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fassaghey browse, feed, graze, pasture: ren mee fassaghey yn chioltane Bible; feeding

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fassaghey cadjin commonage

feeding (v.) coaraghey; gee; beiyhaghey; eenulter; fassaghey: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom

commonage (n.) fassaghey cadjin

browse1 faiyragh; fassaghey; tuig; yndyr

graze (v.) fassaghey, gyndyr, pastyral, yndyr; screebey

cattle (n.) beiyn, bielloo; maase: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom; ollagh: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

feed1 beaghey: How do you feed your rabbits? - Kys ta shiu beaghey ny conneeyn eu? JJK idiom; (v.) beeaghey, beiyaghey, ee, faasaghey, faassaghey, fassagh, fassaghey, fassee, scoltey; (n.) bee, foddyr, lhongey, pastyr

pasture (n.) aber, fassaght, pasagh, traaghan; yndyr; pastyr: Green pasture - Pastyr glass. DF idiom; beaghey, fassaghey

sheep (n.) keyrrey: One scabby sheep spoils the whole flock - Ta un cheyrrey screbbagh milley yn slane shioltane. JJK idiom; (npl.) kirree: He was grazing his sheep on the hill - V'eh fassaghey ny kirree echey er y chronk. DF idiom

aber (f.) pl. aberyn pasturage, pasture, range, run: fassaghey ad myr eayin ayns aber aalin. Bible; river mouth; bunker

kione-lajeragh arbitrary, contumacious, headstrong, obdurate, obstinate, persistent, strong-willed: Son ta Israel creoi-wannallagh, myr colbagh kione-lajeragh: nish nee yn Chiarn fassaghey ad myr eayin ayns aber aalin. Bible; unruly


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