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fargagh angry, enraged, furious, indignant, passion, quick-tempered, raging, vexed, wrathful: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible; froward

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blakey fargagh glare

dy fargagh angrily

lane fargagh infuriated

ceau sooill fargagh er (of person) glare

enraged fargagh

quick-tempered (adj.) fargagh

wrathful (adj.) fargagh; fargoil

glare1 ard-sollys; blakey fargagh; gleamey

glare3 (of person) ceau sooill fargagh er

angry1 (adj.) corree, fargagh, fargyssagh, fergagh, jymmoogh, jymmoosagh

furious (adj.) fargagh, fergagh, jiarg-chorree, jymmoosagh, keoie, sonaasagh

indignant (adj.) eulyssagh, fargagh, fergagh, jymmoosagh; er-rouyl; corree, jiarg-chorree

infuriated feer chorree; lane corree; lane fargagh; sproghit

vexed boirit, fargagh, seaghnit, sneihagh, sproghit, gonney, gonnit

angrily (adv.) dy corree, dy fargagh, dy fergagh, lesh corree

bioghey animate, enliven, enlivenment, revive: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible

chengey chooyl-chassee backbiting tongue: ta eddin fargagh cur ny-host yn chengey chooyl-chassee Bible

froward (adj.) frourtagh; condaagagh; camlaagagh; feie; fargagh; nieunagh; roonagh: and with the froward thou shalt learn frowardness - noin roonagh soilshee oo dty roon Bible; frowartagh: for they are a very froward generation - son sheeloghe feer frowartagh ad Bible

passion (n.) cannid finnue, cheh, fargagh, fergagh, irree, mian, ouyl, paish, siyragh; ferg: He was in a passion - Va ferg erskyn insh er. DF idiom

raging burrioogh; dorrinys; er keagh; er ouyl; fargagh; fergagh; freaynagh; freayney; goll cheagh; goll er ouyl; jiarg-chorree; jiarg-eulyssagh; jymmoosagh

er coontey because, by virtue, for the sake of, on account of: Ny bee oo fargagh er coontey ny meechrauee Bible

meansal support financially: My ta ben meansal e dooinney, t'ee fargagh, daaney, as oltooanagh. Apoc

meechair (adj.) unrighteous, unjust: liifree mii o my iih magh as lau yn niau ghraui magh as lau yn duyne mighayr as fargagh gyn chimmy. PB1610; (n.) iniquity


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