foshlit; gyn coadey; gyn fastee: This is a very exposed place - Ta'n boayl shoh gyn fastee erbee. DF idiom; lhiggit magh; rooisht

leeboard (n.) boayrd cheu fastee

lee-board (n.) boayrd cheu fastee

retreat2 (place) fastee

shelter deck (n.) boayrd fastee

sheltering place (n.) boayl fastee

unsheltered gyn fastee; neufasteeagh

cover coodagh: Under separate cover - Fo coodagh er lheh. DF idiom; moggaid, brat, farkyl, coamree, coodee; breidaghey; gioal; keiltyn: It is only a cover-up - Cha nel eh agh keiltyn. DF idiom; mooinney; poagey screeuee; scaa: Under cover of your wings - Fo scaa dty skianyn. DF idiom; urrysaght; fastee: To break cover - Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF idiom; (v.) coodaghey; (y) choodaghey; cur harrish

harbourage (n.) fastee, keiltynys, lhiabbee akerys

homeless (adj.) gyn thie; fegooish fastee-hie

sanctuary (n.) fastee, kemmyrk, thie sheaynt, ynnyd casherick

screen (n.) fastee, scaa, scape, scaailan; (v.) mynscrutaghey

tent (n.) booage, bwaag, cabbane, fastee, paalan, ynragh, tent

top coat1 (n.) cooat fastee, cooat mooar

covert (n.) aaght, mooinney, fastee; (adj.) follit; gyn yss; keillit; miandagh

hullad-screeagh (f.) screech owl: nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible

anchored akerit; kianglt; (ny) lhie ec acker; raadey: The boats were anchored in the shelter of Ramsey Bay - Va ny baatyn raadey ayns fastee Vaie Rhumsaa. DF idiom; staikit

boats (npl.) baatyn: The boats were anchored in the shelter of Ramsey Bay - Va ny baatyn raadey ayns fastee Vaie Rhumsaa. DF idiom

protection (n.) coadey, fendeilys, kemmyrk; fastee; (adj.) coadee: Fishery protection vessel - Lhong choadee eeasteyraght. DF idiom

screech owl (n.) hullad-screeagh: the screech owl also shall rest there - nee yn hulladscreeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible; hullad rhullickey

unscreened gyn coadey; gyn coodagh; gyn creearey; gyn fastee; gyn scaa; gyn scrutaghey; gyn taishbyney; neucreearit

irree ass abdicate, cry off, emanate, relinquish, resign, resignation, retire: Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF

raadey anchorage, ride; give way: Ren ad raadey da DF; anchored: Va ny baatyn raadey ayns fastee Vaie Rhumsaa DF

screeagh hoot, scream, shriek, squall, yell, yelp: nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen Bible

shellagh (=Ir. saileach) (f.) sallow, willow, withy: ta shellagh ny strooanyn son fastee da Bible; (adj.) proliferous, salivary [L. salix]

skeag (f.) pl. skeagyn haw: ta ynnyd vie noi'n chleiy shid, fo fastee jeh ny drineyn-skeag, bee shen cooie dhyts? Dhoor

ynnyd fea resting place: nee yn phynodderee gyllagh da e heshey; nee yn hullad-screeagh myrgeddin fastee y ghoaill ayns shen, as ynnyd fea y gheddyn er e son hene. Bible

succour commar; commarey; coamrey, cur cooney da; fastee; cooney lesh: when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah - tra haink Syrianee Ghamascus dy chooney lesh Hadadezer ree Zobah Bible; kemmyrk: thou art my succour, haste thee to help me - she uss my chemmyrk; jean siyr dy chooney lhiam Bible; (to); (dy) niartaghey: he is able to succour them that are tempted - t'eh pooaral dy niartaghey lhieusyn ter nyn browal [lesh seaghyn.] Bible

bunneenyn bales: Shimmey'n oie feayr as dorraghey ta mee er n'gholl magh maree gys y soalt yiarn lesh londeyr as bunneenyn dy choonlagh dy hroggal fastee son ny kirree as nyn eaynin, as boteil dy vainney son yn eayn meig. JG


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