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fall (n.) bout, lhargagh; (v.) ceau; lhieggal; lhieggey: Pride will have a fall - Yiow moyrn lhieggey. JJK idiom; tuittym: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; tuitt; (to); (dy) huittym

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dead fall (n.) ribbey hrimmid

fall among (v.) tuittym mastey: He let it fall among their tents - Lhig eh da tuittym mastey ny cabbaneyn oc Bible

fall away (v.) goll sheese, treigeil; tuittym ersooyl: Let them fall away like water that runneth apace - lhig daue tuittym ersooyl myr ushtey ta roie dy tappee Bible; failleil: and in time of temptation fall away - agh ayns earish miolagh ta nyn gredjue failleil

fall back (v.) tuittym sheear er ash

fall backward (v.) tuittym gour e ghrommey: so that his rider shall fall backward - dy jean y markiagh echey tuittym gour e ghrommey Bible

fall behind (v.) tuittym gour y yerree

fall down (v.) cheet gys veg, cur rish loght, lhieggey; tuittym neose; tuittym sheese: To fall down the stairs - Dy huittym neose ny greeishyn. DF idiom

fall in (v.) tuittym stiagh

fall into (v.) tuittym fo

fall off (n.) treigeilys; (v.) tuittym sheese: Then the soldiers cut off the ropes of the boat, and let her fall off - Eisht ghiare ny sidooryn teddyn y vaatey, as lhig as jee tuittym sheese. Bible; tuittym

fall out (v.) tuittym; tuittym ass: and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand - as ver-ym er y chliwe dy huittym ass e laue Bible

fall over (v.) tuittym, tuittym gour y drommey

fall pipe (n.) piob neose

fall short (v.) failleil

fall through (v.) tuittym ny hrooid

fall trap (n.) ribbey huittymagh

fall under (v.) tuittym fo: that they shall not be able to stand: but fall under my feet - derrey nagh vod ad shassoo: agh tuittym fo my chassyn Bible

not fall cha duitt

perpendicular fall marroo-lhieggey

shall fall huittys: therefore they shall fall among them that fall - shen-y-fa nee ad tuittym mastey ad shen huittys Bible; tuittee: and they shall fall before you by the sword - as tuittee ad rhymbiu liorish y chliwe Bible

will fall tuittee: He will fall to his master Saul to the jeopardy of our heads - Tuittee eh gys e vainshtyr Saul, gys gaue y vioys ainyn Bible

fall by the sword (v.) a: and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land - as ver-yms er tuittym liorish y chliwe ayns e heer hene Bible

fall into iniquity tuittym ayns peccah: and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity - as dy dug ad er thie Israel dy huittym ayns peccah Bible

fall into temptation (v.) tuittym ayns miolagh: But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare - Agh tadsyn ta soit er ve berchagh tuittym ayns miolagh, as ribbey Bible

fall of rain deayrtey fliaghee; teaumey fliaghee

fall of snow ceau sniaghtee

fall to the earth (v.) tuittym gys y thalloo

fall to the ground (v.) tuittym gys y thalloo: and did let none of his words fall to the ground - as cha lhig eh da veg jeh e ghoan dy huittym gys y thalloo Bible

shall I fall down duittym: shall I fall down to the stock of a tree? - duittym sheese roish bun billey? Bible

shall not fall cha duitt: and one of them shall not fall on the ground - as cha duitt unnane oc marroo er y thalloo Bible

tuittym (v.) abate, collapse, come off, crumple, decline, depreciate, descend, die down, droop, drop, fall, fall off, fall out, fall over, falter, flounder, founder, go down, keel over, lapse, overbalance, sag, slump, subside, tip over, topple, tumble; calming, falling, floundering, wavering; befall: nee ymmodee uilk, as dowrinyn tuittym orroo Bible; (of voice) cadence; (of courage) waver; abatement, depreciation, incidence, subsidence

cha duitt not fall: cha duitt un renaig jeh kione dty vac gys y thalloo Bible; shall not fall

tuittee shall fall, will fall: Tuittee eshyn ta coyrt e varrant er e verchys Bible

lhieggey bowl over, demolish, demolition, downfall, drop, fall, fall down, fell, hew, overbalance, pull down, spill, strike, striking, throw, topple, tumble, upset: Ta'n thalloo craa ec feiyr yn lhieggey oc Bible; (windows) collapse; overflow, run over; cataract; fire

marroo-lhieggey perpendicular fall, precipice

piob neose (f.) fall pipe

ribbey hrimmid (f.) dead fall

ribbey huittymagh (f.) fall trap

tuittym fo (as disease) contract; fall into, fall under: Ny lhiggey daue tuittym fo kerraghey loght, tra t'ad gee ny reddyn casherick Bible

tuittym gys y thalloo fall to the ground: Nish er-y-fa shen, ny lhig da my uill tuittym gys y thalloo fenish y Chiarn Bible; fall to the earth

tackle-fall (n.) tead troggee

cur rish loght fall down

deayrtey fliaghee fall of rain

tead troggee halyard, tackle-fall

teaumey fliaghee fall of rain

tuittym ny hrooid fall through

ceau sniaghtee fall of snow, snow flurry, snowstorm

tuittym gour e ghrommey fall backward

tuittym gour y drommey fall over

tuittym gour y yerree fall behind

tuittym sheear er ash fall back

disrepute (n.) drogh-ghoo: Fall into disrepute - Drogh ghoo y heet er DF idiom

of rain fliaghee: Heavy fall of rain - Teaumey fliaghee. DF idiom

bout bolt: Yn bout y ghooney. DF; bout, fall, round

huittym (dy); (to) fall: Ny cur-jee oyr erbee dy huittym ayns peccah Bible

huittys shall fall: Ny jean boggyssagh, tra huittys dty noid Bible

lhargagh (f.) defile, descent, dip, downward gradient, fall, hillside, slope, versant

treigeilys abandonment, dereliction, desertion, fall off, tergiversation: Treigeilys y thallooin. DF; betrayal, defection

tuitt fall: Chyndaa uss, as tuitt er ny saggyrtyn Bible

tuittym neose fall down: Va'n folt echey tuittym neose harrish e gheayltyn. DF

down the stairs neose ny greeishyn: To fall down the stairs - Dy huittym neose ny greeishyn. DF idiom

eater1 (n.) eeder: they shall even fall into the mouth of the eater - tuittee ad eer ayns beeal yn eeder Bible; eedyr

harder (ny) sdoillee; (ny) screoi; s'creoiey: If you shake the tree a little harder the nuts will fall to the ground - My chrieys oo yn billey red beg ny s'creoiey, tuittee ny croyn er y thalloo. JJK idiom

pride1 (n.) ard-voyrn, blaa, kione-ardys, sturd, styrdalaght; moyrn: Pride will have a fall - Yiow moyrn lhieggey. JJK idiom

put by (v.) tashtey: Money put by to fall back on - Argid tasht seose ry-hoi traa chionn. DF idiom

snare (n.) lhoob: Set a snare - Lhoob y chuirrey. DF idiom; poaynt, ribbeh, sniem; ribbey: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; (v.) soiaghey ribbey er son, soie ribbey er son

spittle (n.) shelley: and let his spittle fall down upon his beard - as lhiggey dan shelley echey shilley sheese er e aasaag Bible; smug

star (v.) cowraghey lesh rollageyn, cur rollage rish; rollage: I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth - honnick mee rollage tuittym veih niau gys y thalloo Bible; (n.) rolt, roltag, roltage, rolteen, rontage; skead

cheet gys veg fall down, fizzle out: Fegooish coyrle ta kiarailyn deiney cheet gys veg Bible

duittym fallen: Ta drogh chaghter duittym ayns olk: agh ta chaghter treishteilagh cur lesh foays. Bible; shall I fall down: duittym sheese roish bun billey? Bible

goll sheese decline, descending, descent, fall away, go down, pass down, sinking: Ta ny cassyn eck goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

lhieggal abate, bowl over, cast down, chop down, dismount, destroy, fall, fell, fetch down, get down, knock over, lay low, level, lower, pull down, pull over, raze, run down, topple, tumble, unship, upset; (price) beat down; dissolve; overthrow

treigeil (f.) departure, deviation, evacuation, repudiation; (v.) abandon, betray, defect, desert, evacuate, fall away, forsake, jilt, lay aside, maroon, rat on, repudiate, strand, throw over: cha jean mayd treigeil thie yn Jee ain Bible; forsaketh

tuittym ass fall out: Rollageyn tuittym ass yn aer, Ny sleityn rowlal bun-ry-skyn LH

tuittym ayns peccah fall into iniquity: Cha bee ny smoo dy hrimshey oc, cha bee miolaghyn, cha bee gaue tuittym ayns peccah, cha bee jerrey er nyn maynrys. CS

tuittym er (as property) vest; fall upon: As my ta veg jehn challin oc tuittym er sheel-correy erbee, ta dy ve cuirt, bee shen glen. Bible

tuittym ersooyl die out: cur-jee twoaie nagh jean shiuish myrgeddin, cleaynit lesh shaghrynys ny mee-chrauee, tuittym ersooyl veih'n shickyrys eu 'sy chredjue. Bible; fall away

tuittym mastey fall among: cha row veg y nearey orroo, chamoo ren ad jiargaghey; shen-y-fa nee ad tuittym mastey ad shen huittys Bible

tuittym sheese fall off: O tar-jee, lhig dooin ooashley y choyrt, as tuittym sheese: as gliooney kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn y Fer ren shin. Bible

tuittym stiagh cave in, fall in: Ta meoiryn-shee gra dy dooar dooinney baase lurg da carbyd-arraghey tuittym stiagh ayns jeeg. BS

fleeth chea: The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling - Ta fer-ny-failley chea, er-y-fa dy nee fer-failt eh Bible; chea-ys: He that fleeth from the fear shall fall into the pit - Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee ehsyn oaie Bible

shake craa: Make it shake - Cur er craa eh. DF idiom; crie: Shake off the dust - Crie jeh yn joan. JJK idiom; feddal; follick; follyd; reealley; rucksal; chrieys: If you shake the tree a little harder the nuts will fall to the ground - My chrieys oo yn billey red beg ny s'creoiey, tuittee ny croyn er y thalloo. JJK idiom

shaken craait: if they be shaken, they shall even fall into the mouth of the eater - my vees ad agh craait, tuittee ad eer ayns beeal yn eeder Bible; crieit; criht: even thus be he shaken out, and emptied - dy bee eh eer myr shoh criht magh as folmit Bible

thrown down (v.) craait: the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall - bee ny sleityn nyn lheiggal, er bee ny ynnydyn corragh craait sheese, Bible; lhieggit: it shall not be plucked up, nor thrown down any more for ever - cha bee eh er ny rassey veihn undin, ny lhieggit, arragh son dy bragh Bible

trusteth treishtys: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he - as quoi-erbee treishtys ayns y Chiarn, smaynrey teh Bible; coyrt barrant er: He that trusteth in his riches shall fall - Tuittee eshyn ta coyrt e varrant er e verchys Bible; cur barrant er: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man - Dy row mollaght ersyn ta cur e varrant er dooinney Bible; treishteil: be merciful unto me, for my soul trusteth in thee - bee myghinagh dou, son ta mannym treishteil aynyd Bible

ceau (=Ir. caith, caitheamh) carry, consume, dart, fall, hang, last, loose, pass, rake, run out, upbraid, waste; weather, shower, rain; aim, launch, shy, shoot; cast, throw: Dy chooilley lhiannoo-mac hig son y theihll nee shiu ceau 'syn awin Bible; bear, wear: nee Aaron ceau yn breast-plate dy vriwnys erskyn e chree Bible; hurl: Agh my teh tuittym er trooid goanlys, ny ceau red erbee er, liorish lhie cooyl-chlea Bible; yield: Lhig dan thalloo gymmyrkey faiyr, yn losserey ceau rass Bible; lay out, spend, spending; (on road) corner; raining: Agh te dorraghey nish, as te ceau trome foast. Coraa


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