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faagit 1 abandoned, ditched, stranded; 2 seasoned; 3 left, remaining a: cha vel monney faagit ayns shilley my hiarn Bible

Inexact matches:

billey faagit staddle

faagit mooie indicted by grand jury: myr deiney faagit mooie son baase Bible

as cron faagit er stained

faagit er mayrn left-over: Haink olteynyn jeh Tinvaal cooidjagh dy moghey son y seshoon shoh as ad prowal dy ghellal rish ny cooishyn politickagh va faagit er mayrn. BS

faagit rish tammylt in abeyance

Gleashtanyn Faagit er dty Reggyrtys Hene Park at Customers' Own Risk

left-over faagit er mayrn

remaining er mayrn: I am still remaining - Ta mee foast er mayrn. DF idiom; faagit: I have four remaining - Ta kiare faagit aym. DF idiom

staddle (n.) billey faagit; bwon

left er chlee, er hostal; kiare; (v.) daag: He left it there last night - Daag eh ayns shen riyr. DF idiom; hreig: He left his wife - Hreig eh e ven. DF idiom; toshtal: The left-hand house - Yn thie toshtal. DF idiom; faagit: It's the only avenue left - She'n un vollagh ta faagit. DF idiom

stranded faagit, treigit; (ny) soie chirrym

in abeyance currit ry-lhiattee; faagit rish tammylt; (ny) lhie

indicted by grand jury faagit mooie

stained as cron faagit er; daahit; neu-ghlen

Park at Customers' Own Risk Gleashtanyn Faagit er dty Reggyrtys Hene

buttress buttress: As va space son buttress faagit eddyr ad Bible

Egypt1 Egypt: cha row un locust faagit ayns ooilley ardjyn Egypt. Bible

ennal (=Ir. anail) (f.) breath, wind: s'coan va ennal faagit aynym Bible [O.Ir. anál]

lhottit hurt, injured, stricken, wounded: nagh beagh faagit jeu agh deiney lhottit Bible

abandoned ( faagit, treigit; hreig: They abandoned the ship - Hreig ad y lhong. DF idiom; (adj.) jiarg

ditched ceaut ersooyl; ceaut 'sy jeeig: He ditched the car - Hug eh y gleashtan 'sy jeeig. DF idiom; currit 'sy cheayn: He ditched the 'plane - Hug eh yn etlan 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; faagit; jeeigagh; jeeigit; treigit

faintness (n.) annooinid: And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts - As orroosyn vees faagit bio jiuish, ver-yms annooinid cree Bible

island1 (n.) ellan: He was planted on an island - V'eh faagit er ellan. DF idiom; innis, innys, insh

ruins (npl.) tholtanyn: There is nothing left but ruins - Cha nel veg faagit agh tholtanyn. DF idiom; toltanyn

seasoned blastal: Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt - Lhig dan ghlare eu dy kinjagh ve jeant blastal lesh y sollan dy ghrayse Bible; blasstal, blaystal; cliaghtit, faagit

agh son barring; as for: Agh son Saul veh foast ayns Gilgal Bible; but for: agh son mee-chraueeaght ny ashoonyn shoh Bible; but as: Agh son ny ard-valjyn shen va foast faagit shassoo ayns nyn niart Bible

beggan (=Ir. beagán) few, little: bee shiu faagit beggan ayns earroo Bible; faintly, partly, slightly, somewhat; small piece; too little; meagre [O.Ir. bec]

bleaysteyder detonator, shot firer: dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

bleaysteyderyn bombs: dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

boanlagh abjects, litter, lumber, outcasts, rubbish: cha row veg faagit, er-lhimmey jeh'n boanlagh s'boghtey jeh phobble ny cheerey. Bible

brahder betrayer, detector, informer, traitor: Foddee lhott ver ny lheihys lesh shelliu, as lurg trodjey hig coardail: agh ta brahder folliaghtyn faagit mooie. Apoc

caggey rish fight, fight off, row: nee ad caggey rish, as goaill eh, as lostey lesh aile eh: as ver-ym er ard-valjyn Yudah dy ve ny hraartys gyn cummaltagh faagit ayn. Bible; contend

carrickey (gen.) of a rock: Va nish faagit my chooyl ayns tidey ny carrickey Coraa

cheshaght See sheshaght (f.) (yn); (the) society, company: My hig Esau gys y derrey heshaght, as tuittym orroo, eisht nee yn cheshaght elley ta faagit cosney roue Bible

coadit immune, protected, vindicated: Agh mannagh vees ny eeastyn coadit, cha bee veg faagit. Carn

Cooin lhiam (intj) Help: Cooin lhiam, Hiarn, son cha vel un dooinney crauee faagit: son cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible

cooneyder adjutant, assistant, help: son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible

cummallyn rea flats: Ga dy vel ram thieyn as cummallyn rea goit hannah, ta ram jeu faagit. Carn

cummaltagh pl. cummaltee inhabitant, inmate, in-patient, occupier: bee ny ard-valjyn echey follym-faase, gyn cummaltagh faagit ayndoo. Bible; (adj.) residential

fadanagh desolate; lonely: t'ad caillt dooin nish as cha nel veg faagit dooin er lhimmey jeh'n un arrane fadanagh "Finn as Oshin." Coraa

faggys da (=Ir. fogas) almost, close, contiguous, handy, near, nearby, neighbouring: faagit mooie, as faggys da mollaght Bible; close to [OIr. ocus]

floag (f.) pl. floagyn dot, flake, jot, mote, particle, tittle: brish-jee foshlit ny thieyn-tashtee eck; stamp-jee sheese ee myr creaghyn stroie-jee dy bollagh ee ; ny lhig floag j'ee ve faagit. Bible

gas gas: Sy traa ry-heet, cha bee geayl, ooill ny gas dooghyssagh faagit. Carn

geearree fys in pursuit of knowledge: Ta foast boayl ny ghaa faagit 'sy vrastyl, as myr shen myr t'ou geearree fys erbee elley er y vrastyl ny yn fys heose loayr rish scrudeyr Dhoor

greieyn tools: Agh cha jinnagh yn Oik Thie gra dy row barrant ymmyrchagh my va offishearyn-reiltys gymmydey greieyn va faagit ayns bwaaneyn-chellvane. Carn

gyn jannoo 1 unaccomplished, undischarged, undone a: ny lhig da veg ve faagit gyn jannoo jeh ny t'ou er ghra. Bible; 2 amorphous

gyn sheshey nonpareil; alone, without mate, Bible: As hooar Mahlon as Chilion nyn neesht baase, as va'n ven faagit gyn sheshey as gyn cloan. Bible

lhie sheeynt (ny) procumbent, recumbent: As va Judith faagit ny lomarcan 'sy chabbane, as va Holofernes ny lhie sheeynt er e lhiabbee: son v'eh lhome-lane dy feeyn. Apoc

liagh standing stone: Gull-jee, shiuish lhongyn Tarshish, son te ny hraartys, myr shen liagh vel thie faagit, ny boayl erbee dy gholl stiagh ayn: veih cheer Chittim te er ny ockley-magh orroo. Bible

mean ny cheerey midland: Smerg dauesyn ta cur thie ry hie, as magher ry magher, derrey nagh bee boayl faagit, agh ad dy chummal ooilley cooidjagh orroo hene ayns mean ny cheerey ! Bible

mraane-lhee (f.) (female) doctors: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn

mygeayrt-y-miu round about you: bee fys ec ny ashoonee, ta faagit mygeayrt-y-miu Bible; about you

Mylvoirrey Myles: Ayns ny pabyryn faagit ec Sophia Mylvoirrey ta ram screeunyn soilshaghey magh ny cologidyn as boiraghyn beggey v'ayn eddyr Manninee va geearree cummal seose y Ghaelg. Dhoor

ooilley yn seihll all the earth: cha vel dooinney faagit er nyn son er yn ooir, lurg cliaghtey ooilley yn seihll Bible

pryssoonit detained: ayns y chione dooint towl beg sheign faagit ve cour cuirtlagh aileagh dy chur slane livrey da sp'ryd doo dewil pryssoonit ayns y ghrunt, freilt sthie er-niart fo trimmid corrym runt PC

s'boghtey poorest: cha row veg faagit, er-lhimmey jeh'n boanlagh s'boghtey jeh phobble ny cheerey. Bible

scaalheanit broadcast, diffuse, disbanded: cha nel agh ghaa ny tree jeu faagit 'sy valley nish; t'ad ooilley ersooyl as nyn sluight scaalheanit harrish y theihll, ayns Sostyn, Canada, America as Australia. Coraa

shual prosecute, sue: Vrish nane jeu shoh e raane, va nane er ny heyrey lesh coardailys y lught- shual, dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

teddyn ropes: nee ad tayrn eh lesh teddynsyn awin, derrey nagh been chlagh sloo faagit Bible

towsheyder assessor, fitter, measurer, weigher: Nee towsheyder scrutaghey ny ta faagit jeh'n troggal shoh. BS

trog (=Ir. tóg) (impv) lift, uplift: trog seose dty phadjer son y fooilliagh ta faagit Bible; pick

comeliness (n.) aalid: for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption - son va my aalid shymlit ersooyl, as cha row bree faagit aynym Bible; bwoyid; stoamid: he hath no form nor comeliness - cha vel stayd ny stoamid ry-akin ayn Bible; ennoilid; grayse

helper (n.) cooneyder: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel - son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible; fer coonee: for thou art the helper of the friendless - son uss yn fer-coonee ocsyn ta gyn caarjyn Bible; fer cooyl duirn

gortagh beggarly, chary, cheese-paring, close-fisted, frugal, grudging, hurt, hurtful, illiberal, injurious, meagre, mean spirited, miser, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, pinching, scant, scanty, skimpy, stingy, close fisted: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn; acrimonious


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