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fainey chleayshey (f.) earring

fainey (f.) See fainney circle, grummet, keeper, puck, whorl, wreathe; ring: ghow Pharaoh jeh yn fainey echey veih e laue Bible

Inexact matches:

boult fainey ring bolt

Cleigh Fainey Ring Fence

faal fainey ring fence

fainey abaneagh (f.) anklet

fainey airh (f.) gold ring: Son my ta cheet stiagh 'sy whaiyl eu dooinney lesh fainey airh, ayns coamrey seyr, as dy jig stiagh myrgeddin dooinney boght ayns drogh choamrey Bible

fainey airhey (f.) golden ring

fainey argid (f.) silver ring

fainey condughtys (f.) slip-ring

fainey croanagh (f.) parrel

Fainey Fouyryn Ring of Havests

fainey ghas gas ring

fainey ghreiney (f.) anthelion, sun halo

fainey hooaghan (f.) piston ring

fainey naishtee (f.) engagement ring

fainey noo (f.) halo

fainey ogheragh (f.) key ring

fainey ooill (f.) oil-ring

fainey phaggal (f.) packing ring

fainey phoosee (f.) wedding ring

fainey scoltit (f.) split-ring

fainey screebey (f.) scraper ring

fainey sealal (f.) seal ring, signet ring

fainey shee (f.) fairy ring

fainey skeilt (f.) split ring

fainey sollys (f.) aureola, halo

fainey sooane (f.) puck

fainey sthie (f.) bull's eye

fainey stroaney (f.) nose ring

fainey teayst (f.) doughnut

fainey veg (f.) circlet, ringlet

fainey vleeaney (f.) annual ring

cur fainey er ring

cur trooid fainey reeve

fainey yn laa (f.) aurora

mair ny fainey (f.) ring finger

halo (n.) bwoaillee, fainey noo, fainey sollys

puck (n.) claare sooane, fainey sooane, fainey; trollag

annual ring (n.) fainey vleeaney

anthelion (n.) fainey ghreiney

aureola fainey sollys

circle1 (n.) carkyl, kiarkil; fainey: Stand in a circle - Shass ayns fainey. DF idiom; kiarkyl: This is a vicious circle - Ta shoh kiarkyl olk. DF idiom; (v.) goll mygeayrt, combaasal

earring (n.) fainey chleayshey, fainney-cleaysh

engagement ring (n.) fainey naishtee

fairy ring (n.) fainey shee

gas ring (n.) fainey ghas

golden ring (n.) fainey airhey

gold ring (n.) fainey airh: For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring - Son my ta cheet stiaghsy whaiyl eu dooinney lesh fainey airh Bible

grummet (n.) fainey, sooillag

key ring (n.) fainey ogheragh

oil-ring (n.) fainey ooill

packing ring (n.) fainey phaggal

parrel (n.) fainey croanagh

piston ring (n.) fainey hooaghan

reeve (v.) cur trooid fainey

ring bolt (n.) boult fainey

Ring Fence (n.) Cleigh Fainey

ring fence (n.) faal fainey

scraper ring (n.) fainey screebey

seal ring (n.) fainey sealal

signet ring (n.) fainey sealal

silver ring (n.) fainey argid

slip-ring (n.) fainey condughtys

split ring (n.) fainey skeilt

split-ring fainey scoltit

sun halo (n.) fainey ghreiney

wedding ring (n.) fainey phoosee

whorl (n.) fainey

anklet1 (n.) brashleid abaneagh, fainey abaneagh

circlet (n.) fainey veg; kiarkyl beg

nose ring (n.) fainey stroaney, stroineen

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom

ring finger (n.) mair ny fainey

Ring of Havests (n.) Fainey Fouyryn

aurora (n.) fainey yn laa; lossan; madran

bull's eye (n.) fainey sthie; sooill ghlenney; sooill terriu

doughnut (n.) cro teayst, fainey teayst, teastag

ringlet (n.) cassag, fainey veg, kiog, skiog

wreathe1 (v.) coodaghey cruinn, cur slongan er, fainey, fee; plaittal

keeper (n.) arreyder, fer coadee, gard, meoir, teayrtagh; fainey; freilleyder: Lighthouse keeper - Freilleyder thie soilshey. DF idiom

quoi s'lesh whose: quoi s'lesh ad shoh, yn fainey, ny braceletyn, as y lorg. Bible

seal (v.) seal: seal eh eh lesh fainey yn ree Bible; (n.) cachet, signet: Soie mish myr seal er dty chree Bible; sealed: Er shoh ren ee screeunyn ayns ennym Ahab, as seal ee ad lesh yn seal echey Bible


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