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famman carryn laadee wagon train

famman (=Ir. feam, Sc.G. feaman) appendage, queue, tail, tail end: hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman Bible; (of note) stem; descender [O.Ir. femm]

Inexact matches:

famman cabbil horse tail

famman chiyt (Bot.) timothy

famman coadee convoy

famman critlagh brushy tail

famman cuttagh bang-tail; (of tail) bob: Hug eh famman cuttagh da'n chabbyl. DF

famman dow oxtail

famman gleayshtanagh motorcade

Famman Kitterland Tail of the Rocky Isle

famman lugh mousetail

famman mooar kite

famman muickey pigtail

famman mwashag pigtail

famman scryss loss: T'eh er n'gheddyn famman scryss. DF; tail-paring

famman shynnee foxtail, marsh foxtail-grass

famman skeabanagh (of dog) flag

feddag famman-bane (f.) white-tailed plover

gob-kiare famman-doo black-tailed godwit

gyn famman anurous, tailless: Ayns Mannin ynrican ta kiyt gyn famman ry gheddyn. DF

jannoo famman queue

kiaulleyder famman-sleaystagh fan-tailed warbler

leayrane famman-birragh sharp-tailed sandpiper

famman gorrym jiarg-lhiatteeagh red-flanked bluetail

famman mooar doo black kite

famman ry amman tail to tail: hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman Bible

famman y theihill sunset of life

famman y vinnagh appendix

famman y yannoo line up

goaill magh famman y vinnagh appendicectomy

gollan famman birragh needle-tailed swift

leayrane famman lheeah grey-tailed tattler

queue (n.) arbyl; famman: The back of the queue - Jerrey y famman. DF idiom; (v.) jannoo arbyl, jannoo famman

pigtail (n.) famman muickey; famman mwashag; tombaacey cast

anurous (adj.) gyn famman

appendage (n.) fam, famman

appendix1 (n.) famman y vinnagh

bang-tail (n.) famman cuttagh

bob4 (n.) (of tail) famman cuttagh

brushy tail (n.) famman critlagh

flag2 (n.) (of dog) famman skeabanagh

horse tail (n.) famman cabbil

motorcade (n.) famman gleayshtanagh

mousetail (n.) famman lugh

stem6 (n.) (of note) arbyl, famman

tail (n.) arbyl, farbyl: Base of the tail - Bun yn arbyl. DF idiom; famman: He bobbed the horse's tail - Hug eh famman cuttagh da'n chabbyl. DF idiom; (v.) eiyrt er

tail end (n.) famman, fammanagh

tail-paring (of net) famman scryss

timothy (n.) (Bot.) famman chiyt

black kite (n.) famman mooar doo

black-tailed godwit (n.) gob-kiare famman-doo

convoy co-choadey; co-hiaulley; famman coadee

descender (n.) meer goll sheese; famman

fan-tailed warbler (n.) kiaulleyder famman-sleaystagh

grey-tailed tattler (n.) leayrane famman lheeah

needle-tailed swift (n.) gollan famman birragh

oxtail (n.) arbyl dow, famman dow

red-flanked bluetail (n.) famman gorrym jiarg-lhiatteeagh

sharp-tailed sandpiper (n.) leayrane famman-birragh

tailless (adj.) gyn arbyl, gyn famman

wagon train (n.) famman carryn laadee

white-tailed plover (n.) feddag famman-bane

appendicectomy (n.) goaill magh famman y vinnagh

kite (n.) etlag, famman mooar, shirragh, shyrragh

marsh foxtail-grass (n.) famman shynnee, fiddag cham

sunset of life (n.) famman y theihill

Tail of the Rocky Isle (n.) Famman Kitterland

tail to tail famman ry amman

foxtail (n.) arbyl shynnee, faiyr shynnee, famman shynnee, skeab shynnee, skeaban shynnee

line up (v.) cur ayns linney, famman y yannoo, jannoo linney, roaghey

cinema (n.) kinemey, scannaneaght; thie jalloo: Line up for the cinema - Famman y yannoo cheu mooie jeh'n thie jalloo. DF idiom; thie scannane; thie-fillym

loss coayl: Profit and loss - Cosney as coayl. DF idiom; coayl uail; famman scryss; juail; juailys

torchyn firebrands: hie Samson as haare eh three cheead shynnagh, as ghow eh torchyn, as hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman, as hug eh ny torchynsy vean eddyr y daa amman Bible


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