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fardalagh 1 vain thing; 2 small thing a: Ta mee geearree un aghin fardalagh ort Bible; 3 vanity; 4 pompous

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feer fardalagh very little

small thing fardalagh

vain thing (n.) fardalagh

pompous (adj.) staydoil; staydoilagh, fardalagh, cronnallagh, moyrnagh

very little beggan beg; feer veg; feer fardalagh

kuse (f.) portion, quantity, some: kuse fardalagh dy eeastyn beggey Bible

nagh nee (interrog.) isn't: nagh nee balley fardalagh eh Bible

vanity (n.) corvian, fardalagh, fardailys, fardalys, mooaralaght, mooaralys; fardail: All is vanity - Ta dagh ooilley nhee fardail. DF idiom

earroo (=Ir. áireamh) pl. earrooyn (of things) census; figure, foliation, number, statistics, sum, tell: Va balley-beg as earroo fardalagh dy gheiney ayn Bible

goan (=Ir. gann) (words) address; expression, utterance: as ny lhig daue coyrt geill da goan fardalagh. Bible; (speech) words; meagre, rare, scant, scarce, short, slender, spare, sparse: cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible; (of hair) thin; (of money) tight

gyn bree less, pointless, sapless, unexciting, unmeaning: as bee gloyr Voab er ny hoiaghey beg jeh, lesh ooilley yn cheshaght vooar shen ; as bee yn fooilliagh feer fardalagh, as gyn bree. Bible; (as style) weak; of none effect

red (=Ir. rud) pl. reddyn article, item, matter, object, thing: Cha vel cabbyl coontit agh red fardalagh dy hauail dooinney Bible

tooilliu more: Tra skeayl y choonceil, aash er-lhieu va oc dy voghe ad pooar dy yannoo tooilliu olk, veih'n treisht fardalagh hug nyn mainshter daue dy chur gys kione yn eilkin v'ayns e laue. PC

torry (v.) heap: Erson ta duyne gimmiaght ayns ska fardalagh : as d'ianu e heyn anveagh ayns fardayl te torry shuas berchys as gha nell fyss agge quei haglys ayd. PB1610

ynsagh crauee doctrine: Chamoo dy chur geill da raaghyn fardalagh, as coontey fegooish bun ny baare er sheelogheyn, ta doostey questionyn [streeuagh], ny smoo na ynsagh crauee, ta ayns credjue. Bible

Lord of hosts (n.) Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau: The Lord of hosts is the God over Israel - Yn Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau yn Jee harrish Israel Bible; Chiarn dy heshaght-chaggee; Chiarn dy heshaght-flaunyss: to sacrifice unto the Lord of hosts - dy hebbal oural gys y Chiarn dy heshaght-flaunyss Bible; Chiarn ny flaunyssee: Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant - Er-be dy daag Chiarn ny flaunyssee dooin sluight fardalagh Bible

seek after (v.) geiyr er; geiyrt da: and have such pleasure in vanity, and seek after lying - as goaill lheid y taitnys ayns coyrleyn fardalagh as geiyrt da breagyn Bible; (impv) eiyr- jee er: neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them - chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee, dy ve cleaynit lioroo Bible; shirrey lurg: to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God - dy akin row veg jeu yinnagh toiggal, as shirrey lurg Jee Bible; shelg lurg: Let them be confounded, and put to shame, that seek after my soul - Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg mannym Bible; jeeaghyn son: and the Greeks seek after wisdom - as ny Greekyn jeeaghyn son creenaght

fer ny faillee hired labourer, hired servant, wage earner, hireling: Cheu-sthie jeh three bleeaney, myr bleeantyn fer ny faillee, as bee gloyr Voab er ny hoiaghey beg jeh, lesh ooilley yn cheshaght vooar shen ; as bee yn fooilliagh feer fardalagh, as gyn bree. Bible


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