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failley 1 (v.) employ, engage, hire; 2 serve a: ren Israel failley eh-hene son ben Bible; 3 (n.) employment, engagement

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failley leighder brief

sharvaant failley hired servant

Binsh Aghinyn Stiurey Failley Control of Employment Appeals Tribunal: Ta Binsh Aghinyn Stiurey Failley er nyiooldey aghin y Rheynn dy chur kied-obbyr da Elliott Crosier, yn offishear-rheynn shinsharagh BS

fer mooinjer failley hired servant: ta boghill y keragh mei toyrt y anym erson ny geragh. ta yn fermuinjer fally, as eshyin nagh ree yn boghill y keragh (nagh mu ta ny kirri lesh heyn) fakkin yn vadiallty chiit, as fagael ny geragh, as chee PB1610

lhiettalys er failley restrictions on recruitment

Lught-reill Failley Shirveish Heayagh Public Service Employing Authority

hired servant (n.) fer failt, fer mooinjer failley, fer ny faillee, sharvaant failley

hire faill; failley

employable (adj.) yn-failley, yn-ymmydey

fir-ny-failley employees

gurneil-failley control of employment

yn-failley employable

control of employment gurneil-failley, gurneil faillee

employment1 (n.) faill, failley, keird, obbraghey, obbyr, ymmyd

Public Service Employing Authority (n.) Lught-reill Failley Shirveish Heayagh

restrictions on recruitment (npl.) lhiettalys er failley

Control of Employment Appeals Tribunal (n.) Binsh Aghinyn Stiurey Failley

engage (v.) co-chaggey; failley; goaill; goaill ayns laue; goaill er hene y yannoo; naishtey

brief (v.) cur fys da, screeuyn; (adj.) cumir, cuttagh, gerroil; giare: To be brief - Dy yannoo skeeal giare jeh. DF idiom; failley leighder; (n.) mynvreetchyn

employ failley: I am in his employ - Ta mee faillit echey. DF idiom; jannoo ymmyd jeh; shirveish

employees (npl.) fir-failt, fir-ny-failley; obbreeyn: The employees live in - Ta ny hobbreeyn cadley sthie. DF idiom; failleydee

awane (of thought) foul; immodest, obscene, unchaste: lhieu shoh ren Abimelech failley sheshaght dy gheiney awane as eddrym Bible

ben-choyrlee chormid (f.) equality advisor: Sue Strang, Ben-Choyrlee Chormid, t'ee gra dy vel shoh cur caa da colughtyn ynnydagh dy ronsaghey ny h-aghtyn t'ad failley sleih. BS

failleyder employer, engager, personnel officer: Y laa jiu, bee bree ec yn Clattys Failley (Reih eddyr Deiney as Mraane), ta dy lhiettal briwnys neu-chiart liorish failleyder eddyr deiney as mraane. BS

fir oik (npl.) officials: Ta Cymdeithas yr laith nish failley three fir oik dy obbraghey dy-kinjagh, as myr shen foddee ad jannoo tooilley as cosney smoo geill. Carn; officers; (n.) (the) quarterdeck

foutyn faults: Ta'n Reiltys er ngeddyn raaue dy chiartaghey 'foutyn ayns ny leighyn- failley eu er nonney dellal rish ny h-eiyrtyssyn'. BS

gaaue airh goldsmith: as tad failley gaaue-airh, as ta eshyn jannoo jee jeh Bible

jannoo jee jeh apotheosis, deify: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran, as towse argid ayns y veih, as t'ad failley gaaue-airh, as ta eshyn jannoo jee jeh: t'ad tuittym sheese; dy jarroo, t'ad ooashlaghey. Bible

engagement (n.) co-chaggey; currym; failley; gialdynys; goaill greme; naishtey; cah: Two thousand five hundred and thirty-four men were killed in this engagement - Va daa housane queig keead as tree jeig as feed dy gheiney er nyn marroo ayns y chah shoh. JJK idiom

fleeth chea: The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling - Ta fer-ny-failley chea, er-y-fa dy nee fer-failt eh Bible; chea-ys: He that fleeth from the fear shall fall into the pit - Eshyn chea-ys veih yn aggle, tuittee ehsyn oaie Bible

kishan peck, skep; skip: Ta Mainshtyr Young cur sannish dy jean y costys jeh failley kishan getlagh seose dys foddey ny smoo na queig ny shey cheead punt, tra vees orçh costal keead punt y thunney ec yn ynnyd lhieeney thalloo. BS


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