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engine (n.) greie: Engine in perfect tune - Greie ayns combaase cruinn. DF idiom; jeshaght

Inexact matches:

auxiliary engine (n.) greie coonee

Carnot engine (n.) jeshaght Charnot

diesel engine (n.) innyl deesyl

donkey engine (n.) lhiass-innyl

engine house (n.) thie jeshaght

engine oil (n.) ooil jeshaght

engine problems (npl.) doilleeidyn-jeshaght

engine room (n.) shamyr jeshaght

engine shed (n.) bwaane jeshaght

engine trouble anghleashey

fire engine (n.) greie aile

gas engine (n.) greie gas, innyl gas

heat engine (n.) jeshaght hiass

hoisting engine (n.) jeshaght hroggalagh

jet engine (n.) jeshaght skiootagh

oil engine (n.) jeshaght ooill

pilot engine (n.) jeshaght hoshee

pumping engine (n.) jeshaght heaumee

starting engine (n.) jeshaght hoshee

steam engine (n.) gaal-ghreie

steering engine (n.) greie stiuree

tank engine (n.) greie doagh

traction engine (n.) jeshaght tayrn

twin engine (n.) daa ghreie

V-type engine (n.) jeshaght ayns cummey V

water engine (n.) greie ushtey, obbyr ushtey

winding engine (n.) greie troggee

internal combustion engine (n.) jeshaght lostee yn-veanagh

jeshaght hoshee (f.) pilot engine, starting engine

anghleashey engine trouble

bwaane jeshaght engine shed

daa ghreie twin engine

doilleeidyn-jeshaght engine problems

gaal-ghreie steam engine

greie aile fire engine

greie coonee auxiliary engine

greie doagh tank engine

greie gas gas engine

greie stiuree steering engine

greie troggee winding engine

greie ushtey water engine

innyl deesyl diesel engine

innyl gas gas engine

jeshaght Charnot (f.) Carnot engine

jeshaght heaumee (f.) pumping engine

jeshaght hiass (f.) heat engine

jeshaght hroggalagh (f.) hoisting engine

jeshaght ooill (f.) oil engine

jeshaght skiootagh (f.) jet engine

jeshaght tayrn (f.) traction engine

lhiass-innyl donkey engine

obbyr ushtey (f.) water engine

ooil jeshaght (f.) engine oil

shamyr jeshaght (f.) engine room

thie jeshaght engine house

aero-engine (n.) greie-etlan, jeshaght etlan

air-engine (n.) greie aer

engine-driver (n.) immanagh jeshaght

fire-engine (n.) carbyd-mooghee

carbyd-mooghee fire-engine

greie aer air-engine

greie-etlan aero-engine

immanagh jeshaght engine-driver

jeshaght etlan (f.) aero-engine

jeshaght ayns cummey V (f.) V-type engine

jeshaght lostee yn-veanagh (f.) internal combustion engine

internal (adj.) sthie; ynveanagh: Internal combustion engine - Jeshaght lossey ynveanagh. DF idiom

evenly (adv.) dy corrym: Evenly distributed - Rheynnit dy corrym DF idiom; dy rea: The engine fires evenly - Ta'n jeshaght lostey dy rea DF idiom

greie (=Ir. gréithe) pl. greienyn, greieyn engine, gear, implement, instrument, tool, utensil: cha drog oo seose greie erbee yiarn orroo Bible

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom

laue-jeant artificial; handmade: Hooar mee ayns shen lheid y cliaghtey as nagh dod mee geddyn ayns Sostyn er yn oyr va dy chooilley nhee laue-jeant; cha row greienys erbee elley agh saaue as "gas-engine". JG


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