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eeh (f.) fat, hives, nettle rash, urticaria: Eeh dow, ny keyrrey, ny goayr, cha jean shiu gee Bible

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breastyn breasts: As hug ad yn eeh er ny breastyn, as ren eh lostey yn eeh er yn altar. Bible

hives (n.) (yn) eeh

nettle rash (n.) (yn) eeh

urticaria (n.) (yn) eeh; urticaarey

rump (n.) bun yn arbyl: Also thou shalt take of the ram the fat and the rump - Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible; curp; curpin: fat thereof, and the whole rump - yn eeh echey, as yn slane curpin Bible; toinn: Daubing grease on a fat pig's rump - Slaa saill er toinn muc roauyr. JJK idiom; kease

curpin rump: ghow eh yn eeh as y curpin Bible

muinney innards, mesentery: yn eeh ta coodaghey yn mynnagh, as ooilley'n muinney Bible

kidneys (npl.) aaraghyn: with the fat of the kidneys of rams - lesh eeh aaraghyn reaghyn Bible

of the fat jehn eeh; (npl.) roauyree: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat - agh ee-ys eh feill ny roauyree Bible

aarey (f.) kidney, reins: yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo Bible; ladder, scale: myr aarey soit er y thalloo Bible; shroud

bleanyn flanks: As yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo, shen ta liorish ny bleanyn, as y skairt ta erskyn yn aane, lesh ny aaraghyn Bible

bun yn arbyl base of the tail; rump: Nee oo goaill myrgeddin jehn rea yn eeh, as bun yn arbyl Bible

dy my lhieeney prepossess: Cha lhig eh dou goaill mennal, agh eeh dy my lhieeney lesh sherriuid. Bible

shleaystyn flanks: As yn daa aarey, as yn eeh torroo liorish ny shleaystyn Bible

fat blennick; eeh; geirr; keish; maa, mea; riurey, roauyrey; sahll: Spread fat on a fat pig's arse - Slaa sahll er thoyn muc roauyr. DF idiom; smuirr; roauyr: He is as fat and stupid as a wether - T'eh cha roauyr as ommidjagh as mohlt. DF idiom; riurid: Ye eat the fat - Ta shiu gee yn riurid Bible

waster (n.) jeeilleyder; jummalys, jummallys, jummaltagh; stroieder: and I have created the waster to destroy - as ta mee er chroo yn stroider dy choyrt mow Bible; stroiltagh: He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster - Eshyn neesht ta liastey ayns e obbyr eeh ny vraar dan ard stroialtagh Bible


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