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er-ash (=Ir. ar ais) ago, back, backwards, rearward, returned: hig ad er-ash myr yn arroo Bible

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ansoor er-ash back answer

chyndaa er-ash return: lig 'ausyn ve er nan jynda arrash, as er nan doyrt gys nare, ta smunaghtyn skelle er my hons. Psalm1610

keim er-ash (f.) backward step

kesmad er-ash backward step

sodjey er-ash backmost

cass ny trieaneyn er-ash back pedal

er-ash dys ayndagh y reireyder-naight back to news manager index

er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie back to main home page

screeuin lhie er-ash (writing) back-hand

backward step (n.) cooyl-cheim, keim er-ash, kesmad er-ash

back-hand (n.) (writing) screeuin lhie er-ash

backmost (adj.) jerree; sodjey er-ash

back1 cooyllagh, dreeym, ergooyl, back; (v.) cur niart da; er-ash: We shall soon be back again - Beemayd dy-leah er-ash. JJK idiom; cooyl: I met your brother at the back of the church - Haink mee ny whail dty vraar cooyl y cheeill. JJK idiom

back answer (n.) aareggyrt; (v.) ansoor er-ash, perkinnagh

back pedal (v.) cass ny trieaneyn er-ash

rearward cheu chooylloo; cooyl arbyl; er-ash

jig (interrog.) shall come: Jig eh er-ash? Bible

back to main home page er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie

back to news manager index er-ash dys ayndagh y reireyder-naight

bee'ms (emph.) I will be: s'treisht lhiam dy bee'ms er-ash aynshen dy gerrid. Carn

dy gerrid shortly, soon: s'treisht lhiam dy bee'ms er-ash aynshen dy gerrid. Carn

ago (adj., adv.) er-ash; er-dy-henney: We were at your house a week ago to-morrow - Va shin ec y thie eu shiaghtin er dy henney mairagh. JJK idiom

I shall come higgym; higym: I shall come back at ten o'clock at the latest - Higym er-ash dyn s'anmee na jeih er y chlag. JJK idiom; higyms, higgym's

I shall go hem: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom

midsummer day (n.) Feaill' Eoin: He'll come back at Midsummer - Hig eh er-ash er yn Eaill 'Eoin. JJK idiom; laa lieh yn touree

return aavuilley; cheet er ash; chyndaa; cur stiagh; goll er ash; hyndaays; chyndaa reesht, chyndaa er-ash; chyndaays; (to); (dy) heet er ash

returned er-ash; hyndaa: she returned unto him into the ark - hyndaa ee huggey reesht gys yn arg Bible; (as time) oikoil; haink back

shall come1 hig: I shall come back at ten o'clock at the latest - Higym er-ash dyn s'anmee na jeih er y chlag. JJK idiom

blah lukewarm; warm: Bare lhiam jarrood yn clane cooish as ersooyl lhiam er-ash gys my lhiabbee blah as souyr, agh shoh my obbyr as s'mie lhiam eh tra yioym toshiaght lesh y cheeaght. Dhoor

chymsit collected: Son mannagh vel y traagh cheet-rish, as y faiyr meein cheet er-ash, as glassyraght ny sleityn chymsit Bible

clein (=Ir. clann) 1 harrows a: lesh saaueyn, as lesh cleïn yiarn Bible; 2 See cloan breed, clan, family, ilk, lineage, tribe: Lurg kuse dy vleeantyn hie'n clein Quirk er-ash dys Ellan Vannin, as v'eh er Leslie goll gys y scoill ec Ree Illiam. Dhoor

cuirrit invited, planned; = cuirt sown: myr ta ny rassyn ta cuirrit 'sy gharey cheet er-ash Bible

feiy pl. feiyn fathom: dennee ad dy row feed feiy oc Bible; during: Feiy'n laa hooyll shin mygeayrt yn clane ellan as hug shen er-ash dooin ooilley ny t'er ve caillt ayns Mannin hene. Carn

geddyn reesht recover, regain: Agh lhig dooin geddyn reesht yn ghlare; Hig ferishyn er-ash Dy ghaunsin reesht lesh kesmad giare Dhoor

ghlare ghooie (f.) (yn); (the) native tongue: haink e aegid er-ash huggey tra v'eh loayrt e ghlare ghooie, as by haittin lesh fakin y Ghailck Vanninagh er ny h-aavioghey. Coraa

rassyn seeds: Son myr ta'n thalloo coyrt magh blaa, as myr ta ny rassyn ta cuirrit 'sy gharey cheet er-ash; myr shen ver y Chiarn Jee er cairys as moylley dy vlaaghey magh kiongoyrt rish ooilley ny ashoonyn. Bible

vlein shoh cheet (f.) (yn) next year: S'treisht lhiam dy jig ad er-ash er y vlein shoh cheet. Carn

Vreeshey See Breeshey (voc.) Bride: O, Vreeshey, t'ou er jeet er-ash reesht. Coraa; (gen.) of Bride: Nagh vel fys ayd dy nee Oie'll Vreeshey t'ayn? Coraa

backwards (adv.) cooyl-y-choshey; er-ash; er-dreeym: She is going backwards - T'ee goll er e dreeym. DF idiom; ergooyl: To take a step backwards - Dy ghoaill kesmayd ergooyl. DF idiom; gour y drommey: He is going backwards - T'eh goll gour-e-ghrommey. DF idiom

ought (v.) lhis; lhiasagh; lhisagh: He ought to have been ashamed of himself - Lhisagh eh er n'ghoaill nearey jeh hene. JJK idiom; s'cair da: You ought to return him his present - S'cair diu cur er-ash da e hoyrtys. JJK idiom

out ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom; magh: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom; mooie: It's not quite out - Cha nel eh dy-slane mooie. JJK idiom


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