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empty1 (adj.) follym: Empty thought - Smooinaghtyn follym feayn. DF idiom; (v.) folmagh, folmaghey

empty2 (adj.) (as head) eddrym

empty3 (adj.) (of words) fardailagh

empty4 (v.) (of liquid) teaumey

empty5 (v.) (of load) neulaadey

Inexact matches:

Empty Gap (n.) Doarlish Eayn

empty place (n.) feaynid; feaynid vooar: He stretcheth out the north over the empty place - Teh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

empty talk (n.) raalish

pump empty (v.) teaumey

shall empty folmee: I will send unto him wanderers, that shall cause him to wander, and shall empty his vessels - dy der-yms ersyn joarreeyn, eiyrys eh gys cheer yoarree, as folmee ad ny siyn-feeyney echey Bible

Doarlish Eayn Empty Gap

neulaadey discharge, unburden; (of load) empty

raalish empty talk, twaddle

teaumey (as small boat) bail; bale, baling, decant, decantation, drain, pouring, pour out, run off; teeming: T'eh teaumey fliaghey. DF; (of liquid) empty, draining, drawing off, draw off, pump empty, pump out: Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF; (as strength) tax; (as lorry) tip

empty-bellied (adj.) shanglaneagh

empty-handed (adj.) follym, lhome-lauee

half-empty (adj.) lieh-follym

lieh-follym half-empty

shanglaneagh empty-bellied, hungry person

folmagh empty: t'ad folmagh ad-hene er y thalloo Bible

garnished karrit; stooamey; soit magh dy stooamey: he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished - teh dy gheddyn eh follym, sceabit, as soit magh dy stooamey Bible

fardailagh frivolous, trifling, trivial; vile; (of hope) vain, fruitless, futile, unavailing: prowee Michael Foot reesht dy yannoo Slattys Jee-veanaghey elley breeoil, agh gyn ourys bee shoh fardailagh neesht. Carn; (of words) empty

feaynid (f.) abyss, desert, empty place, expanse, expansiveness, extent, space, vagueness, wild: T'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar, as t'eh cummal seose yn seihll er y folmid Bible

feaynid vooar (f.) empty place: t'eh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

follym (=Ir. folamh) disengaged, expressionless, flat, formal, free, hollow, inane, platitudinous, run down, shallow, unoccupied, vacant, vacuous, void: Son t'eh jannoo magh yn annym follym Bible; empty, empty-handed: Ny gow follym gys dty voir-'sy-leigh Bible; (as mind) barren; (as cartridge) blank; (in town) waste; jejune

folmaghey blow out, clear out, deflate, deflation, deplenish, depletion, discharge, drain, drink up, empty, evacuation, hollow, unburden, unpack, unship, vacate, void: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen Bible

folmee unpack, unship; shall empty: folmee ad ny siyn-feeyney echey, as brishee ad e voteilyn Bible

lhome-lauee empty-handed: cha jig unnane erbee kiongoyrt rhym's lhome-lauee Bible

sound cayrnal; eaishtagh rish; feeam; feiyr; feiyral; follan: He is as sound as a bell - T'eh cha follan as breck. DF idiom; hellym: The sound of the trumpet - Hellym y chayrn. DF idiom; keyllys: They used to swim the cattle across the Sound - Boallagh ad cur er yn ollagh dy naue harrish y Cheyllys. DF idiom; lajer; lane; sheean: Empty vessels make the most sound - Siyn folmey smoo sheean nee. JJK idiom; sheeanal; sheeaney; sheidey; slayntoil; sunt; suntal; sunteil; sonn; (adj.) keyn; breeoil

eddrym (=Ir. adrom) benign, feint, mild, unpronounced; (adj.) light, lightweight, unsubstantial, slight: Son ta my whing aashagh, as my errey eddrym Bible; (as blow) weak; (as head) empty; bird-witted, flighty, shallow, silly: leeideil ayns cappeeys mraane eddrym laadit lesh peccaghyn Bible; vain: Ta ny phadeyryn eck deiney eddrym as cluicagh Bible; (material) airy; frivolous


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