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Eggey (Isle of) Eigg

eggey (=Ir.eige) (f.) pl. eggaghyn web: ta my vea giarit magh myr eggey fidderagh Bible

Inexact matches:

eggey edjag (f.) vane

eggey feeit (f.) textile

eggey lhieen web of linen

eggey varree (f.) web of tow

Ellan Eggey (f.) (Isle of) Eigg

ynnyd-eggey yn reiltys government website

Eigg (n.) (Isle of) Egg, Eggey, Ellan Eggey, Ellan Eiggey

textile eggey feeit, feeit

web1 eggey; rolley

webcasting creeley-eggey

web of linen (n.) eggey lhieen

web of tow (n.) eggey varree

website (n.) ynnyd-eggey, ynnyd-voggyl

creeley-eggey webcasting

ynnyd-eggey website: Ta naightyn shiaghtinoil ayns Gaelg veih Radio Vannin ry lhaih as ry chlashtyn ec ynnyd-eggey Radio Vannin Dhoor

government website (n.) ynnyd-eggey yn reiltys

vane (n.) blod cassee; eggey edjag; leean; skian chassee; skian hilley

fidderagh weaving: ta my vea giarit magh myr eggey fidderagh Bible

cronnalys distinctness, notability, obviousness, publicity: Ta'n rollagyn trooid yn aer lunjean, Fee'n eggey lhean, neuyerrinagh, jeh'n oie, As cronnalys ny Aalid ayns nyn vean Soilshit tra madran cur da'n sollys bree. Coraa

lunjean swing, wobble: Ta'n rollagyn trooid yn aer lunjean, Fee'n eggey lhean, neuyerrinagh, jeh'n oie Coraa

neuchianglt freelance, unattached, unbound; unsecured: Va'n cummeyderneuchianglt jeh ynnydyn-eggey er nobbal dy row dunverys jeant echey. BS

post-L e-mail: Ta'n enmys post-L echey ry gheddyn er ynnyd-eggey Radio Vannin BS

focklaghyn announcements: V'eh er nobbal dy chur ny h-enmyn jeh ughtaryn jeh kiare focklaghyn er ynnyd-eggey chraidoilagh va ronsaghey ny va jeant ec Mainshtyr Gubay sy lhiasaghey-thieys arganagh ec Cronk Murray. BS; statements

jeelane (n.) diary: Va mee lhaih er ynnyd-eggey Phil Kelly art screeut mychione 'Marstrander's Dagbok' shen dy ghra 'Jeelane Marstrander' er y gherrid as va mee coontey ram jeh. Dhoor; (f.) delaine


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