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eebyrt (=Ir. dibirt) banish, drive away, exclusion, exile, expatriate, expulsion, get rid of, send down, transport, expel: Ny veggan as ny veggan neem's ad y eebyrt magh royd Bible; fray

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eebyrt magh drive out: V'ad er nyn eebyrt magh veih mastey deiney Bible

eebyrt ass cheer deport

eebyrt dy shallidagh rusticate

deport (v.) eebyrt ass cheer

expatriate (v.) eebyrt; (n.) eebyrtagh

fray (n.) troddan; (v.) eebyrt

expulsion (n.) eebyrt; eiyrt ersooyl; ruightey

banish (v.) cur ass e heer hene; eebyrt; joarreeagh

exclusion (n.) eebyrt; eebyrtys; giarrey magh ass

exile eebyrt; eebyrtagh; fogaragh; joarreeaght; joarreeys; skeayltagh

expel (v.) cur ass scoill; geiyrt ersooyl; ruightey; eebyrt

rusticate (v.) cummal er y cheer, eebyrt dy shallidagh

send down (v.) cur sheese; cur neose; eebyrt

drive out (v.) eebyrt magh, imman magh, imman magh ass, ruightey

transport eebyrt; geebyrt; lhong ymmyrkey; ymmyrkey: Road transport - Ymmyrkey bayrey. DF idiom

drive away (v.) imman ersooyl, immee roish; eebyrt; geiyrt ersooyl: They drive away the ass of the fatherless - Tad geiyrt ersooyl assyl y chloan gyn-ayr Bible

get rid of (v.) eebyrt; fow rey rish: Get rid of your inhibitions - Fow rey rish ny castaghyn ayd. DF idiom

jannoo coip jeh copy, duplicate, reproduce: Ta skeeal ayn dy jagh Colum er eebyrt kyndagh rish argane mychione jannoo coip jeh laue-screeuyn. Carn; crib

stiurt-shapp shop steward: Ny keayrtyn, ta stiurtyn-shapp er ve goit as va ny meoiryn-shee son eebyrt ad. Carn

veggan as ny veggan See beggan by degrees, gradually, little by little: Ny veggan as ny veggan neem's ad y eebyrt magh royd

nyn oi 1 against them a: faag mee, dy vod my yymmoose brishey magh nyn, as dy voddym ad y stroie; Bible; 2 against us a: hig eh gy-kione tra hig ad magh nyn, myr ec y toshiaght, dy der mayd cooyl daue, Bible; 3 against you a: eisht bee correen Chiarn er ny vrasnaghey nyn oi as bee shiu dy leah er nyn eebyrt veihn cheer mie shen teh er choyrt diu. Bible


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