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etlagh (=Ir. eitleach) pl. etlaghyn aviation, flight, fly; flying: Agh dy chooilley nhee etlagh elley Bible

Inexact matches:

baatey etlagh seaplane

ben etlagh (f.) airwoman

crodane etlagh batfish

eeast etlagh flying fish

etlagh cadjin milk run

etlagh ersooyl fly away

etlagh seose fly up

etlagh shaghey fly by

etlagh sheeoil civil aviation

leaystane etlagh trapeze

Possan Pohlldal-etlagh Flight Support Group

skaal etlagh (f.) flying saucer, UFO

etlagh er ash fly back

Thie Tashtee Etlagh as Cahnaght Vannin Manx Aviation and Military Museum

aviation (n.) etlagh

batfish (n.) crodane etlagh

civil aviation (n.) etlagh sheeoil

flight chea; etlagh, orraghey

flying saucer (n.) skaal etlagh

milk run (n.) etlagh cadjin

seaplane (n.) baatey etlagh; mooiretlan

fly past (n.) ard-etlagh

trapeze (n.) leaystane etlagh, maidjey leaystey

ard-etlagh fly past

Flight Support Group (n.) Possan Pohlldal-etlagh

fly back (v.) etlagh er ash; lheim er ash

fly by (v.) etlagh shaghey; roie shaghey

flying fish (n.) eeast etlagh; eeast etlee; eeast skianagh

fly up (v.) etlagh seose; lheim seose lane corree

UFO (n.) red 'sy speyr, skaal etlagh

airwoman (n.) ben aer, ben etlagh, ben 'syn armee aer

fly away (v.) etlagh ersooyl, getlagh ersooyl; roie er chea, roie ersooyl; lheie ersooyl

Manx Aviation and Military Museum (n.) Thie Tashtee Etlagh as Cahnaght Vannin

fly1 (v.) bennalt, etlagh, ettlagh, ettyl, getlagh; croghey: Fly a flag - Brattagh y chroghey. DF idiom; (n.) carchuillag, quaillag, quill, cor-whuaillag; (adj.) kialgagh, kioot

flying etlee; etlagh: Flying over the clouds - Getlagh erskyn ny bodjallyn. DF idiom; roie

aalagh (f.) farrow, hatch: Myr ta'n urley gynsaghey yn aalagh eck dy etlagh Bible; (of birds) incubation; (of animals) young

dredge salt rime: geayghyn stermagh, dorrin as barrag ghyere, geiyrt dredge y diunid d' etlagh trooid yn aer PC

barrag (f.) cream: Cha nel shiu er chur barrag dy-liooar er my smeggyl. DF; froth, hoarfrost, mist, rime, sea foam, spume: ny getlagh er dagh laue dy phlooghey'n troailtagh s'lhoys eddin y chur daue, geayghyn stermagh, dorrin as barrag ghyere, geiyrt dredge y diunid d' etlagh trooid yn aer PC; lather

crossit crossed: seose eh reesht, dy row eh nish cho ard, heose ayns yn eaynagh, dy dooar e skianyn geay er y drogh-hyrrys d' etlagh reesht dy leah; myr smoo ve crossit, smoo v'eh creoghit er yn olk v'eh mysh PC; crucified


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