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er (=Ir. air) 1 on, on him, onto, upon a: myr eoylley tuittee kirp deiney er y vagher foshlit Bible; 2 during, for

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aachooinaghtyn er recollect

aasmooinaghtyn er ponder, reconsider, rethink, ruminate

aggle er afraid, windy: Dooinney erbee ta aggle er, as lhagchreeagh, lhig da goll roish gys e hie Bible

ansoor er-ash back answer

ard 'er-ynsee headmaster: S'braew yn ard 'er-ynsee t'ec y scoill. DF

ardjaghey er outbid

ard-voggey er overjoyed

baggyrt er menace, threaten

banceyraght er-linney online banking

berraghtyn er overhaul, overtake, pass: nagh ren ad berraghtyn er nyn ayraghyn? Bible

berrit er outpaced, overtaken

blaaghyn er menstruate

boiraghey er bother, muddy

boir er unsettle, worry

boirey er aggrieve, bother, disconcert, disrupt, distract, embarrass, madden, niggle, perplex, perturb, pester, put upon, trouble, unsettle, vex, worry: Ta'n feeyn boirey er y volg echey. DF

broid er (of flies) blow

bwoalley er pound: Fliaghey bwoalley er yn uinnag. DF

ceau er pelt

chebbal er present: Nish, shoh nee oo chebbal er yn altar, daa eayn jeh'n chied vlein, dagh laa dy kinjagh. Bible

cheet er allude, allusion, appear, befall, encounter, infer, insinuate, locate, refer: Agh cha nel shoh kiart tra t'ou cheet er y Chommyn jeh Studeyrys Yernagh ayns Ollooscoill Lerpoyll, cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil firynsee noa. Carn; mean

cheet er-gerrey approach: Ny'n drogh-spyrryd cheet er-gerrey dy yannoo skielley da. PB1765

chionney er oblige, press: v'ee dagh laa chionney er lesh e goan Bible; thronged

chyndaa er-ash return: lig 'ausyn ve er nan jynda arrash, as er nan doyrt gys nare, ta smunaghtyn skelle er my hons. Psalm1610

cleays er-lheh special effect

cooinaghtyn er recollect

cooin-yms er I will remember: Cooin-yms er dt'ennym veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible

Cre er (adv.) Whereon, Whereupon: Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible

crie er dabble

croghey er 1 bank on, depend, lean on; 2 hanging upon a: vad croghey er ny biljyn derreyn astyr Bible

cummal er hold on; living on

cur er 1 apply, ascribe, compel, devolve, don, force, impose, induce, inflict, lead, oblige, persuade, turn on a: Cur er dty harvaant dy ghoaill taitnys ayns shen ny ta mie Bible; 2 affectation; 3 on occasion; 4 affectedness; 5 imposition; 6 causing: As glare dty veeal myr y feeyn share, son my ghraih ta goll sheese dy blaystal, cur er ny meillyn cadlagh dy loayrt Bible; 7 placed

currit er imposed, laid on

currymagh er incumbent; mindful

drogh-chummey er bad way

Drogh 'Er (Yn); (The) Devil: Quoi-erbee ta clashtyn goo yn reeriaght, as nagh vel dy hoiggal eh, ta'n drogh er cheet, as tayrtyn lesh shen ny va cuirt ayns e chree: shoh eh ghow yn rass rish oirr y raad.

Drogh er (intj) Bother, Drat: Bible

drogh-ourys er qualmish

drogh-yien er warpath

eiyrit er pursued, driven on: Va'n baatey eiyrit er y traie. DF

eiyrt er attend on, chase, emulate, ensue, follow through, pursue, put it into practice, result, shadow, stalk, tail: dy eiyrt er ny cliaghtaghyn oc Bible

eiyrtyssagh er consequential

er aggle (conj.) lest: nee ad jeigh nyn sooillyn; er aggle dy vaik ad lesh nyn sooillyn Bible

er aghree horsing

er aght-erbee by any means: my oddagh ad er aght-erbee Phenice, as yn geurey y cheau ayns shen Bible

er aghtu partly: erson hossiagh ully nar hig shiu kujaght ayns yn agluish, ta mi klastchen gy vell mighordael nan masky shiu, as ta mi er aghtu dy ghredjel e. PB1610

er ard aloud, openly, outright, publicly: Deam eh magh er ard. DF

er ardjey on high

Er bastal (intj) Past all

er beeal edgeways: rowll eh clagh er beeal yn oaie. Bible

er beggan on a small scale: Ver-yms briaght er dty ynrickys, as dty obbraghyn; son bee ad er beggan foaynoo dhyt. Bible

Er-boayrd lhiu (intj) All aboard

er boggeeys lecherous; rutting

er broogh on the brink: ny hassoo er broogh ny hawin Bible

er caa on spec: nish tra va Judith er jeet stiagh as er hoie sheese, va cree Holofernes er-cannoo lhee, as v'eh dy mooar geearree yn cheshaght eck; son v'eh farkiaght er caa dy violagh ee, er-dyn laa, honnick eh ee. Apoc

er cannoo amorous, aroused, doted upon, lustful, sexually precocious, sexy: V'ee er-cannoo lurg ny Assyrianee e naboonyn Bible

er cannooid horniness, sexual arousal

er chea fleeing, retreating: Smerg daue, son t'ad er chea voym Bible

er cheau on the side: S'lioar da'n scoillar dy ve myr e vainshter, as y charvaant myr e hiarn: my t'ad er cheau Beelzebub er mainshter y thie, cre woad smoo nee ad e vooinjer y oltooaney. Bible

er chee (=Ir. ar ) on the point of: myr v'ad er chee dy varroo eh Bible; (to) about; on the brink

er cheeid thick: va voalley yn vuildal queig cubityn er cheeid ooilley mygeayrt, as y lhiurid echey kiare-feed as jeih cubityn Bible

er cheer ashore, on shore; upon the land of: Er cheer my phobble hig seose drineyn as dressyn, dy jarroo er ooilley ny thieyn dy reaïd, ayns yn ard-valley rouanagh Bible

er cheu near; pro: Lhig dauesyn ve gennal as goaill boggey ta er cheu my ghellal yeeragh Bible

er cheusthie internally, inwardly: Cha marr oo yn eayn-caisht er cheusthie jeh veg jeh dty yiattyn Bible; subjective

er chlee left: Jeeagh-jee er chlee! DF [O.Ir. clé]

er chosh afoot, standing: Ta mee er ve er chosh feie'n laa. DF

er chroo maggoty; has created: son tan Chiarn er chroo red noa er y thalloo Bible

er coayl lost: veagh shoh'n cooilleen smoo baillish noid y ghoaill, Jee hene dy akin 'chroo noa goll er coayl! PC

er conaant conditionally, nisi, provided: Agh nee'm er y ghraih oc, cooinaghtyn er conaant nyn shenn-ayryn Bible

er coontey because, by virtue, for the sake of, on account of: Ny bee oo fargagh er coontey ny meechrauee Bible

er craa nervous; shaking: Ta mee er craa lesh lesh aggle roishyn. DF

er creau doddering, quivering, shaking, shuddering, trembling: va e chree dy mooar er-creau Bible; quake, tremble

er croo alive with vermin; crawling, swarming: Va'n boayl er croo lesh meoiryn shee. DF; full: Ta'n balley er croo lesh sleih. DF; made, created: Quoi erbee ta deayrtey fuill dooinney liorish dooinney bee yn uill echeysyn er ny gheayrtey; son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible

er daayl on tick: Ta'n dellal croghey er daayl. DF

er daill (=r.air-dail) on trust; on credit

er deeah bulling

er deir bulling

er derrey until: Myr ta shickyrys aym jeh'n eer red shoh, dy der eshyn ta er chur obbyr vie er y hoshiaght ny-vud eu, mullagh er derrey laa Yeesey Creest Bible

er dheyr bulling

Er dhyt (intj) Take care

er dt'ockle on your oath: Credjym er dt'ockle eh. DF

er-dy hoshiaght since the beginning: Agh er-dy hoshiaght y theihll, chroo Jee ad fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh. Bible

er dyn since: Son er dyn traa haink mee gys Pharaoh Bible

er-dyn hoshiaght since the beginning: Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn, ny er hoiggal liorish y chleaysh, chamoo ta sooill er vakin, er-lhimmey jeeds, O Yee

er-dyn shen from that time

er-dyn toshiaght from the beginning: ta ny coyrleyn ayd's er-dyn toshiaght cairys as firrinys. Bible

er dys toward

er eaghree horsing, oestrum

er eam on call: Vraaraghyn, lhig dagh dooinney 'sy stayd v'eh ayn tra hie eh er eam, tannaghtyn ayn marish Jee. Bible

er earroo in number: son dy dug oo dty varrant er dty raad hene, as er earroo dty gheiney niartal. Bible

er eeasagh borrowed: Ta shin er eeasagh argid son keesh y ree, as shen er nyn magheryn, as nyn garaghyn-feeyney. Bible; lent: Shen-y-fa ta mish myrgeddin er eeasagh eh dan Chiarn Bible

er eeasaght on loan, borrowed: Ta'n mee-chrauee goaill er eeasaght as cha vel eh geeck Bible

er egin (=Ir. ar eigin) compulsorily, forcibly, perforce: tou dy sondagh er ghoaill vondeish er egin dty naboonyn Bible

er enney recognized, sentient: Cur mee er enney j'ee my sailliu. DF

er ennym namely, specially, viz: Va mee lhaih art scruit ec Brian Mac Stoyll: art er-ennym "Y Ghaelg: Eisht, Nish as y Traa Ry-heet" Carn

er faill stipendiary; on hire, on rent: Veagh my ayr goaill baatey beg er faill as ersooyl lhien magh ass y phurt. CJ

er feie throughout: Er feie ny cruinney. DF

er feiy during; throughout: Eisht dooyrt Osias ree, O inneen, bannit t'ou uss liorish y Jee smoo-ard er-skyn ooilley ny mraane t'er feiy ny cruinney Apoc

er finnue fiercely, furiously: Ren ad caggey er finnue lesh cre erbee wappinyn v'oc, custhey ny meoiryn shee lesh maidjaghyn. NNS; speedy; passionate; rage

er foyr edgeways; upon the edge: As tuittee ad er foyr y chliwe Bible

er fud during, overall, throughout: Turrys y yannoo er fud cheer. DF

er fys known, notorious, public: bee eh un laa vees er fys dan Chiarn Bible

er gerrey 1 approaching, imminent a: son ta reeriaght Yee er gerrey Bible; 2 near, nigh: Smooinnee Isaiah dy gow er toshiaght tra va ashoon g'ennaghtyn injillid cosoylit rish ashoon er gerrey daue. Bible

er ghlee brimming

er gioal staked

er gioaldeeaght mortgaged

er glasseraght sprouting

er gliee breaming, brimming

er goan-eeck underpaid

er gys unto: As eisht ta markit fud ny hoie Eer er gys brishey'n laa, Harrish ny magheryn glassey roie Feer tooillit keayrt ny ghaa. Dhoor

er hen there: Er hen ooyl vraew dhyt. DF

er hene on itself, on himself: Quoi-erbee chleiys ooig, nee eh tuittym ayn: as eshyn rowllys clagh noi'n ughtagh, chyndaa-ee eh back er hene. Bible; (of boy) coy, reserved

er hoh here: Earroo 12 Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh Mee ny Nollick 1998 Er hoh dhyt Dhooraght reesht. Dhoor

er hoshiagh (as time) fast: Ta'n ooreyder aym lieh oor er hoshiagh. DF

er hoshiaght 1 in the van; 2 (forward) on a: Quoi eh ny vud ain nee goaill er hoshiaght dy chaggey noi cloan Ammon? Bible

er hostal left

er jeem methinks

er jeet has come, have come: Nagh vel ny huilk shoh er jeet orrin Bible

er jeeym in my opinion, I think

er jeid1 on edge, overstrung

er jeid2 (dy ve); (to) feel nervy

er-jerrey ooilley last of all: Er-jerrey ooilley hooar y ven ee hene baase myrgeddin. Bible

er keagh mad, raging

er keayrt visiting: Ta sleih er keayrt eck. DF

er laueyn by hand; upon the hands: As chur eh ad ooilley er laueyn Aaron, as er laueyn e vec, as heb eh ad son oural-criht noon as noal roish y Chiarn.

er lheead broad, in breadth, in width, wide: van chiamyr meanagh shey cubityn er lheead Bible; abroad

er lheeah moulded; mouldy: Caashey er lheeah. DF

er lheh (=Ir. ar leith) aloof, aside, by itself, certain, distinctive, distinctly, fancy, individual, isolated, patented, private and confidential, privately, proper, respective, separate, separately, special, specially, specific, unique: shiaght eayin woirryn shoh, tou er hoiaghey er lheh Bible; especially

er lhiam (=Ir. dàr liom) in my opinion, I presume, it seems to me, I suppose, I think, methinks: Er-lhiam dy vel caslys y doghan dy louraanys ayns y thie

er lhiattee aside; on the side: Nish va ny cherubim ny hassoo er lhiattee yesh y thie, tra hie yn dooinney stiagh, as ren y bodjal lhieeney yn chooyrt sodjey-stiagh.

er-lhimmey jeh except, save: er-lhimmey jeh keead, dreill eh da-hene Bible

er lhiurid (length) along; long, in length: daeed cubit er lhiurid Bible

er lhuingey aboard, on shipboard

er lieh-chummaght at half power

er liurid at length, lengthways, longways: Ta'n chosheeaght kiare feed as queig meeiley er liurid, goll trooid ny shiaght skeeraghyn jeig syn Ellan. BS

er louyn along; by hand; on a rope

er maayl chartered: Ghow shin etlan er maayl voish Runnysvaie. DF

er maill hired

er mayl rented: Cha nel buill dy liooar ayns Mannin ta ry gheddyn er mayl son turryssee. Carn

er mayrn living, remaining, surviving, undestroyed: ta fer nagh vel er mayrn Bible; existence

er mean on average: Er yn Ellan Skianagh, hooar ny tannyssyn leohdaghey jeh feed 'sy cheead er mean as ayns Kilmuir, va'n mean cha ard as daeed 'sy cheead. NNS

er merre raving mad

er meshtey drunk, inebriated, intoxicated, unsober: ny bee-jee er meshtey lesh feeyn ayn ta neu-heeltys Bible

Er m'ockle (intj) Upon my word

er mod (=Ir. ar mod) in order

er mooin mounted, piggyback, succession, upon: hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

er mooir by water: Er cheer as er mooir. DF

er n'aase grown: T'ad er n'aase roauyr, t'ad ayns callin vie, t'ad er n'gholl erskyn eer obbraghyn smessey ny mee-chrauee Bible

Er nearey (intj) For shame

er neunhee null, void

er niart by strength of arms, forcibly: goym eh er niart. Bible

er nirree has risen, have risen: Teh er nirree veih ny merriu Bible

er nonney or, or else, otherwise: Cur cloan dou, er nonney brishym my chree Bible

er n'yannoo committed: As my nee slane sheshaght Israel jannoo peccah trooid mee-hushtey, as y red er ny cheiltyn veih sooillyn y phobble, as t'ad er n'yannoo red ennagh noi veg jeh annaghyn y Chiarn Bible

er ny taishbyney er ard prominently

Er oaie (impv) Lead on: Er oaie lesh y daunse! DF

er oaie ahead, forward, onward, onwards; before: feed cubit er oaie yn chiamble Bible

er oie by night, nightly, under cover of night: freill-ym arrey er oie as laa. Bible; at night

er oirr edgeways; on the border: Nish va cheer Happuah lesh Manasseh: agh va Tappuah, er oirr Vanasseh, er ny choyrt da cloan Ephraim. Bible; on the edge: As ver oo jeih loobyn as da-eed er oirr y churtan sodjey magh Bible

er ouyl frenzied, in a rage, raging: Goll er ouyl. DF

er paart-hraa on short time

er ping for a penny

er prowalys on probation

er reays oestrum; tupping: Ta ny h-oashyn er reays. DF

er rigganey oestrum

er rouyl 1 frantic, frenzied, mad, rabid, gad about; 2 rage a: T'eh sluggey seose y thalloo lesh eulys, as t'eh er rouyl Bible

er sceau on the slant

er shaghryn (=Ir. seachran) adrift, astray, betrayed, bewildered, deviating, erring, erroneous, lost, stray, strayed: ta gioot cur yn cree er-shaghryn Bible

er shen thereon, thereupon: Er shen ghooisht mee. Bible

er shid thereon

er shoh hereby, hereto, whereupon: Er shoh v'ad reesht son y ghoaill eh Bible

er snaue awash, floating, swimming: Ta saailley ny share dy chummal red er snaue na far ushtey. DF

Er soccaraght (impv) Stand easy

er son COMPARE son as for, for, for the sake of, on account of: Er son breagyn, ta feoh as dwoaie aym orroo Bible

er tayrn on tap

er thalloo aground, downed: ver-ym ad er thalloo ayns shen Bible

er toshiagh before the mast

er toshiaght1 forward: Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF

er toshiaght2 (dy ve); (to) to lead

er traen by rail: T'eh troailt er traen. DF

er troailt childbirth, travailing: huit Rachel er troailt, doillee dy ve livreit. Bible

er troggloo bedridden, decrepit, dog-tired, exhausted, helpless, prostrated, unable to rise, worn out, stand still: ny gymmyrkey lesh shen ta er-troggloo Bible

er trogglooid prostration

er ve have been: myr shen neem's shirrey magh my chirree, as livrey-ym ad veih dy chooilley voayl, raad t'ad er ve er nyn skeayley 'sy laa bodjallagh as dorraghey. Bible

er wheesh forasmuch, insomuch, whereas: ER ghuish as gy vel ny ghlaun shoanoni ern' ialtyn liorifs dy hregell y jeoul as y obraghyn ully, dy ghrediu ayns jih, as da hyrvees: sheegyn diifs y ghuinagh PB1610

er woalley has struck; have struck: T'ad er woalley mee, nee oo gra, as cha row mee guint; t'ad er my yeeaylley, as cha dennee mee eh: cuin nee'm doostey? Bible

er-y hoshiaght forwards

er yrjid high: As va ny kiare buird dy chlaghyn cummit cour yn oural-losht, cubit dy lieh er lhiurid, as cubit dy lieh er lheead, as un chubit er yrjid Bible

faagail er keep on; leave on: Faagail er y traie follym. DF

feaysley er 1 dispensation, ease, emancipation, extricate, extrication, free, guess, liberate, loosen, looseness, puzzle out, ransom, release, relief, relieve, solution, solve, unbutton, uncouple, undo, unfix: a: ren shiu keayrt as keayrt feaysley er my ymmyrch. Bible; 2 (of puzzle) key

fieau er await: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible

foddey er-dy-henney lang syne, long ago, long since: veagh ad er ghoaill arrys foddey er-dy-henney ayns aanrit-sack as leoie Bible

freayll er-lheh aloofness

frioggan er offend

fys er (into) insight: S'maynrey shin, ain ta fys er ny reddyn shoh CS

geiyr er seek after: Ta mee geiyr er. DF

geiyrt er agate, ensuing; walk after: quoi eh t'ou geiyrt er? Bible

geyre er censorious: As hug eh currym geyre er, as chelleeragh hug eh ersooyl eh. Bible

gholl er (dy); (to) take to: Dy gholl er Bock Yuan Fannee. DF; go on: Dy gholl er laghyn seyrey veih'n ollooscoill. DF

gialdyn er (bet) back: Va ny Barrantee er n'gialdyn er dyn three bleeaney dy gholley magh paart jeh ny fo-feighaghyn feer henn as yn fo-leigh imraait harrish ny mast oc. Carn


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