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eiyrtys (=Ir. adrad) (pl -syn) aftereffects, aftermath, consequence, effect, outcome, pursuit, repercussion, result, sequel: lhig da my noid eiyrtys y yannoo er mannym Bible

Inexact matches:

lus yn eiyrtys (f.) sundew

result eiyrt er: What will be the result of that? - Cre vees yn eiyrtys er shen? JJK idiom; eiyrtys: As a result of the committal of that task to him - Myr eiyrtys jeh cur yn obbyr shen fo'n churrym echey. DF idiom; troar

aftereffects (n.) eiyrtys

aftermath (n.) eiyrtys

consequence (n.) eiyrtys, foaynoo, scansh

outcome (n.) eiyrtys

repercussion (n.) aawoalley; eiyrtys

sequel (n.) eiyrtys; eiyrtyssaght; skeeal-eiyrtagh

by-issue fo-eiyrtys; fo-skeeal

pursuit (n.) cloh, keird, shalee, shelg; eiyrt: We are in pursuit of them - Ta shin er nyn eiyrt. DF idiom; eiyrtys: They are in pursuit of my soul - T'ad jannoo eiyrtys er my annym. DF idiom; lorgey: In pursuit of happiness - Lorgey maynrys. DF idiom

fo-eiyrtys by-issue

geyre-eiyrtys persecution

persecution (n.) dowilghreim; geyre-eiyrtys; geyre-lhiantyn; tranlaase

sundew (n.) lus ny graih, lus y druight, lus yn eiyrtys

effect bree: I can feel it taking effect - Ta mee gennaghtyn y bree jeh. DF idiom; eiyrtys; jannoo; jerrey; cur greim da; spring

task (n.) arnane, currym, kiartag, kiartey; obbyr: As a result of the committal of that task to him - Myr eiyrtys jeh cur yn obbyr shen fo'n churrym echey. DF idiom

freggyrtys accordance, accountability, accountableness, answerableness, aptness, responsibility: Ta shoh myr eiyrtys jeh scughey'n Çhiarn Bassam magh ass e chiartey myr Shirveishagh Oik Sthie lesh freggyrtys son Coloinyn Barrantagh y Chrooin, as yn Ellan myr nane jeu. BS

reuyrit dug, rooted up: Eer tra va ny ammyryn reuyrit cha row agh eiyrtys feer veg haink er'n cultoor. Carn


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