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fast1 chionn, shickyr; dain; er hoshiagh, tappee; (v.) trosht, trostey; (adv.) (dy) tappee: I think so, too, the glass is going down fast - Ta mish credjal myrgeddin, ta'n gless tuittym dy-tappee. JJK idiom

fast2 (as time) er hoshiagh

fast quiet: Son tra va dy chooilley nhee ayns fea as fast Apoc; silence

Inexact matches:

fast day (n.) laa trostee

fast dye (n.) daah beayn

fast worker (n.) gaskeydagh

make fast (v.) kiangley

Stand fast (impv) Shass dy chionn

stuck fast chionn

super-fast broadband (n.) boandey lhean ard-vieauid

of a fast troshtee

thick and fast mooin y cheilley

chionn 1 austere, busy, extreme, fast, firm, firmly, hard-pressed, hardy, stiff, strait, stuck fast, taut, tense, tight, tight-fitting a: haink ad chionn orrym Bible; 2 (as penis) erect; 3 inflated; 4 speedy; 5 delicate

daah beayn fast dye

dain fast

laa trostee fast day

hard-and-fast (adj.) soit dy chionn, so-lhoobey, reen

stern-fast (n.) tead jerree

Shass dy chionn (impv) Stand fast

soit dy chionn hard-and-fast

tead jerree stern-fast

boandey lhean ard-vieauid super-fast broadband

so-lhoobey (=Ir. so-lúbtha) bendable, elastic, flexible, hard-and-fast, yielding

er hoshiagh (as time) fast: Ta'n ooreyder aym lieh oor er hoshiagh. DF

gaskeydagh hasty: yn ashoon elgyssagh shen as gaskeydagh Bible; fast worker, hustler

troshtee of a fast: doardee ad laa troshtee Bible

quiet beg, fast, fastagh, fea, feaee, meen; feagh: Be quiet - Bee feagh. JJK idiom; feaghey, goaill fea, kiunaghey, tostaghey, coyrt dy fea, jannoo feagh; (intj) ass dty aash

raining (v.) ceau: It's been raining very fast - Te er ve ceau feer chreoi. JJK idiom

shall hold cummee: My hand shall hold him fast - Cummee my laue eshyn dy-shickyr Bible

silence (v.) cur ny host, tostaghey; (n.) fast, tostaght; tostid: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom

mooin y cheilley thick and fast, upon each other: Ta ny bleeantyn cheet er mooin y cheilley. DF

reen 1 dogged, hard, hard-and-fast, hard-boiled, hardy, rigid, sinewy, stark, stiff, stringy, unyielding a: Ta sheh reen er. DF; 2 (of person) thick-skinned

shickyr ANTONYM neuhickyr certain, confident, definite, fast, firm, fixed, impregnable, positive, secure, stable, steadfast, steady, sure, unflinching, unquestionable, unshaken, unwavering, valid: as lhig dooin ynnyd vaghee shickyr y yannoo dooin hene Bible [M.E. sicker, sikkar]

tappee (=Ir. tapa) allegro, express, fast, hasty, perfunctory, quick, quick-acting, rapid, speedy, swift: ta ny cassyn oc tappee dy gheayrtey fuill Bible

trosht fast: trosht-jee er my hon's, as ny jean-jee gee ny giu son three laa Bible

trostey (=Ir. trosc) pl. trostaghyn abstain from food, fast, fasting: Ta my ghlioonyn annoon lesh trostey Bible

stuck fest; festit; pohllit; lhiantyn: I have stuck unto thy testimonies - Ta mee er lhiantyn gys dty recortyssyn Bible; soit: they ran the ship aground; and the forepart stuck fast, and remained unmoveable - roie ad y lhong er grunt; as van toshiagh eck soit cha shickyr, nagh row ee scughey Bible

kiangley (=Ir. ceangal) 1 pl. kianglaghyn band, bandage, bond; 2 attach, bandaging, belay, bend, bind, bind down, binding, bundle, compress, conclude, connect, constrain, dressing, fasten down, fastening, juncture, link, lock, lock in, locking, make fast, pin, retain, retention, secure, shackle, tether, tie, tie down, tie on, tie up, tying, vinculum a: va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; 3 (building) anchoring; 4 (terms) condition, stipulation; 5 (of poem) envoy; 6 (to trade) article; 7 influence; 8 relationship, involvement; 9 fetter [O.Ir. cenglaid]


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