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entrance (v.) cheet, cur drualtys er, cur fo drualtys; (n.) entreilys: I have no entrance to that society - Cha nel entreilys erbee aym da'n cheshaght shen. DF idiom; stiagh; goll stiagh: To make one's entrance - Dy gholl stiagh. DF idiom; beeal: The harbour entrance is wide - Ta beeal ny purtey lhean. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

carriage entrance (n.) giat mooar

entrance fee (n.) tailley stiagh

entrance platform (n.) ardan entreilys

harbour entrance (n.) beeal purtey

private entrance (n.) dorrys cleagh

Public Entrance (n.) Entreilys y Phobble, Entreilys y Theay

ardan entreilys entrance platform

beeal purtey harbour entrance

dorrys cleagh private entrance

giat mooar carriage entrance

tailley stiagh entrance fee

Entreilys y Phobble Public Entrance

Entreilys y Theay Public Entrance

cur drualtys er enchant, enrapture, entrance, fascinate

cur fo drualtys enthral, entrance, fascinate

examination (n.) feyshtey: To go up for an examination - Dy gholl stiagh son feyshtey. DF idiom; scrutaght: Entrance examination - Scrutaght entreilys. DF idiom

cheet (=Ir. teacht) advent, approach, come, entrance, succession: Ta emshyr aalin cheet veih'n twoaie Bible; forthcoming

entreilys access, accession, admission, entrance, entry, induction, passage: Cha nel entreilys erbee aym da'n cheshaght shen. DF; admittance

goll stiagh entrance, entry, in-going, ingress, ingression: cha lhiggagh yn ayr eck da goll stiagh Bible; go into, move in; go in

stiagh (=Ir. asteach, Sc. steach) indoors, inside, into, inwards: hie Moses as Aaron stiagh 'sy chabbane-agglish Bible; entrance

beeal (=Ir. béal, Sc.G. beul, bial) pl. beill, beealyn approach, flue, passage, rim; outlet: As va'n faarkey-sailjey choud as beeal Yordan yn chagliagh har. Bible; mouth, muzzle: t'er vosley e beeal dy ghoaill fuill dty vraarey veih dty laue. Bible; rictus; meatus, orifice; cone, crater: vrish y lostey seose myr ass beeal Etna ny Vesuvius PC; unwritten; entrance [O.Ir. bél]


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