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er-mayrn abideth

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abideth (v.) fuirriaghtyn: He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword - Eshyn ta fuirriaghtynsyn ard-valley shoh, yiow eh baase lesh y chliwe Bible; surranse: all that abideth not the fire ye shall make go through the water - ooilley nagh vel surranse yn aile, ver shiu er dy gholl trooid yn ushtey Bible; fuirriaght: he abideth at Jerusalem - teh fuirriaght ec Jerusalem Bible; er-mayrn: thou hast laid the foundation of the earth, and it abideth - tou er hoiaghey undin ny hooirey, as te er-mayrn Bible; tannaghtyn: but the earth abideth for ever - agh tan thalloo tannaghtyn veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible

Old Testament1 (n.) ass yn chenn Chonaant; Shenn Chonaantagh: the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament - tan coodagh cheddin er-mayrn orroo, ayns lhaih yn chenn chonaant Bible

stump bun: only the stump of Dagon was left to him - cha row agh bun Dagon er-mayrn Bible; bwon; cutt; cuttag; brishey; stumpal; stumpey

ard-reill authority: Son reeaghyn, as son ocsyn ooilley ta ayns ard-reill Bible; principality: ta kione dy chooilley ard-reill Bible; dominion: ta dty ard-reill er-mayrn trooid dy chooilley heeloghe Bible; preeminence: va shêgin er yn ard-reill nyn mast oc Bible

Atlantagh1 Atlantic: Ta faasaghyn keylley er-mayrn ayns ny ellanree Atlantagh jeh'n Spaainey as y Phortiugal. Dhoor

caaig (pl -yn) chough, daw: Myr Celtiagh t'eh cur trimshey orrym nagh vel caaig erbee er-mayrn 'sy Chorn. Dhoor

cha row was not, were not: Cha row agh mysh three feed kiaulleyderyn foast er-mayrn, as cha row agh three jeig jeu dod foast cloie. Carn

chioee never, nevermore; (of future) ever, evermore: myr t'ou speeideilagh foddee nagh jig yn noid as ooilley e h'olk dys ny buill elley chioee as bee ad foast er-mayrn, as foddee oo goaill soylley jeu er son dy bragh. Carn

chooid smoo (f.) (yn) better part, brunt, maximum, most: Shoh vees lhiat's jeh'n chooid smoo casherick, jeh cre-erbee vees er-mayrn lurg yn oural-losht Bible

dy arrymagh solemnly, soberly: Nagh jean-jee ainjys rish ny ashoonyn shoh, ta er-mayrn ny mast' eu ; chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc, ny loo lioroo, ny shirveish ad, ny croymmey shiu-hene sheese huc Bible

goaill ayrn assist: ny gialdynyn ayd y gheddyn, as ve goaill ayrn ayns dty Reeriaght's vee s dy bragh er-mayrn CS

jesheenagh cosmetic, decorative, dressy, ornamental, ornate, set off, showy: Myr shen, y dooinney ta feer seyr as jesheenagh ny-vud eu, bee drogh hooill echey gys e vraar, as da ben e oghrish, as da e chloan vees er-mayrn Bible

maihaghey absolve, amortization, amortize, condone, excuse, forgive, forgiving, let off, pardon, pardoning: Quoi ta ny Yee casley rhyt's, ta leih mee-chairys, as maih'ghey yn shaghrynys ocsyn ta er-mayrn ayns e eiraght? Bible

Mean Arree March: Hig claare dy chooney son y Vretnish as cultoor ta er-mayrn ayns Patagonia, ta feeu £130,000 (202000 euro), gy kione ayns Mean Arree 2003. Dhoor

my lurg after me: nee oo shirrey my lurg 'sy voghrey, agh cha bee'm er-mayrn. Bible

bun (=Ir. bun) author, basis, details, origin, original, prime, principle, raw material, stem, stool: as vrish eh ad ec bun y clieau Bible; derivation, explanation, interpretation, meaning: dinsh shin da, as hug eh bun dooin er ny dreamalyn ain Bible; (of storm) eye, heart, root cause; base, bottom, foot, root, foundation, source, sole, underneath; end; dope, news; stump: va kione Dagon as e ghaa laue brisht jeh er sole y dorrys; cha row agh bun Dagon er-mayrn Bible; butt


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