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family (n.) chymsaght, clein, kynnee, kynney, lhiannoo, lhoirran, mooinjer, sleih, sluight; lught thie: My sister is the tallest of our family - Ta'n chuyr aym y nane s'lhiurey jeh'n lught-thie ain. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

family arms (n.) cowrey-kynnee

family circle1 (n.) cloan

family circle2 (n.) (the); (yn) vooinjer

family connection (n.) cleuinys

family crest (n.) armys y chleinn; armys y lught thie

family estate (n.) balley-kynnee

family law (n.) leigh yn lught-thie

family man (n.) fer thie

family tree (n.) cummey shennayraght

royal family (n.) lught thie reeoil

family income supplement bishagh er cheet-stiagh lughtyn-thie

fun for all the family spoyrt son ooilley'n lught-thie

of the family jeh'n cheel; jeh sluight: And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of he Danites - As va dooinney dy row ayns Zorah jeh sluight ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh kynney: And there went from thence of the family of the Danites - As hie magh veih shen, ass Zorah as Eshtaol, jeh kynney ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh lught-thie: their inheritance remained in the tribe of the family of their father. - ren yn eiraght tannaghtyn ayns tribe lught-thie nyn ayrey Bible

Isle of Man Family Court Welfare Service (n.) Shirveish-choonee yn Whaiyl Lught-thie

balley-kynnee family estate

cowrey-kynnee family arms

cummey shennayraght family tree

dishonour (v.) cur meeonnor er: To bring dishonour on the family - Dy chur meeonnor er y vooinjer. DF idiom; cur nearey er: To bring dishonour on the family - Dy chur nearey er y lught-thie. DF idiom; (n.) jeh-voylley, meeonnor, meeonnoragh, mee-ooashley, meewooie, neuonnor

armys y chleinn family crest

jeh kynney of the family

jeh lught-thie of the family

jeh'n cheel of the family

leigh yn lught-thie (f.) family law

lught thie reeoil royal family

armys y lught thie family crest

bishagh er cheet-stiagh lughtyn-thie family income supplement

crest3 (n.) (on seal) armys: The family crest - Armys y lught-thie. DF idiom

chymsaght (f.) family, set: Chymsaght dy chruillyn. DF; accumulation; inflammation

lhoirran family: Cha nel lhiannoo ny lhoirran echey. DF

Shirveish-choonee yn Whaiyl Lught-thie Isle of Man Family Court Welfare Service

spoyrt son ooilley'n lught-thie fun for all the family

closing doonee: Closing time! - Traa doonee! DF idiom; jeigh; jerree; jerrey; jerrinagh; kione; dooney: It's a pity that the old family businesses are closing - S'bastagh dy vel ny shenn happyn lught thie dooney sheese. DF idiom

done away (v.) callit: Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family - Cren faveagh ennym yn ayr ain callit mastey e chynney Bible; lheie ersooyl; coyrt naardey

households (npl.) thieysyn; mooinjer; lught-thieyn: and the family which the Lord shall take shall come by households - as yn kynney neen Chiarn y ghoaill, hig ad cordail rish ny lught-thieyn oc Bible

provision1 aarlaghey: Make provision against - Aarlaghey y yannoo noi. DF idiom; kiarail: Make provision for one's family - Kiarail y yannoo da'n lught thie ayd. DF idiom

tallest (adj.) smoo; (comp./sup.) s'lhiurey: My sister is the tallest of our family - Ta'n chuyr aym y nane s'lhiurey jeh'n lught-thie ain. JJK idiom

clein (=Ir. clann) 1 harrows a: lesh saaueyn, as lesh cleïn yiarn Bible; 2 See cloan breed, clan, family, ilk, lineage, tribe: Lurg kuse dy vleeantyn hie'n clein Quirk er-ash dys Ellan Vannin, as v'eh er Leslie goll gys y scoill ec Ree Illiam. Dhoor

cleuinys (f.) affinity, family connection, relationship by marriage: Ta cleuinys foddey magh ain. DF; relationship

cloan (=Ir. clann) (f.) children, descendant, family circle: ayns trimshey ver oo cloan son y theihll Bible

fer thie family man, goodman, householder, housekeeper: TA ririyght neau kasly rish duyne ta na er tei, gha magh gy moghey ayns y voghrey dy ayle obriin gys y garr phieny. PB1610; landlord

jeh sluight extraction; of the seed: Jeh sluight y dooinney shoh ta Jee, cordail rish e ghialdyn, er hroggal seose da Israel Saualtagh Yeesey; of the family

kynnee pl. kynneeyn family, kinsfolk, kindreds, tribes: As hug Moses eiraght da lieh-tribe Vanasseh: as shoh va eiraght lieh tribe Vanasseh lurg ny kynneeyn oc Bible

kynney pl. kynnee, kynnaghyn breed, connection, family, folk, genus, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, species, stock, tribe: cordail rish thie ayraghyn kynney nyn bobble Bible

lhiannoo (=Ir. leanbh, Sc. leanabh) (gen.) pl. lhiennoo baby, child, family, infant: hug ee yn lhiannoo ny lhie fo unnane jeh ny thammagyn. Bible [O.Ir. lenab]

lught thie pl. lughtyn-thie family, household, household members: Haink e lught-thie dys Sostyn tammylt beg ny s'anmey ayns bleeantyn ny feedyn. Carn

mooinjer (=Ir. muintir) (f.) (pl -yn) entourage, family, folk, folks, inhabitants, kin, kinsfolk, meiny, people, relations, tribe: chuir eh e gheiney-mooinjer dy ghoaill beaghey Bible; servant, servants; farmhand; households

sleih (=Ir. slua) commonalty, crowd, family, inhabitants, people, populace, public, relations: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; masses; persons

sluight children's children, descendant, family, lineage, offspring, parentage, passage, posterity, progeniture, race, remnant, seed: ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven, as eddyr y sluight ayd's, as y sluight eck's

vooinjer See mooinjer (yn); (the) family circle: Bannit ta'n vooinjer vyghinagh: son bee myghin er ny hoilshaghey daue. Bible

elder (n.) fer reill; (adj.) mooarey; shinney: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest of the whole family - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane JJK idiom; (n.) tramman


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